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Zip code: 118000

position: in the south-eastern Liaoning Province, located in the banks of the Yalu River, the Yellow Sea, and the Democratic People#39;s Republic of Sinuiju across the River City.

Area: total area of 14,910 square kilometers.

Population: 2.3 million population.

divisions: exempted ingot, the revitalization of the three-district, East Hong Kong, Bongseong two county-level city and Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County.

#39;s floral emblem: the cuckoo

City Tree: Ginkgo biloba

Dandong has a long history, far from 1.8 million years ago in the late Paleolithic, there is human labor, interest-bearing, and multiply in this land.


the sixth century BC, here are the Zhou dynasty rule. In this period of the Western Han Dynasty established the Western Anping (present-yuan pointed village on the River site of the ancient city) and county-Benz (now the city Liu Feng-Jiapu cities), Li Chao then formed here in the past. Anton chapter from the first year of the Tang Dynasty (AD 668) are set for House Anton named. 1876, the Qing government established Anton County. 1882, the Qing government and North Korea made "in the Constitution#39;s commerce," Anton opened up the market in direct trade with North Korea. 1907, the Qing government announced that Anton for trade in Hong Kong. Opened in Hong Kong, national industrial and commercial rise of Chinese and foreign merchants gathered, internal and external trade flourished, the city of rapid economic development, Anton into the north-eastern region of the material distribution center and north-east of the three major trade port. December 1, 1937 the establishment of Andong, Anton has become the capital of eastern Liaoning Province and the location. June 1954 from the provincial cities of Liaoning Province. 1965, the State Council decided to rename the Andong Dandong City, meaning "red Oriental City."

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Dandong City is very rich in natural resources. The cultivation of land resources including food, garden, woodland, pasture and water zai, comprehensive utilization of the land of 92.2 percent, rice, corn and other food crops, cash crops such as tobacco, Tussah, strawberry, chestnut, and other fruit industry, and Tute Products, varieties and production are very impressive. 丹东图片 Dandong City, Liaoning Province is an important base of forestry, forest cover the whole territory of 61 percent, timber reserves of 35 million m, ranking first in Liaoning Province, Liaoning is the southeastern part of the natural barriers, Dandong City of numerous types of wild plants, distribution Kwong, is the international market best-selling merchandise. Dandong City, many varieties of mineral resources, has found that there are 56 kinds of minerals, of which 25 kinds of proven mineral reserves, has 45 kinds of mineral development and utilization in 1982 by 59 countries as the focus of the mining area into one. Is the main metal ores, lead, zinc, copper, a major non-metallic mineral boron, Magnesite, marble, andalusite, kaolin, marble, andalusite, kaolin, and so on. Among them, Peng Kuang has proven reserves of more than 300 million tons, the country#39;s total reserves of solid Pengkuang about 80 percent; vision magnesite reserves and exploitation in the country have occupied an important position; kaolin, marble, andalusite and other rich mineral reserves . Dandong City, numerous rivers,总经flow of 9.36 billion cubic meters, the city#39;s water resources is always up to 9.03 billion m 3, from 860 million cubic meters of water; high quality, the total water hardness, ph value, biological and protoplasts are better than international standards of transparency ; 3,968 cubic meters per capita share of water, Liaoning Province, the per capita share of water four times higher than the national per capita share of water for the development of industrial and agricultural production has provided good conditions.

Dandong Linjiang coastal city of Dandong, beautiful natural scenery, unique human landscape, scenic spots, forest parks, nature reserves for heritage tourism. Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area is a national scenic area, located in the wind in the city, Phoenix Mountain insurance, You, surprising show, there are plenty of cultural relics. The Yalu River Scenic Area is a national scenic area, the Yalu River in Dandong City in the Hunjiang Jianghai mouth to the boundary along the Yangtze River area, a total length of 210 kilometers an area of about 4,000 square kilometers, from six major scenic spots more than 100 components, you can see in the middle reaches of Jiang North Korea scenery of the two countries. Dagushan provincial-level scenic spot is the scenic area, located in Donggang City West, by the Dagushan ancient buildings, the three islands and scenic spots of Kashima, Japan civilization Xiaer the 1894 naval clash on the main battlefield in the Kashima area Within. Qingshan Gou is the provincial-level scenic area scenic area, located in the northern part of Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, by Qing Lake, Fei Bao Jian, the Tiger tanggou three area 126 spots composed of 36 waterfalls. Baishilazi Nature Reserve is the National Nature Reserve, located in the northern part of Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, has a radius of 100 km of key national treasure to protect the flora and fauna, its natural ecological environment is an important scientific research value. Hushan Great Wall of the Ming Great Wall is the eastern starting point, at the banks of the Yalu River, in love with the coast of North Korea across the River. After the restoration of the Great Wall on the potential close to the mountains, meandering to the north, the Yalu River is the major attractions. Geumgang Mountain Park, the Yalu River Park, the Yalu River Bridge and end this war memorial in Dandong City, and so is the region#39;s main tourist attractions. Business tourism as a starting point to the Yalu River Bridge, built along the Yangtze River, and the Korean city of Sinuiju across the River, is the new Resort.