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Population: Population 2.44 million people

area: the state a total area of 29,258 square kilometers

position: Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in north-central Yunnan Province, is located south of the Jinsha River

peoples: the Han, Yi, Miao, Dai, Bai, and so on.

divisions: Chuxiong City, Yuanmou County, the South China County, Mouding County, Wu Ding County, Tai Yaoxian, double County, Lufeng County, Yongren Xian, Yao#39;an County.

Chuxiong terrain northwest, southeast low, tilted from the northwest to the southeast, a tilt-shaped gourd, the highest mountain in the West Road Ailaoshan clock care of the graves of small mountain, 2,916 meters above sea level, the lowest point in Jiang and Li Yi Jia#39;s River, Danyang Interchange, elevation 691 meters, 1,773 meters above sea level Lucheng Center. Chuxiong Ailaoshan Mountain both the Department of Dong Lu Yu Mo-dry, basically the northwest, southeast direction.
Chuxiong in a Red River and Jinsha River two major river systems. Honghe River crossing southwest of the city throughout the ceremony#39;s River, the upper reaches of the Yuanjiang River, originate in Weishan County in Dali, the South China County immigrants, a tributary of the River Malone, the three River Street, White River, 5 River Street, River town homes, Bi-chicken River, since the male River. Longchuanjiang Jinshajiang River to the dam area for the major rivers in Chuxiong City, originate in the South China Shentang days, from west to east, in Lu of immigrants, the Mouding and Yuanmou counties in the Jinsha River. Purple is the main tributary of the River Austin, West static River, the river before the river, Zhaizi River, the Qinglong River, Chang Ling River. Honghe River in the runoff in an area of 3,228 square kilometers, accounting for the city#39;s total area of 76% in the Jinshajiang River in the runoff area of 1,092 square kilometers, accounting for 24 percent. The city#39;s average annual rainfall 3.96 billion cubic meters, the runoff of 930 million cubic meters, 320 million cubic meters of groundwater. 1213.5 mm of precipitation mid-2002. Water reserves in the theory of 244,000 kilowatts, exploitation amount to 238,000 kilowatts. Lucheng Shi Jian Hua Guoshan mineral water and mineral water free of carbon dioxide, Piangui Suan, and other compounds, strontium and lithium, zinc, and other 21 kinds of trace elements, on the admissibility of 250 tons.
Land for the purple soil, rice soil, red soil and yellow brown earth-based, purple soil mainly distributed in 1900 to 2,300 m above sea level in the eastern part of the dam area, accounting for 32.4 percent of the land area; paddy soil of the arable land area of 62% of the red soil 26.1%; yellow brown earth at an altitude of 2,300 meters above the cold zone, the thick layer, or 8 percent.
reserves of mineral resources in more coal, oil shale, gold, copper, lead, zinc and limestone. Lignite reserves of 88.7 million tons, 19.93 million tons of anthracite reserves. Oil shale reserves of 1.224 million tons, lead-zinc deposit-reserve 870,000 tons. Limestone widely distributed, in addition to Chu Shek (marble), asbestos, and so on. Chuxiong in common with more than 40 kinds of woody plants, more than 20 kinds of herbs, Boletus, matsutake, such as 30 kinds of edible mushrooms, more than 640 kinds of wild herbs, the more expensive wild March 7, Tianma, Fuling, Wuwei Son, small brown package, such as 56 kinds. Has found that 519 kinds of wild animals, 29 species of amphibians, 56 reptiles, 329 kinds of birds, 105 kinds of mammals, is a national protected wild animals have bee monkey, white, such as 64 kinds of Xian. Urban Habitat in the southwestern state-level Ailaoshan Nature Reserve, lush forest, beaten, more than 1,480 kinds of rare plants, 460 kinds of birds, 46 kinds of amphibious reptiles, the state#39;s key protection of rare animals of 26 species, were classified as The United Nations "Man and the Biosphere" forest ecosystems positioning observation posts, is one of the forest ecosystem research base.
rich tourism resources, natural human landscape details thick, purple Xishan National Forest Park, the Chinese solar calendar Yi Cultural Park in October, E Lu Park, Lingxiu Lake, Chuxiong Museum and other tourist areas (resort). Ming and Qing Dynasties was a Buddhist holy sites in western Yunnan, is now a state-level forest parks, nature reserves and provincial-level scenic spots of purple Xishan District, 15 km away from the urban areas, forest trees, Guteng wrapped around the tree, turf grass, apricot ancient Yuan Dynasty , Gucha, Yunnan-Tibet Manglietia, a monkey joy, crotonaldehyde rattan, and so on more than 100 years old and valuable trees, rough Torreya, harringtonine, three-fruit trees, and other countries over the protection of plants, has found that there are over 1,360 kinds of plants, 107 kinds of animals, known as Central Yunnan biodiversity gene pool. Its attractions "Purple River Park" beautiful scenery, and the foot of the mountain Yi Chai, Miaozhai Xiangyingchengqu idyllic scenery, "Liang reservoirs" Yanbohaomiao, Linhai Mangmang, Ma Ying Chung clusters; "Purple Top Temple" magnificent temple; ring for water-Qing Waterfall such as screens, fruit-Shu Lin Posuo "Jiguang Temple," the temple ruins buried deep forest; Chai Lin Yang-wei of the trail are Master homes Rita; "Purple River Yi Chai" gourd-sheng, sheepskin drum with bonfire Duige, tours do " Meige "Guyun. Li Yi Cultural Park in October sun, "a waterfall of a four-square, Liuzhai eight districts through-train" landscape; another 10,000 south of the Spring and Autumn period Xiangjiaba unearthed Tonggu. 800 years ago the marble protect the heritage of the monument and ethics Yun Ming Dynasty Confucian Temple, Yanta, West Linggong, Xinglong Temple, Chang Ling explore the Mesozoic fossils of dinosaur footprints group, Yunlong ancient Nanan, a Yun-yun let the residents of the human landscape .

