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DeZhou - ShanDong

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location in Shandong Province is located in the northwest, the north shore of the lower reaches of the Yellow River. West on Mount Tai, south of Jinan.

Area: 10,341 square km

administrative divisions: Dezhou City Lingxian Yue Ling (Ling towns) Ningjin County (Ningjin town) Qihe County (Yan towns) Yucheng counties (cities and towns Yu) Qingyun Xian (Qing town) Plain County (Plain town) Ha-county (Ha-town) Linyi County (Linyi town)-County (Wu towns)

[Habitat domain - Dezhou City in the north shore of the lower reaches of the Yellow River, northwest of Shandong Province, east longitude 115 ° 45 #39;~ 117 ° 36#39;, latitude 36 ° 24 #39;~ 38 ° 0#39; between. North to Zhang Wei River Texas for the sector, Cangzhou in Hebei Province and adjacent areas; Wei Canal to the West for the line, and the adjoining areas of Hengshui in Hebei Province, southwest border areas and Liaocheng; south and the Yellow River Jinan City across the East on Huimin Region. Things 200 km wide and 175 kilometers long from north to south, a total area of 103,410 square kilometers, accounting for the province#39;s total area of 7.53 percent. Jinpu, Germany-rail intersection in this, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal through North and South, East China, an important transportation hub in northern China, there was a "nine to Tianqu," "God Beijing portal," said. Municipal government seat of the city is Germany City political, economic, cultural centres, military status is also very important.

[History] Dezhou City in the Tang, when the danger is Yanzhou ( "Yugong"). Yanzhou behalf of the domain. Western Zhou Dynasty and the Spring and Autumn Period of Qi. Qi is the Warring States after midnight, Zhao two countries. Qin belong Qijun, deer-gun moment, Qinghe County, on-gun. Plain-belong to Qingzhou County, Jinan-gun, Jizhou Qinghe County, the county Youzhou the Bohai Sea. When the three countries are Wei. Western Jin Dynasty around the Plain States, Qinghe States, Yueling States, Lok Anguo, Jinan-gun. Northern and Southern Dynasties period belonged to Andrea County, Qinghe County, plain-gun, Lok Lingjun. Sui Dynasty belong to Yanzhou Plain County, the county Bohai Sea, Jizhou Qinghe County, Qingzhou Qijun. Moral belong to the Tang Dynasty, Hebei, Pui state, the state-di, homogeneous states. Northern Song Dynasty belong to Hebei Road, right Jingdong Road. The hours of Shandong Road West, East Road, Hebei Road, Tai Mingfu Road. Yannan yuan of Hebei Road, Zhong Shusheng Hejian Road, Jinan Road. That the Secretary of Jinan in Shandong House Buzheng Shi, Dong Changfu, the capital Hsien. - Belong to Jinan in Shandong House, the House Wu, Tianjin House Zhili, Hsien. In the early hours of Jinan, Shandong Province, east Road, Wu set Road, Tianjin province Zhili sea lanes. 1928 respectively under the Shandong, Hebei Province Government. Anti-Japanese War Jinpu east of the railway sub-county border region is Jilu, the Bohai Sea Area 1, 2, 3 agency, Jinpu counties west of the railway has an Jinan, Wan Tung and Tsang agency six South agency, Qi (Qi He), Yu (Yucheng) of the Jilu Yu 1, 4 agency. During the War of Liberation in 1949, led to the Bohai Sea area of the agency, the North Lok-sang, South Cang and Jinan Department of the agency. Texas district built in May 1950, the Bohai Sea area of the former South Cang, Luo North merger of the two agency. January 1956 revoked in Texas, were assigned to their respective cities and regions and Liaocheng Huimin region. July 1961 resumed in Texas. December 17, 1994, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Texas, to a level Dezhou City, the original county-level Dezhou City to Germany.

[division] in 1998, Texas Shixia 1, 2 city, eight counties and 48 towns, 145 townships, five neighborhood offices, and 9,291 administrative villages. District counties (cities, districts): Germany City, Yueling City, Yucheng City, Lingxian, Plain County, Wu County, Xiajin County, Qihe County, Linyi County, Ningjin County, Qingyun Xian. Texas

[1998] population, the city#39;s total population of 5274514 people, including men and 2661075, 2613439 women, a gender ratio of 102:100. Population of 53,881 people born during the year, the birth rate is 10.26 ‰, mortality rate was 6.13 ‰, the natural population growth rate of 4.13 ‰. Family planning rate was 98.94 percent, later marriage Late Childbearing rates were 99.55 percent and 96.47 percent. The end of 1998, the year registered a total population of 56,877 residents, of whom 55,149 of the temporary permit, certification rate of 96%.

