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DaZhou - SiChuan

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Code: 0818

Postal Code: 635000

Area: 16,600 square km

Population: 6157000

administrative divisions: exempted Tongchuan District, Daxian, Xuanhan, Kai Jiang, Dazhu, Quxian and Wanyuan

City of Sichuan Province in the northeast, Hubei and Shaanxi is located in Sichuan and Chongqing and occupies the four major cities in western China - Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian, Wuhan intersection in the center of radiation, exempted Tongchuan District, Daxian, Dazhu County, Quxian, Xuanhan County, a county, the province hosted exempted Wanyuan, area of 16,600 square kilometers in size, the total population of 6.38 million the first three Habitat province, the total economic output The province ranked No. 5. Florida is China, "Han Que Village" and "Ramie village", the province is an important natural gas, coal, chemical industry base, is the country, the province#39;s major commodity grain and oil base, Sichuan is the largest population in the city, a major agricultural city, East Sichuan industrial center, transportation hub and the Sichuan-Chongqing Hubei and Shaanxi provinces and occupies four of the trade center.
has a long history and old times. Florida Elder is a Palestinian, since the Eastern Han Yong-yuan and Dili, 2002 (Year 90) for the county Zhisuo, the calendar for state, county, House, the agency, regional location, Sui, Tang said Tung Chau, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing for the Florida, has been 1900 years of history. Florida is the Daxian region an important part of the establishment of Dachuan in 1993, 1999 and the establishment of dismantling City. Florida has been raising the Song Dynasty writer Zhang Xun, Tang Zhen Qing Dynasty famous thinkers such as generation of celebrities. Dazhou in Sichuan-Shaanxi revolutionary base was an important part of Xu Xiangqian li xiannian, Xu Shiyou, Wang Zhou, and so the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries in the bloody battle here, out of the Zhang Aiping, Chen Bojun, Wei traditions, such as to Shouzhi More than 50 famous Republic. Florida
Convenient traffic, commerce and trade active. Tongjiang County in Sichuan is the Dahai East Corridor, the National Road 210,318 vertical and horizontal lines throughout; Xiangyutielu, a railway, the railway connected to 000; River City Airport resume service after direct access to Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi#39;an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and other ; Of Chongqing expressway has been completed and opened to traffic, less than two hours on through Chongqing, Chengdu to have only three and a half hours of Shaanxi are also plans to build highways, drainage Jiang shipping via direct access to Shanghai, Chongqing. Today, Florida, has been completed and watershed land and air as one of the three-dimensional transport network. Good location and transportation advantages to accelerate the flow of people, logistics, capital and information flows to Florida gathered, and because of Dazhou a large population and great market potential, Florida has become the province one of the five two logistics centres, trade was very active circulation.
-rich, fertile products. The city has proven to 28 kinds of mineral development and utilization, natural gas, potash, limestone, coal, gypsum, K-rich brine, sulphur ore, lithium, strontium, manganese, vanadium, is very rich in reserves, especially natural gas reserves of up to 1.5 trillion Cubic meters, is second only to Xinjiang, the East China Sea nation#39;s third-largest gas field. Good industrial base, has formed natural gas, coal, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials, medicine, food, textile and other pillar industries, to cultivate a group of steel, China Ying electricity, coal-generated power of bamboo, Hwacheon cars, Chuandong cables, - Central rubber, Diao Tianfu, a plastic industry, Ma Chi-peng, Ma Jinqiao a number of advantages, such as industry enterprises. Florida agricultural products rich in resources, have great potential value-added processing, is the country, the province#39;s major commodity grain and oil, livestock and poultry, ramie, tea, Chinese herbal medicine production base, Dengying beef, Bashan Queshe, the Eastern Han Dynasty Laozao, Dazhu ramie, Quxian L. , Jiang opened Olive, such as ginkgo and Bashu known inside and outside, with agriculture and the industrialization of agriculture development prospects are bright. Florida
Beautiful landscape, ecological and pleasant. The city has two state-level heritage conservation units, the state-class tourist area aa 2, a state-level forest park, the provincial-level scenic spots four, three provincial-level forest park, a provincial nature reserve. Natural, human landscape brilliant. Xuanhan Luojiaba Palestinian cultural sites and worthy "Sanxingdui" comparable to the development potential is enormous; Quxianhanque堪称China#39;s ancient cultural treasures; source 8.30 million Taishan, calyx magnificent mountain Xiongqi,幽深lofty, "Chuandong Emei "reputation; Xuanhan One-Hundred-li, beautiful,幽深twists and turns, not the increasingly rising Three Gorges Three Gorges; Dazhu Wufengshan sponge with more than 10,000 acres of bamboo, Legend has it as" the root of the world bamboo "; Daxian really Foshan temple group is set" Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, "the unity of religious resort.

