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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ryan  Date: 08-31 2008  More Attractions
Chongwen District of Beijing City in southeast China#39;s capital, one of the downtown areas of Beijing. Wang Chaoyang East, west Xuanwu, Dongcheng District, bordering the north and the south suburbs of Beijing Fengtai Pilin. Chongwen District, as part of the ancient capital of civilization, Chongwen District since ancient forest are shops, merchants gathered, then a bustling commercial district of the capital second to none.
to the Chongwen District of history left behind a rich tourism resources, the major cultural relics are the Temple of Heaven in Beijing throughout the city, north Ditan Jide, a South Temple of Heaven worship of heaven, the East altar on a sun festival, the West is on Tan Moon Festival, the most dazzling Temple of Heaven, Qiyu extraordinary. For the Ming and Qing emperor worship Huangtian two generations, Mr Wugufengdeng of places.
Temple of Heaven is Huanqiu, Mr Gu collectively, the two altar, altar wall double, forming inside and outside altar, the altar wall of the South North yen, symbol of Tianyuandifang. The main building, altar, Huanqiu altar in the South, Mr Tan in the North Valley, with the altar in a north-south axis, the middle of the wall apart. Huanqiu altar in the main building are Huanqiu altar, Wong Yu Qiong, and so on, Mr Tan Valley of the major construction has Qinian Dian, Wong stem Hall, Chi, doors, etc.. Qi Niandian the most famous in the north, this is the most magnificent Temple of Heaven, the most magnificent building, but also imagination in recent days from the place. Qi Niandian the three-tier roof from top to bottom, both with dark blue glazed tile blanket, the symbol of the weather.
Chongwen District famous Longtan Park, the garden of sparkling clear water, lush vegetation, is the Tour and the elegant entertainment destination. And Zhengyang Men and Jian Lou, and so on top attractions in the region. The region is also very representative of the alley, the courtyard is also very famous Dequkankan value, the famous leather new road on the 20th courtyard, on behalf of the North#39;s unique style courtyard.