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location: Pool City in southwest China#39;s Anhui Province, north the mighty Yangtze River, south Xiongqi Huangshan Mountain, the southern bank of Yangtze River is an important port city of Riverside and provincial historical and cultural city, also in Anhui Province "Two Mountains and One Lake" (Huangshan, Jiuhuashan, Taiping) tourism an important part of

Area: total area of 8,272 square kilometers

Population: total population of 1.54 million

administrative divisions: Xianxia Guichi, Dongzhi County, Shitai County, Qingyang County and Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area

Chizhou in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River south coast, bordering with the Tongling, south Jiuhuashan Huangshan, the North and across the River in Anqing, Chizhou City is the political, economic and cultural center. Guichi is the provincial level historical and cultural city, the implementation of the "China Agenda 21" state-level ecological pilot regions and economic location of the demonstration zone.


Chizhou is a development earlier, has a long history of the region. As early as about 2000 years ago, our ancestors on this land cultivation in interest-bearing, hard farming. 1977 and 1983 respectively Guichi Guankou Township and the former site of ancient fortress, Shan Hong Qicun unearthed a batch of the Spring and Autumn period of the Bronze Age (with weapons, money Fan, living appliances, tools, etc.), these refined chic bronze, Casting exquisite, with the unique style of the Yangtze River Basin, at the time that the people here have mastered the high bronze casting technology.

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Qin and Han Dynasties period, the Yetie here, shipbuilding, handicrafts, such as casting more developed. Ancient fortress was the Jiangnan economy one of the more prosperous cities and towns, but also water and land transportation hub, steep terrain, is history Zhunbing land. Wing Tai first year (765) and Tang Dynasty to the political, military needs, rehabilitation home in Chizhou, this shift rule in Chizhou City, in order to "control recapped the work." Kaicheng, Huichang years (836 - 841), Zhou Cishi pool built in the Nanhu Lake in Chengdong Cuiwei embankment, the city started building. Ming Zhengtong 10 years (1440), Zhifuheshao-33000 is for two, the construction of Fucheng (Old House site in the yuan under the Jiangnan Boyan, destroyed Binghuo). Metro nearly 10, opened a six, including three-tier Jiuhua gatehouse, six high, magnificent. Later, Lu Zhi Fu Kong, Qian Jia have built a hundred teeth tower, the stream tower. Lingyun confrontation between the twin towers, as if Fucheng defenders, walls stand tall, like natural barrier. Fucheng fully reflect the new economic prosperity at that time, is the crystallization of the wisdom of working people.

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in the War of Resistance Against Japan and the Liberation War period, the Chizhou people to drive away the invaders, Down with reactionaries and the one after fighting heroically, producing many songs can think of Qi hero, The performance of their coexistence with the world,与日月同辉. April 1949, Chizhou throughout liberation, the people are the masters, Chizhou history has opened a new chapter.


Takenori four years since the Tang Dynasty (AD 621) formed since the establishment of the state, has 1380 years of history in Chizhou, during which the humanities, a Chinese story verbiage and entirely void. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai had a three on Jiuhua, five outbound Qiupu, wrote dozens of Chizhou landscape praise the immortal poems; Wantangshiren Du Mu in the pool when Zhouci Shi wrote the "clean" poem, later known as the ancient Song, Chizhou were also broadcast Qing Shi Heng Fa Chuen, renowned Chinese and foreign; In addition, there is Tao Yuanming, Bai Juyi, Su Shi, Wang Anshi, Bao Zheng, Wen Tianxiang, Yue Fei, Zhu Xi, Lu You, Li Qingzhao, and many other writers have Read in Aston Chizhou between the mountains and rivers, leaving thousands of the famous poems, known as the "poet Qianzai to." To Buddhist culture, featuring the Jiuhua Mountain, thousands of years, ancient temples in the proliferation of fly-Dan Club, cigarettes wind around, Xiuchi Buddhism, a "Lotus Buddhist country," said. Matriarchal society at the Guichi Nuo opera as the "living fossil drama."


Chizhou is located in warm temperate and subtropical the transitional zone, a mild climate and humid, the average temperature around 16 ℃, the annual rainfall of about 1,500 mm; beautiful mountains and rivers, diverse terrain, the south is hilly mountain , North of the Yangtze River alluvial plain, with Jin Jiang Lake, Cuoluoyouzhi rivers and lakes, natural Shanguangshuise into Fun. There are two national nature reserve, one is known as "China Crane Lake" important wetlands in Asia or Lake Nature Reserve, one is a "East China animal and plant gene bank," said the National Wild move Plant Nature Reserve Guniu Jiang, in addition to Jiuhua Mountain State Forest Park and several provincial-level nature reserves and provincial level scenic spots. The city#39;s forest coverage rate to 56 percent.

Chizhou in the Yangtze golden waterway is 160 km, along the Dahai, the dong to the West, the Yangtze River economic development zone is an important part. Next to the Yangtze River Delta and is conducive to undertake economically developed regions of the industrial shift. Chizhou is the focus of the Yangtze River port of Route one of the existing berths 17 to a class of open ports; Chizhou runs through the east of Shanghai, the Wuhan Yangtze River West Link Expressway and the north of Hefei, Nantong, Hangzhou, the highway has a yellow Construction, east of Shanghai, Chongqing along the Yangtze River west of the main artery of the railway in Anhui paragraph 9 of copper has also started connecting with the Anqing Chizhou the Anqing Yangtze River Bridge at the end of 2004 also completed the opening, plus the preparation is the Jiuhuashan Tourism airport. Soon Chizhou will be able to create a better system of external three-dimensional transport network.


Chizhou Since ancient times, there is "Jiangnan Yumizhixiang" said the rich rice, cotton, oil-bearing crops, bamboo, tea and silkworm cocoons, medicines and other agricultural products, is the country#39;s important commodity grain, high-quality cotton, Exports of tea, silk cocoon and fast growing forest base, special aquatic products breeding and poultry farming has begun to take shape. A wide range of wildlife resources, there is only more than 1,300 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines. Has proven the value of the mining industry have more than 40 kinds of mineral deposits, lead, zinc, antimony, manganese, and other non-ferrous mineral reserves of the first Habitat Anhui Province, gold, silver reserves impressive, especially limestone, calcite and dolomite, quartz sand, and other non - Metal ores is exceptional, not only good quality and large reserves, mining convenience.