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ChuZhou - AnHui

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Zip code: 239000

position: located in the north shore of the Yangtze River, eastern Anhui Province, close to Jiangsu Province, only 59 km away from Nanjing.

Area: total area of 13,987 square kilometers

Population: 4.15 million population

divisions: exempted Langya, South Qiao, Tianchang City, Mingguang City, and Lai#39;an, Quanjiao, will be far, Fengyang County 4

Chuzhou, Anhui in the east, is located in Jianghuai要冲, foreshore A Yangtze River. Chuzhou has a long history and culture. As early as in ancient times, our ancestors were on this land home crafts. Archaeological discoveries of the Neolithic period of many cultural sites. Xia, Shang and Zhou period, the distribution of a number of tribes here Fang, Zhongli States, the Law, along the "Huaiyi" after a long-term development and tribal conquests, and gradually integrate into the Chinese civilization.


Spring and Autumn Zhuhou hegemony, Gongzhan frequent, Wu has here, according to Chu points, the so-called "first Miss Chu Mei." Qin unified China in tyranny and death, followed by Chu-han of the dispute over the Jianghuai area still spread, "although the three Chu, Chu will Qin death" and "Farewell My Concubine" Elegy of the story all the way.

utmost during the Three Kingdoms, Wei Wu Jiaobing Chuzhou become a battlefield. Western Jin Dynasty "War of the Eight Princes", Sima Langya Wang Rui in Chuzhou Xinan Mo Tuo Ling asylum, so named for Langyashan.


has undergone 300 years of the Jin Dynasty, Northern and Southern Dynasties war, to the Sui and Tang Dynasties period, the construction and Chuzhou城池basic shape. Suikai Huang nine years (AD 589) before Chuzhou said. Tang Ming Huan Li Youqing, Wei Yingwu, Li Shen, Li Deyu, and so on successively as the Chuzhou Cishi, leaving behind a series of cultural relics, monuments, poetry and Industry.

Ouyang Xiu criticism of the Chuzhou the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote a prose Mingpian Liufangqiangu "Zui Ong Ting Ji" and "Fung Lok Ting", describes the beauty of landscapes Chuzhou and folk customs of the Sun, will Sushi "Two in mind," wrote the landmark paste, which, Chuzhou and Langyashan Mingyangsihai, ancient and modern sound broadcast. Southern Song Dynasty period, the Jianghuai area into the forefront of confrontation between the Song and Jin Dynasties, the anti-famous, the word people Haofang Pai Shou Xin Qiji to Chuzhou, stability and people#39;s livelihood, Chien Fu Shu Zheng, resettlement in exile, dressing markets, develop production, the whole army to resist Jinbing, Chuzhou face of it A new. Song cultural and economic development in the history of Chuzhou has important implications.

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the late Yuan Dynasty, Fengyang County, was born in the poor peasant family in the anti-yuan Qibing Zhu Yuanzhang, after more than 10 years Nanzhengbeizhan, overthrew the rule of the Yuan Dynasty, a Ming Dynasty. Fengyang House once a founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty capital, Chuzhou had Zhili in the capital. Now Fengyang Imperial sites and Imperial Mausoleum for the key state of heritage conservation units.

Chuzhou the Qing Dynasty had many of the characters have Gongming, such as Tianchang champion Dai Lanfen, renowned for their achievements for women scholars Oh, Quanjiao "a Sanding A, four generations of Book 6," the Wu clan , Chuzhou in the history of the humanistic spirit of the flashing light. Wu Jingzi sick people in Quanjiao Cross wrote in the world-famous satirical novel "The Scholars", 300 years, this famous work in a variety of text communication world.

the late Qing Dynasty, the latter part of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement, a peaceful northern frontline Wan-Dong Qing Dynasty army and the military repeatedly for the important battlefield, the 1858 outbreak of the famous Ukrainian clothing war.

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in modern times in the struggle against imperialism and feudalism, Chuzhou experienced a shock of the 1911 Revolution, the Enlightenment of the May 4th Movement, led by the Communist Party of China Anti-Japanese Base Area East Anhui Province wrote the immortal History article, Liu Shaoqi, Chen Yi, Zhang Yunyi, Luo Binghui, and other revolutionaries of the older generation had and were transferred here. January 1949, all of the liberation of East Anhui Province, set up the Office of Chu county executive, county administered 9.

after the founding of the Chuzhou has experienced several decades of tortuous development process, in 1979 Xiaogang Village in Fengyang farmers to the ground-breaking initiative Dabao Gan, China#39;s reform and opening up started the prelude.

1992, in December the State Council approved the establishment of provincial jurisdiction in Chuzhou City, the prefectural level. Today, Chuzhou, are speeding up industrialization and urbanization, the pace of an emerging tourist city of Industry and Trade, standing in the north shore of the Yangtze River.

.... Chuzhou has a long history and old times, the Western Han Dynasty over 2,000 years ago, Quanjiao establishment of the Law, based in Chuzhou Sui Dynasty. For thousands of years, the number of heroes Hero Chizhafengyun, Jiangshan guidance, the number of transfer passengers Saoren Zhuanghuaijilie, T Long Yi Ming Taizu take soldiers from the Yuan Zhu impaired Fengyang, grand and ornate Imperial Mausoleum in the capital showed that its extraordinary bearing. Quanjiao Wets Wu Jingzi a "Scholars" were heard the world, clear the coast of Xianghe, can still find their trace. Huangfu Cengluan Pinnacle Hill, Oulu groups; Tianchang Gaoyou Lake Bibowanqing, Hao-miao Ruyan. Wei-ran deep Langyashan show the dumping of countless Wenrenmoke; Song writer Ouyang Xiu#39;s "Zui Ong Ting", a more ancient Song. Deng will peak Langyashan Club, only if the mountains have, Shanmingshuixiu. Chunhua Qiushi, Xiahe Dongxue are as Shengjing, Japan Jiao Yue Mei, Qing Hao Yu Qi always fascinating.