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Location: Da Hinggan Mountains area in the northern border of the motherland, Tung Xiao Hinggan Mountains and adjacent to the West for the sector and the Daxinganling mountains bordering the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, South Bin broad Songnen Plain, north main channel to the centerline of Heilongjiang and Russia are neighbors.

area: the region#39;s total area of 84,600 square kilometers.

Population: 50 million population.

Administrative Region of: exempted administered Huma, Tahe, three Mohe County, Chung Ling, the new forest, shouting, Jiagedaqi four districts, South Korea home, 18 points, Amu Seoul, such as Tuqiang 10 Forestry Bureau, the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains Prefectural Party Committee, the Civil Administration and forestry company located in Jiagedaqi.

Daxinganling Da Hinggan Mountains area in the northern border of the motherland, Tung Xiao Hinggan Mountains and adjacent to the West for the sector and the Daxinganling mountains bordering the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, South Bin broad Songnen Plain, north to Heilongjiang main channel and the centerline Adjacent to the Soviet Union, in north latitude and 50 degrees on the horizon, like a piece of green jade, inlaid in the northern frontier of the motherland.

Da Hinggan Mountains has a long history. As early as the late Paleolithic in primitive society, our ancestors here on labor, and multiply. The early 17th century, Tsarist Russia has repeatedly sent "expedition team" invasion of the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains, harassment border, looting valuable fur and gold, people of all ethnic groups in China for the brutal crushing. In order to defend the territorial integrity of the motherland, resisting foreign aggression of the invasion, life here with people of all nationalities to life-and-death struggle against imperialism. The beginning of this century, the Japanese imperialists cruel into the Northeast, the Da Hinggan Mountains Forest Woye this wanton looting. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the third Route Army of the Northeast Anti-Japanese coalition third detachment of the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains to the north and south, for the security of the Royal shame, expel the Japanese invaders, made the immortal feats.

unique scenery border, the Sino-Russian boundary rivers in Heilongjiang is the world#39;s only unspoiled of the boundary rivers between the two countries. Mohe County of China#39;s North Pole Village is the only way to view the northern lights and polar day, a night in the region.

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full Yequ forest scenery. Total area of 84,600 square kilometers in the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains have 7.3 million hectares of forest, the forest coverage rate reached 71.1 percent, to propagate the forest home of more than 400 kinds of wild animals and 1,000 species of wild plants, and has become a rare high-latitude regions Wildlife and plant park. Unique landscape of geological and climatic conditions. The continental monsoon climate impact, I called in the Hill District Yile north along the high mountains, deep snow, cold climate, especially in the North#39;s largest temperate forest ecosystems Nature Reserve - called in the National Nature Reserve, where winter snow is not only Large and high mountain valley wide, it is ideal for scientific exploration, adventure, skiing, and other special tourism activities. The long-term impact on the natural environment, the protection of the region otherwise "periglacial rock", "Lin old man", "Suidan Po", and so many landscapes.

Da Hinggan Mountains picture Origin of the long human history. As early as the end of primitive society, namely the late Paleolithic, we are the ancestors of tribes in this land to survive. From the Sushen, Shi Wei to the Xianbei people, left many here the history of northern ethnic minorities and touching story of legend, still has some trace.

very edge of the border. I district 791.5 km-long border line, there are 19 pairs Cuntun correspond with the Russian side. I zone in Mohe, Huma two countries at a class, the economy of radiation to reach the Russian Chita, Amur region, Primorsky Territory, the Republic of Yakutia, Khabarovsk and other border areas in five states, territories Or the Autonomous Republic of the more than 2,000 square kilometers, in our province, "South of the Northern" and Russia, China, Mongolia, Japan and North Korea to build the five countries of the economic structure in Northeast Asia has great geographical advantages and development potential.

Daxinganling forest eco-tourism resources are very rich: Nature Reserve in the call, the source of Heilongjiang, in north China Chui first large-Baishan, China North Pole - Mohe Village, "China#39;s North Pole" - Uzbekistan Suriname, and so on tourism resources in China is highly unique and monopoly. Greater Xing#39;an Mountains of tourism resources for specific performance of the forest, the snow, Northern Lights, the boundary rivers such as four distinct characteristics, these distinct characteristics and are the best form of eco-tourism.

have Shibazhan Paleolithic sites, and other cultural monuments. Yile Nature Reserve has called North Slope and Huma Hill in the middle and lower reaches of the river Daxinganling region. The area is rich in tourism resources. Winter of the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains, Trinidad frozen, Miles Xuepiao is truly Linhaixueyuan, in skiing, skating, sledding, and so on a number of tourism activities; summer, Shanqingshuixiu, Lin Tao again, singing Qunniao dispute, the temperature cool, A rare summer resort. Spring, Shanhua artless, a plane full of spring, the days Heights far, five Huashan colorful. Is located in the most northern tip of Mohe, is the world famous "North Pole Village", before and after the summer solstice, "the daytime," Northern Lights are often there is a great wonders of the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains. Major tourist attractions are: Arctic Village, rouge ditch, Hubei rural customs, called the Nature Reserve, Ga Cavity, Heilongjiang source of ancient human remains of the volcanic ruins of Yang Shan, the ancient Bingdou, JAXA ancient battlefield of war, the anti - Heroes Monument, the development of the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains railway corps memorial, "May 6" Fire Memorial Hall, "North Chui guard" statue and other natural and human landscape.