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Postal Code: 618000

Location: West Sichuan Plain in the north, south, Chengdu, Mianyang, north, east marina Suining, west of Aba.

Area: 8,200 square kilometers

Population: 360 million

administrative divisions: exempted Jingyang Qu, Guanghan City, Shifang City, Mianzhu City, in the county, Luo Jiangxian


Chengdu Plain in Sichuan province on the newly established jurisdiction City, exempted Jingyang Qu, Guanghan city, Shifang City, Mianzhu City, in the county, Luo Jiangxian. 59 km away from Chengdu, Deyang, population 360 million.

Deyang has a long history and rich tourism resources, human and natural landscape Xiangying Shenghui: Guanghan "Sanxingdui," the excavation site, rewrite the history of civilization Bashu, a sensation at home and abroad; Guanghan Sichuan Sanxingdui cultural sites堪称explore the bronze portrait of the world; remains of the three countries have Shuhan Junshi Pangtongcimu, Zhuge dual allegiance Temple; commemorate the 1911 Revolution Qijun Zi Yang Rui Rui Yang Memorial Hall of Chinese People#39;s Volunteers and the super hero Huang Jiguang Jiguang visitors to the memorial but also stop ; One of the four pictures of Mianzhu pictures of its beautiful堪称a must; Deyang, China#39;s Confucius Temple is a large, beautiful building one of the Confucius Temple. Pang Tong Temple, the White Horse customs, Fung-slope, Zhuge dual allegiance Temple, and other remains of the three countries is Liulianwangfan; Ying Hua, nine mountains, purple Yanshan scenic area with fresh air, beautiful setting.

Deyang, a celebrity convergence, there Xiaozai Ann, Qin Famous Official Mi, Zhang Shi old agronomist, writer Li-yuan, "1898 Liujunzi" Yang Rui and one of the super-combatants Huang Jiguang, and other ancient and modern heroes outstanding figures. Deyang is a major national technology and equipment manufacturing base, China-2, Dongfang Electrical Machinery, Oriental Steam Turbine three major heavy equipment manufacturers of heavy machinery and electrical products and Jiannanchun wineries producing wines of the Jiannanchun renowned Chinese and foreign. Deyang tourism infrastructure complete, is located in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Mianyang Airport in the middle zone, BAO-CHENG RAILWAY from the north and south through the whole territory, through Chengdu. Deyang photos

Deyang obvious advantage in location, infrastructure improvement. Is located in the hinterland of Chengdu Plain, is 10% (Chengdu) - Germany (Deyang) - Mian (Mianyang) high-tech industries with an important part of. Transport facilities, 50 km from the provincial capital Chengdu, BAO-CHENG RAILWAY, 10% of railway, highway and the country into a cotton line runs through the territory of Road 108, south of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, the North has Mianyang Nanjiao Airport.

is Deyang City in 1983 by the State Council approved the establishment of the prefectural-level cities, Xian Xia Jing Yangqu, Guanghan City, Shifang City, Mianzhu City, and Luo Jiangxian County in the six counties (cities, districts) , Area of 5,954 square kilometers in size, the total population of 3.8 million. Energy sufficient, in the city amounted to 4.903 billion kwh of electricity supply, gas supply, it amounted to 709 million cubic meters. Communication developed, the city#39;s program-controlled telephone capacity has reached 550,000, the opening of 388,500, and mobile communications tools per capita possession of the first Habitat West, fiber, isdn, adsl into life, in all areas of production, the higher the level of urban information.

Deyang better natural conditions, most of the gravity of Dujiangyan Irrigation District, Sichuan Province is an important grain, cotton, oil, pigs and silkworm, tobacco production base, known as "Tianfu granary" of the reputation . Underground mineral-rich, proven over 30 kinds of minerals, phosphate rock, limestone, natural gas, and mineral water reserves, and so is particularly rich. Diverse plant and animal species, plant protection at the national level Davidia involucrata, dawn redwood, fir and a bald giant panda protection of animals, Rhinopithecus roxellanae, Niujiao Ling, clouded leopards, and so on. Forest cover over 4,000 hectares, covering an area of 35.62 percent. Deyang picture

Deyang, Sichuan is an important industrial city, has developed machinery, chemicals, food, building materials, medicine, textile, clothing and other industry categories, with China#39;s second heavy machinery group, Dongfang Electrical Machinery Plant, East gas turbine plant, and so a number of well-known enterprises, is the major technologies and equipment manufacturing base. 2003 industry sales have reached 44 billion yuan, 10 billion of nine, 55 brand-name products above the provincial level, Jiannanchun Liquor, Blue Sword of beer and other products by the user favorite. County economic development, Shifang City, Mianzhu City, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province for many years ranked "top ten counties," Jingyang Qu also repeatedly into the "top ten counties," the ranks of the national agricultural county into the ranks of top 100 counties, Romania Jiang County, new materials and electronic industries have maintained good momentum.

Deyang City in 1983, 8 menstrual approval of the State Council to become a provincial jurisdiction-class city, in 1998 exempted Jingyang Qu, Guanghan City, Shifang City, Mianzhu City, in the county, Luo Jiangxian. According to historical records, more than 2,000 years, due to political, economic, social and other factors, and their names change from a complicated relationship. Deyang
[Sanxingdui Douyixingfei]
Deyang in this country for the ancient Shu, modern archaeological excavations show that the 21st century BC after the Xia and Shang Dynasties period, the Sanxingdui Guanghan this important country for the ancient Shu Du Yi. May be destroyed in the floods or Bingxian to end weekly.

