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Zip code: 116000

Location: southernmost tip of Liaodong Peninsula is located, east Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea foreshore West, South and across the sea from Shandong Peninsula.

area: the city#39;s total area of 12,573 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s population of over 560 million.

administrative divisions: Dalian, Xian Xia six districts, three cities, a county. Namely: in the mountains, Xigang Qu, Shahekou District, Ganjingzi District, Lushunkou District, Jinzhou Qu; Wafangdian City, Pulandian City, Zhuanghe City; Changhai County. In addition, there are four state-level pilot areas opening to the outside world (development zone, bonded zone, high-tech industrial park, Jin Shitan National Tourism Resort).

as early as 6,000 years ago, our ancestors developed the Dalian area. Qin and Han Dynasties period, the Dalian area is Liaodong County area. The early Tang Dynasty, Dalian is a plot Anton benefit both the state House for the area. Liao Dynasty at the Dalian area is a Tokyo-area Liaoyang House. Dalian area in the Wei, Jin said the three mountains, Tang said the three-Pu, Ming and Qing Dynasties, said the three-Haikou, Green Niwa mouth. 19 in the 1980s, the north shore of the Qing Dynasty built this Dalian Bay harbour bridge, built fort, a mine camp, 1:00 into the town. Tsarist Russia after the invasion, has used Green Niwa.


1899 said at the beginning of Dalian City. First, during the Second Opium War, British troops on the harassment of Dalian areas. Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War as the main battlefield, and Dalian in recent Dalian photos and history have suffered two major wars robbery, becoming Russia, Japan colony for nearly half a century, of which Japan#39;s colonial rule of 40. August 1945, Japan declared its unconditional surrender, Dalian from the anti-Fascist war victory in the liberation and the end of the colonial rule. In September, the Federation of Trade Unions in Dalian City of the Preparatory Committee. October, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Han Kwang send the northeast to the Dalian municipal party committee secretary of the composition of the CPC Dalian City Committee and the establishment of the Dalian municipal government. July 1946, to Luda Prefectural Party Committee. 1949-1956 basically completed the socialist transformation; 1957-66 began the comprehensive construction of socialism from 1966 to 1976 experienced a "Cultural Revolution" in 1976 after entering a new period of socialist modernization construction; 1984, Approval of the State Council for open coastal cities of Dalian, 1985, the State Council of Dalian City was identified as cities plan, to the provincial economic management authority.

Dalian, north China#39;s famous port, industry, trade, tourism city, she is Eshou the gateway to Beijing and Tianjin, the Bohai economic zone of the first lap, is the Northeast Asia trade, finance, information, tourism Center, known as "North Hong Kong" reputation.

Dalian picture

Dalian formerly known as the "Green Niwa," 100 years ago, a Russian built this city, give her name, "Kundalini", Italian for the distant city, a Away from Moscow and St. Petersburg areas. 70 years ago, the Japanese occupied the city, "Kundalini" on a Chinese-from the "Dalian." For more than 50 years, the Chinese people and the development of the city. The city "not to do the most, but for the best," she aspires to be an international city, but a strong performance in their personality.


100 years ago, a group of French culture in tsarist Russia engineers Chuaizhao a special liking for the Paris urban construction drawings to be here, in the hope that this piece of land on the Far East and recycling of a "Paris of the Orient." This formed a major feature of the Dalian - Square as the center, streets in all directions radiation. Dalian#39;s Square in particular, a small place, as long as the street surrounded by radiation, called on the square. The city has more than 80 square No wonder foreigners to Dalian easily confused, Gao Buqing things north and south. Dalian is not only the largest square, the square is also rich and varied culture, green space, pigeons, sculpture, fountain since Needless to say, there are the unique female Rangers and Waltz.


Dalian is a fanatical like Brazil, like the fascination with football city, in 1994 China#39;s professional soccer since Wanda Dalian Shide team and football team won seven league titles session. But this boiling "Soccer City" is not only belong to men, she also honor another city, which is run by people like Dalian Carnival of the same international Fuzhuang Jie. Saying was right when he said: "eat in Guangzhou, playing in Shanghai, Dalian wear." Dalian good girl to wear, Ganchuan Wenmingquanguo However, Fu Zhuangjie now have to do more than 10 sessions, rather characteristics.

Dalian writer Chen Zufen said that Dalian has Sibao: "Fuzhuang Jie, Ma Jiajun, 11 and thin-hee grass" (the incumbent People#39;s Republic of China Minister of Commerce Bo Xilai during his term of office, Mayor of Dalian, a situation the grass alone 10 minutes, when the cursive signature "to" words like "Grass" character). Dalian Mayor Bo blowing in the "green storm" so that the rise of the junk market Xinghai Square; graves to build a pier head of forest zoo; Huangpi old fishing village, the harbor has become the now famous "Jin Shitan" "Sea of rhyme"; hundreds of factories, hundreds of thousands of residents of the relocation, free up local engage in afforestation. It was then joked: "Dalian than the grasses in your food." Indeed, over the past few years in Dalian and more green space, air-ching, a good city, invigorating the economy. Today, the Dalian city green coverage rate has reached 41 percent, people praised Singapore as Dalian, is not built in Garden City, but built in Garden City, 2001, Dalian won the "500 best global environment," the title.


Dalian is a city full of magic, she is not small, small population lot, with the sun, sea, beach and beautiful women, in the eyes of some people She is China#39;s most beautiful and most romantic city.