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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Diego  Date: 08-24 2008  More Attractions
Daxing District for the ancient Imperial City, Gyeonggi Province, South heavily today for Beijing, the capital Beiyi, and the Bohai Sea, since ancient times for Tongqu Waibu Beijing, the Beijing-Tianjin are the two major city traffic要冲, Shicheng "the world Shouyi" and "Beijing South Portal, "said. Since the Qin home Daxing County, which is on the naming. 800 contains States, Gyeonggi Province, Shicheng "the world Shouyi," this is the outskirts of Beijing. The region is a warm sub-humid monsoon climate, throughout the plains area of 1,039 square kilometers, population 540,000, exempted nine towns, 18 townships, and a total of 526 villages. Tai Hing transport facilities, is not only the high-tech industries into the Jingjintang an important part of, or to lead the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, will become the communication between north and south of the things modern logistics centre. Daxing County is the capital of the Nongfu important supply base for food production, high-tech industry base, the population base and the evacuation of sweet green tourism base, is renowned at home and abroad, "Watermelon town." City residents with the characteristics of the weekend holiday demand, Daxing County, with local characteristics of tourism, leisure and tourism resorts, restaurants, leisure collection, shopping, visits, sports, education and entertainment in one.
natural resources and economic resources of the Daxing District of tourism resources to tourism as the plain green sweet characteristics, based on Pangge Zhuang watermelons, pears Dingfu Zhuang products such as the Royal tribute edge, to emphasize the "sweet green" tourism campaign plain pattern. Ban Bidian Forest Park, Tuanhe palace, Mi Deer Park, North Putuo Television training bases, the United Nations named Eco-Farm, Cleveland Park, Beijing Forest Golf Club, and other tourist attractions have been built. Yongding River modern agriculture demonstration zones and Yu Fa million mu of forest wildlife, Pang Gezhuang Kuala rural leisure parks, and other new model of regional and tourist attractions are also building.