QIN Zheng Zhou Shen Zhou Jing Wang five years (316 BC), Qin Hui Wang more yuan nine years, the National Development Qinmie Bashu Bashu Erjun, this region is Deyang Shujun. County under the county, rural counties under the pavilion.

[Li Bing, flood control Mian 276-251 BC - Luo, Li Bing, the Shujuntaishou, flood control Luo, Mian (place names, this Deyang Shi Ting Jiang, Mian far River), in addition to suffering from - Lee, Ziliuguangai, so far benefited. Shifang old Li Bing Cimu there for worship. 1994 General Secretary Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription for the reconstruction of tomb built to commemorate Li Bing. Deyang

[Jiangshi a three Xiaozai -
the early Eastern Han Dynasty, Luo flood rural county (now the Jingyang Qu Xiao Quan Zhen) Jiangshi a three Xiaozai (Jiang poetry, three Pang-chun, Jiang Shiquan), Han Ming Di Yongping, 2002 (Year 59) Jiang Shi Ju Xiaolian, the awarding JiangYang Xianling. , "Chi Mei" Luanjun Xiaozai in awe of all this.

[Pang Tong Luo attack killed 18 years -
Jian#39;an (213) Liu Bei Wai Jin Luo County (now Guanghan), Junshipangtong "Liu Shi" death, after the closure Jing Hou, funeral Commissioner of this white horse, Cimu history for worship.

[Qin Mi Jianzu imprison: Bachelor of Mianzhu Shuzhong
Late Han people Qin Mi-Bingfa Jianzu Liu Bei Wu, imprison Youbi. By the death, release, the reuse of Zhuge Liang, the Secretary Guan Zhi Shu farmers, help with Shu-governance performance.

[county] Deyang built
Tang Takenori 2003 (620), to help build out Luo Deyang County, as of the beginning of Deyang County, has lasted 1,300 years, Tang County, Deyang, which is beneficial, the state - . Deyang

[Xuanzong million in the Bi-yi -
Tianbao 15 years, Tang Xuanzong (756), to avoid "chaos of history," Ben-shu, 000 places of Station (now the Deyang Luojiang Xian), disgusted with the "Wan An" names , Said, "and not a security, the status of 000 Anhu" ? Su County is shifting from Chengdong Yu-ming Jingshan Temple.

[Wang Guan According to the passage of the deer -
Shu Tang Xizong KPS 2003 (887), Xichuan Jiedushi Chen Jingxuan Lee, the response was (this Guangyuan), the wall, (now the Tongjiang ) Cishi the procedure of Wang Jian. Wang also work for misconduct, the army Jinbilutou clearance rate, Hui-Xuan, Li ended. Wang Jian Danu, the Commissioner of breaking the door, according to Deyang, Jin Chen Jingxuan According to kill Chengdu, admitted after the Dongchuan, won, Dili, the founding Qianshu.

[Deyang duo Zhao Ming uprising -
Yingzong Tianshun 2008 (1464) Deyang, Zhao Xiao-chuen, the rural priest in the intifada, thousands of people gathered crowds, said Zhao Wang, general settings, such as official commentary things, Contact-in many Yijun, mobile operations, a well-known leader, was that the Army and the local militants killed in Mianzhu. Deyang

[Wang Deyang, the rise and fall -
Hong-1922 (1378), Zhu Yuanzhang Zhu Chun for the closure of 11 Shuwang, Shu Wang Feng Jun Wang succession under 16, have Huayang Wang Chuan - 9 generation, Deyang, Wang Chuan-only three generations, 8 Jun Wang Chuan-generation only. Chongzhen 17 years (1644), Zhang Xianzhong won of Chengdu, Deyang, Zhu Jun Wang Tao Ben Kuizhou to-hsuan (now Chongqing), seven aides to defend his subordinates Fan Wang Deyang City, was killed Yijun, Fan floor were destroyed.

[Li-yuan Library - were destroyed when
Jiaqing (before and after the Year 1800), the White Lotus Society uprising in Deyang, LUO Jiang-, in the vicinity of Jiang#39;s popular. LUO Jiang-Li-yuan of western Sichuan million rolls of the first floor, destroyed in the collection of Binghuo.

[Deyang industrial areas -
1958年10月25日the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Deng Xiaoping visited the East, Deyang, industrial areas and the re-building site. Deng Xiaoping said: "Deyang, the industry is the state#39;s major industries, with manufacturing metallurgical equipment, power station equipment in the factory, is the country#39;s largest, is the mother of Machinery Industry, here will become an emerging industrial city."

built in Deyang City] [
1983年8月18 letter of the State Council (1983) 156, approved the text: "agree to the establishment of Deyang City. Deyang City in Deyang Chengguan, exempted the Office of City streets, the Han-wang And Jingyang town, city, 1.80 three communes. Mianyang will be in Deyang, Jiang, Mianzhu three of Guanghan County, and Chengdu, Shifang County was placed under the jurisdiction of Deyang City. "

[Deyang County revoked --
1984年9月12 of the State Council approved the Sichuan Provincial People#39;s Government "based on the Deyang City in Central instructions": "agreed to withdraw the county formed Deyang, Deyang, the county administrative region was placed under Deyang City; established in Deyang City Central. "August 3, 1996 revocation of Central City, built Jingyang Qu, rehabilitation home Luojiang Xian.