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Zip code: 423000

administered divisions in Guiyang, Golden Harvest, Linwu, Yi Zhang, RUCHENG, Guidong, Yongxing, Anren County, and North Lake 8, 2 Suxian, the escrow Zixing Shi.

Area: 19,400 square km

Population: 4442000

position: in the southern Hunan province, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao and Guangdong, Jiangxi, East sector, south of Guangdong, Guangxi near the West, North-Hengyang and Zhuzhou.

Chenzhou has a long history and goes back to ancient times. "Chen" is seen at the earliest characters in the book of the Qin Dynasty, meaning the forest of the city. Han Dynasty, Gao Zu Liu Bang the first home Guiyang County, Chenzhou in Junzhi, Since then, will become the south city of Chenzhou, southern Hunan economic, political and cultural center. Chenzhou because of its important geographic location, military strategists battleground has always been: historical records, Xiang Yu was in Dili Chen Tu Yi, Zhao Zilong had World War II Guiyang County, Chenzhou Hong Xiuquan has Zhunbing. At the same time, Chenzhou Wenrenmoke also won the favor, Tang and Song Dynasty scholar Wang Changling, Du Fu, Han Yu, Liu Yuxi, Qinshao You, are popular in this left the poem. A long history, splendid culture and Chenzhou to bring a lot of famous monuments: Chenzhou is known as "blessed land 18 of the world," Su Xianling, a scenery of the 200 R "in southern Hunan Dongting" - East political arena, known as "The second Xishuangbanna" Mang Mountain Forest Park. There is also the justice Mausoleum, Shonan to commemorate the uprising, and other human landscape.


Chenzhou is rich in resources, known as "China Nonferrous Metals village", "South focus on Forests", "Hunan energy base," said. The city has all kinds of metal found seven more than 70 kinds of minerals, non-ferrous metal reserves of Hunan province#39;s total reserves of the two-thirds. Including tungsten, bismuth, molybdenum reserves in the nation first, tin and zinc reserves in the nation the third, fourth. Shizhuyuan polymetallic ore known as the "Museum of non-ferrous metals." In addition, the district graphite reserves of the country#39;s total reserves of more than half of the coal reserves (812 million tons), accounting for a quarter of the province reserves. The city#39;s abundant hydropower resources, hydropower reserves of 1.51 million kilowatts, the development of 1.385 million kilowatts, has developed 1.05 million kilowatts.

Chenzhou photos the city#39;s forest coverage rate reached 59.1 percent, the South China region is the natural green treasure house. Yizhang County Mangshan 10 million mu of the original forest is China#39;s north and south of the pool of animals and plants, known as "the second in Xishuangbanna," is now a national forest park. Chenzhou is particularly rich tourism resources, set extraordinary and dangerous, Sau, the United States, one in You, the mountains, water, holes, points, heat in one city, "the world 18th blessed land" Su Xianling, "cave wonders of the world", 000 Rock, 8.2 billion cubic meters of water, "the South Dongting" East political arena, "the first eco-tourism in China drift" Dongjiang, such as rafting.

Chenzhou is a multi-ethnic region, Han, Yao, Meng, yu, back, Tibetan, Uygur, Miao, Yi and Zhuang, Buyi, Korean, Manchu, Dong, Bai, Tujia, Hani, Dai, Li, mountains, water, the East, Naxi, Kirghiz, Turkmenistan, Mulao, Ge Lo, and other 27 people. In a long-term social development, Chenzhou form a unique culture and the arts and traditional customs. Still widespread drama: Kunqu Opera, Qi drama, Peking Opera, Shaoxing opera, Drum opera, lantern drama, shadow play and acrobatics, and so on.

Chenzhou picture Chenzhou is the north-south through traffic要冲, convenient transportation and communication developed. Jing-Guang Railroad, 107 State Road, 106 State Road, Beijing-Zhuhai expressway runs through the whole territory. Program-controlled telephones, wireless communications, video conference phones and other modern communications networks complete.

the founding of new China, especially since the reform and opening up more than 20 years and dismantling the Jianshiyilai, Chenzhou economic construction and social development has made tremendous changes. To the end of 2000, the city#39;s GDP amounted to 25.625 billion yuan, ranking No. 8 in Hunan Province; financial revenues 1.682 billion yuan, of which the local revenue of 1.338 billion yuan, ranking No. 3 in Hunan Province; urban residents per capita disposable income of 5871 Yuan, the per capita net income of rural residents 2,430 yuan. The city has four counties (cities, districts) 176 township (town) a comfortable standard; completion of a metallurgical, electricity, coal, building materials, chemicals, machinery, food products, tobacco, textile, paper-based industries, such as X , And other emerging industries and new high-tech industries continue to rise in local industrial structure.