[national] back to the city#39;s total, Manchu, Mongolian, Zhuang, Miao, Bai, soil, North Korea, peacekeeping, Yao, Tibetan, Dong, water, Beijing, Yi, Bu Yi, Naxi, Xibe 39 Ethnic composition, a total of 70,748 people, representing the city#39;s total population of 134 percent. Ultra-million people of ethnic minorities in two. Hui Township is one of the Hui village of 104.

natural conditions

[terrain] to the Yellow River alluvial plain, in history, the city had twice the Yellow River in the great migration, thousands of breaches, creating the Southwest High, low northeast of the terrain. As pan-Road and velocity caused by the accumulation of factors in addition wind, formed a plain of the ups and downs injustice, Kong, Singapore, the depression phase distribution and so on. The maximum altitude of 35 meters, 5.1 meters lowest point, usually around 20 metres. In general the city#39;s landscape can be divided into three categories. First Heights categories, from rivers, sediment from the river, representing a total land area of 34.3 percent; second category is the slope from the Yellow River sediment from Man Liu, of the total land area of 52.1 percent; third category is low-lying land, accounting for 13. 6 percent.

[geological] city in North China in Taiwan Texas Department. In order to Qihe - Guangrao fault for the sector, divided into two two north-south structural units, the South Luxi Taiwan anticline, the North for Liao Ji Taiwan syncline. Luxi Taiwan anticline with Zibo - EBARA-depression; Liao Ji-Taiwan-yard syncline with uplift, Linqing depression and Jiyang depression areas. Faults in the development, the construction of the main direction for the north-east, the north-east to the north, to the North West and North West to the North. Since the south to north, Qihe - Guangrao fracture, Lingxian - the Bohai Sea Farm fracture, bianlinzhen - two sheep and Chang Dong Zhuang fault rupture, such as Taiwan#39;s major fault zone. In addition to uplift formation courtyard outside Nanjing, the basic areas mainly to depression, depression, a very thick accumulation of the new generation of deposition. It#39;s proven oil drilling, mainly for the formation of the fourth on the third line and the next third of the Cenozoic very thick sediment, is generally around 500 metres, the Centre for Settlement of 3,500 meters above. Below the third for the formation of metamorphic rock of the Pacific community (hornblende, granite gneiss) and the third on the formation of the contact was not integrated.

[rivers - the city#39;s main rivers are the Yellow River provinces, Wei Canal, Zhang Wei River. An inter-city backbone of the drainage channel has just hacked River, New River and the Dehui-cheek River. In addition to the above rivers, the Yellow River, are in the South of the Haihe River valley. In addition to inter-provincial, city rivers, the city has more than 1,000 square kilometers larger drainage area of the two tributaries. First new cattle-River, located in the southern Yucheng, Qi He West, is just hacked River and the other is June 5 River, located in Chengong embankment on both sides, Zhang Wei is a new river basin, watershed area of 300 to 1,000 square kilometers of There are 12 tributaries, which have just hacked Weihe River basin, four new river, the river#39;s management, Tang Laozhao cattle River and the River, all located in the south of the river just hacked; cheek Ma Ma River Basin have Tuk River, Song River, Ningjin River , Yuejin River; Dehui New River have Linhe Yu, to the provisional River, Yuejin River. In addition to these major tributaries, there are drainage area 100 to 300 square kilometers, a tributary 53, 30 to 100 square kilometers of the 114, basically forming a Trunk-lateral same, watershed linked to row for the river to water systems. Rain in the rivers are the source of the river, its water and the upper reaches of the city and the region is uneven rainfall distribution is closely related to the climatic characteristics. Rainfall during the rainy season surge, the water level rose, a flood peak, or even Manyi disaster, but the dry season, most rivers drying up one after another, withered Baba.

[climate] climate characteristics significantly affected by the monsoon, four distinct seasons, hot and cold wet and dry limits Obviously, the warmer spring drought windy fast, hot and rainy summer, autumn and more sunny and cool, less snow and more cold winter dry < img style = "filter:; width: 400px; height: 533px" height = 533 alt = Texas hspace = 10 src = "/photo/378/0938103.jpg" width = 400 align = right vspace = 10 border = 0> dry , A notable characteristic of continental climate, light is rich in resources, long hours of sunshine, light intensity, and more focused on crop growth and development of the former interim, the role of light and is conducive to the crop, the city#39;s annual average sunshine hours of 2660 hours , The sunshine was 61 percent, to 124.8 kilocalories of Global Solar Radiation /cm2, both at the national, provincial higher value areas. In the allocation of time, especially in the highest 5, 6, 280 hours hours of illumination, the daily average of nine hours, light radiation levels up to 15 kcal /cm2. The average annual temperature of 13.1 ℃. In extreme high temperatures above 40 ℃, the minimum temperature at -27 ℃ below. The city an average of 197 days frost-free period, generally from April 7 to October 22, the difference between the larger cities, the longest-County 225 days, nearly Yueyu East difference. The average annual rainfall of 585.2 mm, more than the eastern part of the west and south than the north. Precipitation allocation of time up to July, around 190 millimeters of precipitation, only in January at least three to four millimeters. A seasonal basis points, accounting for 12.8 percent of the spring and summer as high as 67.7 percent, accounting for 16.9 percent fall, winter accounted for 2.6 percent, and significantly "less rain and more drought in spring and autumn less rain and more sunny, summer rain and more frequent floods, Little more than dry winter snow, "the seasonal distribution characteristics.