Chuxiong tourism resources "dinosaur town", "RAM Gu Yuan," "Yuanmou Yuanren," Yuanmou soil Lin, Shishan peony, camellia Zixi, in October Sun Yi Li, Yi style and warm winter and summer The cooler and pleasant climate is known. Chuxiong set foot on this magical land, in Lufeng Dinosaur Hill, you will see the largest number of global depositary, the most complete dinosaur fossils, you even have a dinosaur skeleton from the feeling in Yuanmou, you can not only witnessed the distance 170 million years ago this Yuanmou Yuanren living environment, but also can be found through the forest soil surface of the苍桑change and its causes.

in a wide range of wildlife resources. For the acquisition of materials are 645 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine. 64 kinds of wild edible fungi, which can export the matsutake, with an annual output of 30 tons, sold to Japan. species have 47 Section 7 of 77 from China more than 300 species, of which 38 Branch of the economic value of 169 kinds. Rare trees are: Camellia, osmanthus, Maple, Old Bridge different tree, Peacock fir, Yuanjiang Castanopsis, Hong Doushu, eagles and Li Bai Ling Shan Yunnan pine. Thai Ling Hill, the vegetation has six formations 11 communities, classified as natural sites in Yunnan Province, the provincial-level scientific research base of plants. There are four types of wild animals of 77 Section 28 heads 269 kinds, of which, amphibians have two heads 6 Section 13; reptiles have three heads 9 Section 30; beast eight heads 22 Section 49 species of birds have 15 heads 40 Section 177. Growth in Luochuan, the old village green peacocks in the forest, at the national level to protect animals, located in part of the township Yuanyang, white Xian, Sun monkey, clouded leopard, Lingmao, pangolins, python and other 36 kinds of animals, two countries is the protection of animals .