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ChengKouXian - ZhongQing

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Location in the northeast of Chongqing City, south of Daba Mountains. Zhenping County, east of Shaanxi Province, Ping Lee County, 000 source in the west, the worker-peasant Pak Sha area, south Kaixian County, Wuxi County, North sector Ziyang Xian in Shaanxi Province, Langao County. The county#39;s total area of 3,286 square kilometers. Arable land area of 24,233 hectares. Han is a historical overview
Danqu County, after the Han and Xuanhan. Liu Song at home Xianzhu East Pakistan Drainage County Commissioner. Qi a result. Liang Jin South County home. Xiwei, a South and South East Jin County Commissioner County. With a state-and-gun Xuanhan County. Tang Takenori first year (618), Southern and home-state. Zhenguan first year (627), waste, Xian Zhu Tong-gun. Conduit five years the Northern Song Dynasty (967) in Xuanhan the Dongxiang County. Southern Song Dynasty home that Datong County, Florida-a-gun. Ching Tak Ming 10 years (1515)-cut peace in Dongxiang County, home of peace, is Florida, the early Qing Dynasty is Kuizhou House. Yongzheng 2006 (1728), rehabilitation of Florida. Jiaqing 2007 (1802) or at peace for the county Office, directly under the East Sichuan Road. 2002-Daoguang (1822) I buy City Hall, the House of Sui, peace is still home county. 1913 to set up the city mouth County. Sichuan Province in 1914 was placed under Dongchuan Road. 1929, Lee Jun-000 source in the county gujunba launched peasant uprising, the establishment of the 1st Route Army of the Red Army in Sichuan. Ruchuan the worker-peasant Red Army in 1932 and joined the Fourth Front, the next year into中国工农红军No. 33 Army. September 15, 1934 I held the city in the Soviet Congress of the setting up of the Soviet government in the city I mouth the county committee of the city. Sichuan Province in 1935 to ninth Chief Inspector of the District. December 13, 1949 liberation of the Wanxian area.
administrative divisions of GE Profile County People#39;s Government in the town. Xian Xia Katsuragi Pingba, Ming Tong, Qi Xiu, high-concept, the temple town of Pa 6, cotton sand, Gao Yan, Longtian, niitakayamensis, Arrow Ridge, North screen, safflower, Hou Ping, fish, the Weihe River, HUANG An, Dongan, the new Maple, high-nan, left Kong, along the river, the moon, in the river, Ji Ming, all ages, Taoyuan, Ming, oats, China fir, Kong days, Shifang, governance Ping, after Yu, Huang River, LUO Jiang - , Baizhi, Zhou Kai, Polygonum son, Shuanghe, Pingxiang and more than 14 neighborhood committees and 371 village committees.
the county#39;s total population of 214,000 people, including non-agricultural population of 20,800 people, the agricultural population of 193,200 people. A Han, Hui, Miao, Tibetan, Yi, Hani, Tujia, Bouyei, such as eight.
the status quo County major industrial enterprises Mei Chang, cement, manganese Fen Chang, Ba-Fen Chang, manganese ferroalloy plant, the tea factory, brewery, sugar, and so on. In 1998, total industrial output value of 191.37 million yuan all (at current prices). I
the agricultural economy of agriculture to the city of corn, Yang Yu, mainly rice. 1998, the county grain output 109,810 tons, 10,843 tons of pork production, aquatic products output of 370 tons, 1,206 tons of tobacco production, oil output of 1,223 tons, 577 tons of tea output, output of 1,894 tons of fruit. Completed a total of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery output 294.7 million yuan. The county has 1.2 million hectares of forest land, forest cover 49 percent. The county with an annual output of 8000 Walnut Tam, marketing all over the country. Kiwi, with an annual output of 1 million jin, "I Camellia City liquor licensing kiwi" is Buyou products.
tourist scenic tourist areas have Qinglong Xia, two doors, the Longtan River, and so on. Specialties: City of mouth Shengqi, tea, herbs renowned Chinese and foreign, Su said the "three Sau village." Large wooden lacquer "of paint thinner, dry quickly, grasping power, good color," China ranked first in five of Chatham, exported to Japan, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and other places. Tam 2000 with an annual output of more than Shengqi, quality listed first in the country, the output of the second row. There are 12 varieties of tea, tea with an annual output of more than 1 million burden. Jiming Si tea, of the Qing Dynasty tribute, have now resumed production, product supply. Nearly 500 varieties of Chinese herbal medicines, Eucommia, honokiol, Treats annual output of more than 800 Tam; Tianma 30 piculs, Huanglian 30 piculs, musk, 20 kg. - Tongzhi years by the French missionaries introduced the Jing beans, is a unique country, with a special plastic plant blood refined, H can replace anti-coagulation of blood serum, blood type identification. Nothing temporary