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Chibi City of Hubei Province in the south, Beiyi Wuhan, capital of south Xiangbei city of Yueyang, known as "the southern gate of Hubei Province," said.

Chibi Gucheng Puqi, the main result of the three Miss Sun Quan "Pucao Trinidad ah, Lvyin Yin, Qi base it on, ah, fog Chenchen. Brasenia schreberi Po May ah, scenery of the United States, the Ming Chuan Gu ah, Bugu sound." From the Po, Qi, Brasenia schreberi, Sichuan words, and the home Puqi County, Sichuan Brasenia schreberi another name. Chibi, records the name of a Mingchuiqingshi the war, I described the heroic generation Weizhen. The late Eastern Han Dynasty (208 AD), the generation of Chinese Hero, designed airflow through the ages, the Zhuge Liang Jin Yu Shan Lun, the Duke of Zhou Xiong Zi, the British move, here played in ancient China Chibi Battle Hammer tragic scene. "几度夕阳红, still in the Castle Peak." Chibi three ancient battlefield, like a dazzling pearl inlaid in the green of a thousand miles above the Jiangnan. 1986 has a 1,700-year history of dismantling the county set up Puqi City.

beautiful mountains and rivers, and tourist destination. Have been included in the state-level key heritage conservation units of the Three Kingdoms Chibi ancient battlefield and heritage, Mingwenxiaer; Shanqingshuixiu, the island#39;s land and water Qibu Lake Scenic Area, the Central Television Station in the completion of the "Outlaws of the Marsh", 2 location filming base, "City Water Margin", and the building of national land and water in Lake Tourist Resort; have to Bath to drink, health treatment, experts praise for the "Park Street" valuable medical spa five Hongshan Spa; Mangmangcangcang, followed one after the landing known as the first Asian Clay water reservoir dam; Meilunmeihuan, ghosts ax Jingu the "Underground Palace of the Dragon King" Xuan Su-dong, the Shenlong hole; mountains as long as the river, the summer Fengliang Xuefengshan Summer resort; still mu Zhuhai, tea mu, mu Kiwi Park scenery, picturesque Poem, making the other more beautiful. Landscape-chuen, to explore tourism resources in both holes, nurturing the history of civilization and modern civilization and culture with tourism, and create a "concept of Chibi, land and water travel, Tan Qi-dong, Bath Spa, places Xuefeng," one of the five travel patterns, has become CHIBI The tourism paradise.

rich in natural resources, economic prosperity. Nanzhu rich in tea, ramie, fruits, aquatic products, Su said, "Ma Cha village", "Kiwi#39;s villages," "Yumizhixiang." Yangloudong Chachang is one of the three major Cha Chang, the middle class, "Song-feng" tea was included in the national top ten tea.