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ChengDe - HeBei

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Location: Hebei Province in north-east, Nan Lin of Beijing and Tianjin, Liaoning north Mongolia.

divisions: Shuangqiaoshan administered, Shuangluan Qu, Camp Eagle hand-mining area, Chengde County, Xinglong County, Pingquan County, Luanping Xian, Long Huaxian, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Manchu Autonomous County of Kuancheng, Weichang Mongolian Autonomous County of Manchu.

is located in Chengde City, Hebei Province, north-east, north and northeast China in the two regions linking the transition zone. The city a total of eight exemptions County, the city domain area of nearly 40,000 square kilometers, the total population of over 340 million people. Chengde City People#39;s Government in the Shuangqiaoshan Wulie River District, 435 km from the provincial capital Shijiazhuang, 256 kilometers from Beijing.

Chengde Chengde City has a long history, as early as the Neolithic primitive people living there. Since the Qin and Han dynasties, the successive central government have established in Chengde County, the House, state, county, and other administrative bodies. Qing Emperor Yongzheng in the first year for the Office of Rehe, Qianlong Sishisannian to Chengde House, established 15 years Rehe are Jiaqing EC House. House after the Revolution of 1911 to repeal the system, based Rehe special areas. In 17 years (1928) was founded Xingsheng, as the capital of Jehol Province. 1933, Chengde was the Japanese occupation, the establishment of Puppet State Special Administrative Region. The liberation of 1945, 1946 transfer of military strategy, the KMT occupation. Chengde City in 1948 to the liberation, under the jurisdiction of Jehol Province, Jehol Province, the provincial capital .1955 Jehol Province formed revoked, 1956 Chengde City in Hebei province was placed under, in September to host the Chengde area. November 1956, Xinglong County, Eagle-hand business, SHOUWANGFEN Chengde was placed under the jurisdiction of Chengde city, set up camp eagle hand-mining area. Formed in 1958 in Chengde County, revocation, into the Chengde City. March 15, 1960, Chengde, in the merger, the combined Chengde Shixia urban areas, the board City, Long Huaxian, Weichang County, Fengning County, Luanping Xian, Xinglong County, Qinglong County, Pingquan County. May 1961, Chengde, is divided into the city, is divided into the Chui bridge located in Chengde City, Hongqiao district, Shuang Tashan, Hongshi Luan Committee, Work Committee Shuangfengsi. February 1965, Eagle-hand business, SHOUWANGFEN, Ma circle re-classified as Chengde City, a hawk-hand business of mine. January 1984, Chengde City to provincial cities, exempted Shuangqiaoshan, Shuangluan Qu, Camp Eagle hand-mining area, Chengde County. Qinglong County was placed under .1993 Qinhuangdao City in July 1, the merger of the city, the city implemented the county#39;s management system, eight County District jurisdiction.


Chengde Chengde was originally called Rehe, she has a long history and is rich in multi-ethnic historical and cultural connotations. According to research, here in the Central Plains early period of the Longshan culture relics of human activities there. Warring States Period, Yan-guo in the region set up a county-level local government, after successive Qin also set up a local government.

the Qin and Han Yuan Ming period, the Xiongnu, Xianbei Khitan, Nuzhen, Mongolians and other ethnic minorities have been in this nomadic. Until the early years of the Qing Dynasty, is now the seat of Chengde is still only a few dozen families in small villages, called Rehe on business. Kangxi 1953 (1703) the construction of the Ching court in this Summer Resort, the first year of Emperor Yongzheng (1723) established the Office of Rehe, 1922 (1733) for "bear first Zu Enze," meaning, the state changed its name to Chengde. This is the "Chengde" the origin of the name. Chengde then gradually developed into "Wanjiadenghuo more by" the city. However, Ji-Xianfeng (1851) before, until the period of KMT rule, Chengde Rijianshuaila, everywhere desolate. House after the Revolution of 1911 abolished the system, the establishment of special zones Rehe. In 1929 the establishment of Jehol Province, the provincial capital of Chengde to Rehe. After the founding of People#39;s Republic of China, Chengde City from fading into the newborn. July 1993 original Chengde City and Chengde merger.

Chengde blend of Chengde city landmarks, beautiful natural scenery, the four seasons climate-safe, the State Department released the first batch of 24 historical and cultural cities of China#39;s top 10 scenic spots of China#39;s 44 major scenic spots one, One of the 40 best tourist destination in China. The end of 1994, Chengde Summer Resort and its surrounding temples as World Heritage by UNESCO, in June 1998, the Summer Resort has been identified as the first batch of 10 major scenic tourist area of civilization model, the end of 1998 has been Chengde City Rated as outstanding tourist city in China. Chengde City, the very rich tourism resources. 2003 to Chengde municipal government invested a total of more than 3,000 million renovation and restoration of the world famous Summer Resort and Wai Bamiao. Now the famous Summer Resort "Kangxi and Qianlong, 72 King" has been completed renovation of 40 King, Wai Bamiao in the seven temples open to visitors. In addition, the new urban area has also developed a Kuixing Lou, Shuang Tashan, Chenghuang Temple and Jiaqiang ditch, and other landscape.

Chengde Chengde City county is rich in tourism resources, in Luanping have the best of the Great Wall - Jinshanling Great Wall; Fengning "the first Beijing North Prairie," with its advantages of geographic location and beautiful natural scenery and Kyo; " Baiyun Kwu Tung "-odd, dangerous, wild, You and Monk, Nigeria, on the mountain Road; Weichang County, the famous Qing Dynasty royal hunting Court" Mulan Weichang, "is the summer tourist summer and winter ski resorts natural hunting; Xinglong Wuling Mountain in the rich plant and animal species, was listed as national nature reserve; Kuancheng the "underwater Great Wall" for the wonders of the Great Wall; Pingquan Liaohe source of stunning, natural forest structured, the Peak a grassland, Subalpine grass showed 70 landscape.

Chengde is Hill-Shuixiu, Bishu resort.