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DeHongDaiZuJingPoZuZiZhiZhou - YunNan

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Code: 0692

Zip code: 678600

Area: 11,526 square km area of the state

population: the state total population of 1.038 million

nationalities: Chinese, Dai and Jingpo, Achang, Deang, Lisu, and so on.

divisions: Luxi City, Ruili City, Yingjiang County, Lianghe County, Longchuan County.

position: Dai-Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture of Dehong in Yunnan Province, the western border with Myanmar linked by mountains and rivers, the Hengduan Mountains, located south west of Gaoligongshan

Dehong Dai-Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in western Yunnan Province Border with Myanmar - a narrow strip of water, linked by mountains and rivers, southwest China#39;s foreign relations is an important land crossings, border trade in the country the fastest growing and largest. Chonju area of 11,526 square kilometers, population 980,000, exempted Ruili, Wanding, Luxi City, and three in Longchuan, Yingjiang, three Lianghe County.
Dehong is part of the Peacock#39;s hometown, and many famous movie location filming to. Take the amenities-the Flemish (独树forest), bar, dozens of feature film shot here in a location, such as "Bianzhai War," "Peacock Princess" and "handcuffs with the visitors", "Journey to the West ", Wang Xiaotang played in this tree swing, Liu Xiaoqing in the woods in Liulianwangfan ...... In Ruili Jiang, the Yingjiang is the national scenic area, many natural wonders. Ruili Jiang beautiful, subtropical rain forest wonders -扎duo River rain forest waterfall, a round you dream of getting rich South River mushroom field Taobao, the country#39;s largest tree - Wang Yung Shue, rubber trees, a lovely Kay Bin-Lake, the largest number of species retained Forest - copper wall Commissioner Nature Reserve, the only explorer to climb the mountain Du Niang, and so on.
Dehong in the United States is also not the case. Dai district, Jingpo, Achang, Deang, Lisu, and so colorful, unique singularity of the border ethnic customs, so you Mubuxiajie, Dai, De Angzu of Songkran, the head of Jingpo longitudinal Song Festival, Achang nationality of the contractor, You will refreshing (see National Customs). The development of border trade, so that the tourists come here to buy the world#39;s best most beautiful and most expensive jade jewelry; can see a city street, a Yuanba, belong to the wonders of the two countries.
Luxi City (Mans) as the seat of the state, is the most populous state, city, the state#39;s political, economic and cultural center, many sites, abounds in high quality rice, "Mans Millet Zhefang metres" since ancient times Commendable. Land from the provincial capital Kunming and 778 km, 427 km from the air.
Wanding City is the smallest county-level city, only 10,000 population, is the center of the southwest border, state-level ports. 9 stronghold of northern Burma and across the river valley, Wanding - 9-Bridge across the border.
Ruili City is China#39;s largest land port, and three Myanmar border, the border Quanyajiaocuo, and Myanmar#39;s Muse, Nankan a "one-Bazi two countries three cities," the geopolitical landscape.
Longchuan Achang nationality and Jingpo is the relative concentration of the county, warm rich folk customs of ethnic people profoundly memorable. Zhangfeng is an important ancient Silk Road South Channel, at the provincial level.
Yingjiang is the most wide area of the state, Bazi#39;s largest, longest border counties, the ancient Silk Road south from the main channel, the Commissioner of the Ming dynasty ancient ruins故地. Yi-li scene in the Yingjiang, Hamamatsu-Hushan Kai-Lan Ying, the tiger jumped La Shuidong Xiongqi steep stone, copper wall Commissioner of tropical rain forests ancient blur, develop their original natural ecological landscape.
Lianghe County, is the ancient Silk Road south of要冲, Sino-Burmese trade in the Ming and Qing dynasties, will be doing business. A state-level key heritage - the only well-preserved ancient palace Amun-Tusi, "South Austin Chieftain Amun."

as early as the Neolithic Age Dehong region had interest-bearing human reproduction. Archaeologists in the Longchuan River Lianghe Meng Yang, Luxi five fork, Longchuan and Ruili Mans Mans guts about the New Stone Age ruins found.

"Book" and "Yugong" documented since 2033 BC, 1562 BC Xia Dynasty era of historical events, including a section referred to the Dehong region. "Huayang Heishui However, Liang Zhou, Wei Yong Zhou Heishui River. Heishui to three-risk derivative, into the South China Sea." It has always been the research of historians, the South China Sea that is nothing more than the Heishui Dehong near the Lancang River , The Nu River or the Jinsha River (Irrawaddy Jiang). Heishui whether it#39;s three in which one can show that Germany Hongyuan in more than 4,000 years ago is an inalienable part of Chinese history. BC, 364 years later, Dai inhabitants in this valley of the establishment of Ruili Jiang Meng Mao fruit of the Kingdom of the wall (Dai said Mao Meng, Lane), built Leiyun City, the surviving ruins. About the fourth century BC, the history of China#39;s first international one land line, "Xi Nansi Road" opened, the Sino-Indian trade has been started, Dehong Xinan Si is the inevitable road of land. In 122 BC, Zhang Qian#39;s mission to explore the Western Regions "by Yunnan and Vietnam as countries", refers to this Dehong and parts of Myanmar. In 109 BC, Emperor Han Wu Kai Xinan Yi, Dehong gun Ailao and for the benefit. ?