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Zip code: 163000

position: Daqing City in Heilongjiang Province in the western, central Songnen Plain. Location in latitude 45 ° 46 #39;to 46 ° 55#39;, longitude 124 ° 19 #39;to 125 ° 12#39; between the southeast from the Heilongjiang provincial capital Harbin, 150 kilometers northwest from the Qiqihar City, 139 km.

the city#39;s total area: 21,494 square kilometers, of which 5,107 square kilometers of urban.

divisions: Daqing City Xianxia Saertu, Honggang, Rang Hulu, Longfeng, Datong District, and five Zhaozhou, Zhaoyuan, Lindian, Durbat four counties.

population: the city#39;s total population of 2.429 million people, of which the urban population of 1.04 million people.

nation: Manchu, Mongolian, Korean and Hui, and so on.

Daqing City in central Songnen Plain, September 26, 1959, Mitsui made Songji oil, when the 10th anniversary of the founding of the eve of Daqing, the naming of Daqing Oilfield.

Daqing Daqing City in the swamps and grasslands on the establishment of the oil and petrochemical-based emerging mining city, no significant urban centres, urban and rural areas had no significant difference between the urban areas to the north-south length of the present layout. The eastern part of the urban area for the petrochemical industry, the main production units have Daqing Petrochemical Plant, Longfeng Thermal Power Plant, Daqing fertilizer plants and 300,000 tons of ethylene joint chemical plant, northeast of the red flag has two reservoirs and surface water reservoir in Daqing and Wang Wai area of culture and education . Western culture and education for health, research and development area, some Research Institute and the tertiary institutions. Southwest for Petroleum and Chemical Development Area, Xinhua power plants, oil terminals, lost, Linyuan, such as oil refineries. Southern Song Ji has three wells (Songliao Basin exploration wells benchmark No. 3) A discovery of the Daqing oil and Savimbi 55 wells (Wang Jinxi in the Daqing oil wells in the first fight) to commemorate.

heavy mountain oil poetry, and several decades of accumulated sediment, Daqing has an abundance of oil and petroleum cultural landscape historical sites, she and the uniqueness of the historical background of the formation, making it China#39;s oil Cultural and spiritual civilization in the treasure house of the great wealth, but also support the high-tech modern city in north China prosperous, civilized and beautiful new image.

major attractions are found in Daqing Oilfield Well January 1 → Song Ji Mitsui, Iron Man Wang Jinxi Comrade Memorial Hall, Daqing Oilfield Technology Museum, petrochemical companies and Exhibition Centre. Which, from many buildings, heritage attractions of the museum is particularly typical iron man, 6.5 meters high and weighed more than 60 Dong large granite sculpture "Iron Man" is China#39;s northeast region#39;s largest stone carving figures.

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Daqing oilfield in China Science and Technology Museum is a unique large-scale integrated oil museum. Chen Jia Taiyuan foam No. 2 oil platform on a large cluster of world-famous cluster of wells and large-scale sculpture "Oil Star" and "dedication" and "take off" and other favorite tourist attractions is also a good place.