integrity of the Government, service excellent. The development and improvement of the city to encourage the development of preferential policies for foreign enterprises to set up investment service center, the implementation of "one external window, a one-stop Banjie, one-stop service", "full deputy, Teshiteban, limit Banjie" system And improve service quality, and improve work efficiency, vigorously and create a fair competitive market environment and heavy, pro-business, security, love the Chief environment, and strive to create favorable legal environment. To improve the soft investment environment and the promotion of the city#39;s rapid economic and social development. Florida

unlimited business opportunities, and a bright future. At present, the Dazhou city party committee and government to unite and lead the people throughout the city, vigorously promote the "guiding ideology of truth-seeking, pragmatic work style, work down-effect" of the "three is the" spirit, earnestly implement the "Director-General would like to, dare Director-General, good officer, stem possible" The "four dry" requirement and adhere to the scientific concept of development, full implementation of the "integration into the Chengdu-Chongqing, Qinba linked, strong-agricultural workers, live in Xingcheng, chased by leaps and bounds, people rich-city" development ideas, and unswervingly Promote the development by leaps and bounds in the next 3-5 years 30 billion yuan investment, accelerate the construction of a number of key projects in western China Qingli build the "gas coal chemical industry base."
Florida is a hot land for the reform and opening up, the Florida Industrial investment is the park; Dazhou unlimited business opportunities, great potential and bright prospects for development. Florida opened the enthusiasm of the public are welcome to arrive in tourism, investment Societe Generale, cooperation and development for a better tomorrow.

commerce, prosperity Xingda

In recent years, the city and give full play to the unique geographical advantages, transport advantages, vigorously develop the flow of commerce, the implementation of the "flow of Xingshi" strategy, strengthen market infrastructure, Fostering market players, build fleets, to gather gas and build Qinba regional business centre, has achieved remarkable results. 2003 total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 9.44 billion yuan, an increase of 15.2 percent, increase in the first two Habitat province. Of which: urban retail sales of 5.22 billion yuan to achieve the market, up 15.8 percent; rural retail sales of 4.22 billion yuan to achieve the market, an increase of 14.5 percent.
Dazhou prominent location advantages, the value of radiation stronger ability, strong popularity. Dazhou in Sichuan and Chongqing is located in Hubei and Shaanxi and occupies since ancient times is the merchants gathered in place. In recent years, such as transportation and communication infrastructure improved significantly, Xiangyutielu, a railway, the railway connected to 000, 210,318 National Longitudinal throughout, drainage shipping-Jiang Jiang Dahai, all of Chongqing Expressway opened to traffic, River City airport At the end of complex route, Florida has developed into one of the watershed land and air for the three-dimensional transport network. Postal communications sector has also made rapid development. The unique location, traffic hub and communication advantages, promote the goods of radiation significantly enhance the ability, the country has attracted more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the influx of Florida businessmen, on the Shanghai Group, the South benefits Group, Beijing All won, the Taiwan De Keshi, and other companies are assigned to Florida to pursue development. Florida
Since last year, the Florida vigorously implement the "integration into the Chengdu-Chongqing, Qinba linked, strong-agricultural workers, live in Xingcheng, chased by leaps and bounds, people rich-city" of the "24 words" development ideas, business and trade circulation industry fresh vitality . Construction of Dazhou positive individual and private business-oriented flow of reinforcements, formed a state-owned, collective, joint venture, the shareholding system, individual, and other economic sectors, both multi-mode of operation, multi-channel, the development of competing small part of the new pattern of commodity circulation. In 2003, retail sales of private enterprises realized 5.58 billion yuan, accounting for 59.1 percent market share, an increase of 24 percent, than in 2002 increased by 3 percentage points. The flow of commerce enterprises through innovative marketing, chain operations from scratch and vigorous development of various forms of convenience stores, chain supermarkets, chain stores, such as joining competing development, electronic commerce, logistics and distribution, and other modern retail has begun to progress. Currently, the city#39;s more than 1,600 chain outlets in 2003, the city#39;s retail sales of chain enterprises realized 2.05 billion yuan, accounting for the total retail sales of social consumer goods 21.7 percent. The city focusing on cultivating the tobacco companies, CNPC Florida subsidiaries, Florida business groups, days Thai Pharmaceutical Group, metal materials, Xin Lennon Federation of Supply and Marketing Group, the Xinhua Bookstore Limited, trade in grain and oil company eight key business enterprises, 2003 The sales income was 2.73 billion yuan, and Shuili 109 million yuan, respectively, over the 2002 growth of 29.7 percent, 6.2 percent. The development of commodity markets is rising, initially formed a diversified market system. Only the end of 2003, the city has 563 various types of commodity markets, operating a total area of nearly 1 million square meters. Self-export trade there has been new development, in addition to export products like textiles and consumption of meat two main products, has expanded to machinery and electronic products, medicines, furniture and other products, self-export volume of foreign trade in 2003 reached 10.3 million U.S. dollars, Than the 36.1 percent growth in 2002.

