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DaTong - ShanXi

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position: Datong in northern Shanxi Province, located in the northeast edge of the Loess Plateau. Geographical coordinates of longitude 112 ° 34 #39;to 114 ° 33#39;, latitude 39 ° 03 #39;to 40 ° 44#39;, averaging 1,056 m above sea level. North of the Great Wall outside the community, and neighboring Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, West, South and the province of Shuozhou City, Xinzhou areas connected with the East Hebei phase grounding.

area: the city#39;s total area of over 14,000 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of over 300 million.

Administrative Region of: Shixia Datong City, the mining area, south suburbs, a new four-zone area and yang County, the county town of days, Guangling County, Lingqiu County, Hunyuan County, Datong County, Zuoyun County Seven counties.

Datong is one of China#39;s famous historical and cultural cities, is Wenmingzhongwai the "sea of coal" village. Datong in northern Shanxi Province, ranking Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia border, between the inside and outside the Great Wall.


Datong is the State Council announced the first batch of 24 national historical and cultural city one of a very long history. According to Archaeological Finds research, far away in the late Paleolithic Age 10,000 years ago, Datong region had interest-bearing human reproduction. Spring and Autumn period of Zhao, under the Yanmen County, is still at the Yanmen County Qin, Han initial set-County. Wei, Jin, a time when the Xianbei ethnic TuoBa rise in the year 398, Tuo Bagui Pingchengchengdi to Xiaowen Di Qiandouluoyang, around 96, Datong is the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty. Cloud County, to the Sui and Tang Chi-yun in the county. Liao, Jin period, the Capital of Datong, said Xijing. Yuan of Datong Road, Ming and Qing, were set up under the House of Datong in Shanxi Province and Shanxi Buzheng Shi Division.

Datong photos because of Datong is located in the periphery, "the mountains of Central Mining cool, dry sauna hold water, the Great Wall north of their profession, Yan Zhi its Cypriot South and West Thanks Shuomo, East Bringing the white board, full-screen Jin arch God Beijing, Weiran city "So their military status to the past," nine-city, north Suoyao "said the history of the war frequently. According to historical records, was a region the size of Datong thousands of war, there are eight Yujiaqinzheng emperor, the emperor personally inspected 18. Han Gao Zu Liu Bang was the Huns in the army siege "Qitianqiye." Northern Song Yang Jiaqiang blood of the beach, the Ming Dynasty Yu Qian of the Beijing leadership to defend the war, have taken place here. In particular-Shunzhi 2006 (Year 1649), Datong Zongbing embedded anti-Jiang, Wang Duo Ergun Lvbingqinzheng Regency, nine months before the siege to cities. Jiugongbuke to vent hate and of the "massacre", Datong was an unprecedented catastrophe.

Datong picture in Datong of the existing heritage, ancient, majestic, the momentum of qualities, unparalleled in the world that is the Xianbei Khitan, such as the North Nuzhen ethnic Han Chinese culture and the integration of the treasures. The world-famous Yungang Grottoes, now over 1,500 years of history, the size of the existing Kukan 53, more than 51,000 stone sculptures respect. Hong-li of this project is 40,000 people with 60 years of creative work and build the great treasure house of art; Huayan Si Liao Dynasty architecture, its Main Hall scale of the event, murals of magic, the cabinet 37 through the heart patterns carved Lou Linglong, hapchang Lu Chi Wan-li smile clay sculpture of the Buddha touching,堪称Buddhist Temple, St. Yanzong the ancient temples; beginning of the construction, "Jiulong Bi", was originally a 13th-ZHU Gui Zhu Yuanzhang closure of the Palace fan before the "Zhaobi", with colored glass wall of , 9 dragon, vivid realism; Xu Xiake was known as the "Giant of the world," Xuan Kongsi, 18 Bukak Hengshan King of the first, full-Pan Fu Temple on the Cliff, more than 30 minutes between the Dian-ge from top to bottom three , The plank road to link up the whole building extraordinary surprisingly, the talent is rare in China#39;s "castle in the air" and cultural niche. In addition, the Great Wall of Datong eight scenic spots, Guyun in the eight scenic spots, Ling Qiu McGREGOR Temple, Yang Gao, "Xu Jia Yao" cultural sites, the Han-Tang battle sites, Lin Si-yun, the day the town Ciyun Si, wide pot landscape Shen Tang Ling, Ling Qiu Zhao Ling Wang Mu, the new zone-the Northern Wei Dynasty Empress Dowager existence Ling Feng, Xiao Wendi virtual Tong Palace of thousands of years, think of the Northern Wei Dynasty rule Zhenchuan Temple, are our precious historical and cultural heritage.