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position: in the central Inner Mongolia, North and linked to Xilin Gol League, South and adjacent Hebei Province.

divisions: Hong Shanqu administered, Yuanbaoshan, SongShan District, Nanjing County, Lin Xixian, Arhorchin flag Balinzuoqi, Keshiketeng Banner, in Wengniute Banner, La Qin Qi, 10, Aohan Qi, Balinyouqi.

Weiwei Hongshan, from the ancient Honghuanghengchen come, purple Yunxia light of human civilization Hong Zhu. Mu Conclusion
Hao Hao, while the Pentium 1000 Baizhe back to the East, Bicheng Xiushui arouse years of surging Taosheng.

Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia, south-east, the western end of the northeastern region, Liaohe Plain to the Mongolian Plateau is the transitional zone, is the latest from Beijing, Inner Mongolia grassland. Most things the city 375 kilometers wide, the longest north-south 458 km with a total area of 90,021 square kilometers. "Chifeng" Mongolian "Wulanhada" Translation, the city has a Zhe northeast of red peaks named. Chifeng City, the predecessor of the AU is Zhao Wuda, 1983 approved by the State Council implemented市管县体制, administered seven flags, two counties and three districts, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and municipalities. The city a total of 30 nationalities, 4.552 million people, 770,000 of which the Mongolian people.


Chifeng a brilliant history, culture goes back to ancient times, is the source of culture in northern China, is the first Chinese dragon#39;s hometown. Archaeological proof, Chifeng region has more than 10,000 years of history of human activities, the 8000 history of civilization. Colorful history, to the Chifeng region left a large number of cultural monuments. At present, the city has found that the various cultural sites during the more than a total of 6800, accounting for nearly half of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, one of the major discovery at 160. Heritage preservation unit 311, included in the state-level key heritage conservation units have Liao Shangjing, Liao in Beijing, booming depression, DADIANZI, Wagang kiln, the Qing Tombs, and other seven, the regional-level heritage conservation units 24. Samsung in Wengniute Banner in the 1970s, he unearthed a large pull Yulong, known as "Tianxiadiyi Dragon."

Chifeng photos Apart from the rich historical monuments, the natural scenery of Chifeng City堪称also a must, grasslands, deserts, inland lakes everything. Gong Geer Keshiketeng Banner of the grassland is the distance from Beijing#39;s recent grassland; up next to the grasslands, lakes, is famous inland lake in Inner Mongolia; Bolong Ke-desert area grasslands, lakes, the desert landscape as one, is the experience customs The best places. In addition, there are ice Shilin, ice and other Shijiu rare geological wonders.

Chifeng City area is vast and rich resources, is a biological and geological diversity of the natural museum, is a unique eco-tourism to Sheng. The city has 9,000 mu of grassland and woodland 30 million mu, 23 per cent forest cover. There are old Kazakh River, Sylla Mu Conclusion River, Wuer Ji Mu Conclusion River, called River and five major river systems Gong Geer River, the perennial water more than 70 natural lakes, including Lake area, Keqi of 35.7 million mu , Is the third largest lake in Inner Mongolia. Agriculture is the foundation of Chifeng City industry, the city#39;s area of 1760 mu of arable land, in addition to cultivation of varieties of wheat, millet, maize and other food crops, there are sugar beet, sunflower, tobacco, medicines and other economic crops. Animal husbandry production, beef cattle, sheep, sheep, Cashmere goats, lean hogs, chickens, hens and other livestock and poultry farmers in the important autonomous regions, wool, cashmere production in the country occupies an important position. Rich mineral resources, all kinds of minerals have been found more than 70 species of the mine more than 1,000 points, mainly coal, oil, gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc, tungsten, iron, Yingshi, marble, and so on.

Chifeng picture is particularly rare is that in a vast area of non-any industrial or urban pollution, maintaining original state, blue sky and white clouds, the moon night sky, Fang Cao green, white sand Bik Woo, is of the sky, old times, really - Water really simple style.

Chifeng broad prospects for development, the enormous economic potential, is a great advantage after the region is to implement the strategy of developing the western region of the forward positions. The founding of the past 50 years, especially since the Third Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, after the city#39;s people of all ethnic groups work hard to medicine, food, non-ferrous metals, energy and other industries dominated the industrial system gradually formed, the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture and animal husbandry Enhanced, the eastern part of the autonomous region has become the industrial and agricultural base. In 1996, five years ahead of the national economy to achieve the "quadruple" strategic objective. 2002, the city#39;s GDP reached 20.541 billion yuan, 1.42 billion yuan of fiscal revenue. The city#39;s total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 8.891 billion yuan, the urban residents per capita disposable income of 5,407 yuan, the per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen 1,847 yuan. At the same time, continuously improve the infrastructure, urban level markedly improved, comprehensive progress in various social undertakings, the building of spiritual civilization achievements.

Dear friends: Welcome to the Chifeng to visit! Welcome to the Chifeng to tourists! Welcome to a taste of the Hongshan Xiongzi, explore the Qidan, the ancient capital of the Liao Dynasty secret, you are welcome to taste the ecological construction in Chifeng atmosphere, Chifeng feelings of the people join in the reform and expanding opening up and promoting the cause of modernization of the strong atmosphere.