the industrialization of agriculture Pu Xinpian

Dazhou, Sichuan since ancient times is a major agricultural city and the country#39;s major commodity grain and oil production base. In recent years, the City of adhering to the scientific development concept, vigorously develop the industrialization of agriculture, promote agricultural and rural sustained and rapid economic development. In 2003, total agricultural output value Dazhou, the province#39;s total grain output ranked second in the meat output, total output value of township enterprises in the province ranked third in per capita net income of farmers reached 2,353 yuan, 130 yuan more than the previous year .
Florida with abundant agricultural resources, value-added processing has great potential. Xuanhan the cattle cows, 000 of the old hospital sources and chicken and goat-Kok, Jiang opened the White Geese and other poultry unique, the Dazhu ramie, Quxian the flower, the Daxian sericulture, 000 and the source of selenium-rich tea Lianger a mushroom (black ears, white ears, mushrooms), Xuanhan the authentic Chinese herbal medicines, and other cash crops has long known. In recent years, Florida market-oriented, aimed to increase farmers to develop agricultural industrialization. Florida
First, the development of rural specialized cooperative economic organizations. The city#39;s rural SCO a total of 1,426, of which 16 were "in Nong Jixie 100" title, with total assets of 3.2 billion, operating income of 2 billion yuan, driven 318,000 farmers get rich.
II is to cultivate leading enterprises. The city a total of more than 400 leading enterprises, including over the scale of more than 60 leading enterprises, the provincial-level key enterprises 6. January to May this year, leading enterprises in key municipal sales income 645 million yuan, and taxes 55.64 million yuan.
Third, it is actively adjusting the agricultural structure. Currently, the city#39;s broadcast of Liangjing than to 65:35, integrated agricultural products You Zhipin rate of 48 percent.
is focusing on cultivating the four pillar industries, construction, merchandise base. Ramie the city#39;s development, beef cattle, tea, Olive four pillar industries, vigorously building "quality grain and oil, livestock and poultry, ramie, tea, fruits, medicines," the six major commodities such as base. The city has now completed the meat (milk) in three cattle base, the county an oil base, provincial ramie base in two, tea production in the two counties, the provincial Lean Meat Pigs base five counties, the provincial water birds Base County 3, Quxian flower, citrus base was identified as "pollution-free agricultural products base in Sichuan Province", Dazhu quality agricultural products developed by the Chinese Association named "China Ramie town."
5 is actively promoting the development of labor service. Florida has always been the labor of rural economic development as a new growth point came for, and achieved remarkable results. 2001-2003, the city#39;s average annual transfer of surplus rural laborers lose 1.08 million people, with an average annual income of 3 billion yuan more than the labor, farmers in the city#39;s per capita income of 600 yuan more than labor.

gas development Beishouqinglai