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Tai Po district in the northeast New Territories, Tai Po and Sai Kung area, including northern regions, a total area of about 14,700 hectares.
Tai Po#39;s history, can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, the text of the Gazette records, then known as the Tai Po Huizhou blade to produce Bangzhu well-known.
during the Sung Dynasty, as Waizu invasion, the war in the Central Plains frequently, people avoid the scourge of war, have Nanqian, part of the final settlement Tai Po, since population growth, continue to increase. During the Ming Dynasty, Tang family settled in Tai Po, the establishment of Xiaozai Temple, Tai Po Tau Tsuen and fair city this fair city now known as Tai Po Old Market, located in Lam Tsuen River, north of Plain, has made economic monopoly status. As the population and property日盛, Tai Hang#39;s family and the village, near seven villages in the establishment of "about seven", built in 1892 another San Hui City Wo City. About seven Rural Committee and the construction of the Man Mo Temple, for the establishment of Tai Chi-City, and the construction of the temple adjacent roads, expanding the urban area, gradually from today#39;s Tai Po Market. Fair City two away from the original Lam Tsuen River, the construction of Kwong Fuk bridge connected, the economic activities that have expanded and become the New Territories Market downtown.
Tai Po this as a simple township, preservation of historical monuments and a lovely rural scenery. Wishing tree in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, during the annual Chinese New Year wishes are packed with a large number of people prayed and peacetime Mu Ming from the public and tourists, every year to the new favorable circumstances, Xinxiangshicheng. Tai Po, there are relatively well-known attractions is the Bride#39;s Pool waterfalls, rain after rain during the summer racing current and the next, waterfall becomes a beautiful book. Bride#39;s Pool from the naming of a legend: a bride dressed up by the former son went to the bridge Fujia, the way a Jiaofu fall, the sedan chair into the water, so the bride drowned, and later the bride into the gods, to dress at the Falls As a mirror.