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ChaoZhou - GuangDong

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Abbreviations: 0768

capital: 515,600

position: Chaozhou City is located in the eastern Guangdong, in the middle and lower reaches of Hanjiang River, adjacent to Fujian Province and Shantou, Jieyang, Meizhou City.

area: 3613.9 square kilometers

Population: 2386000

administrative divisions: exempted Chaoan Xian, Raoping county, district and Fengxi District Xiangqiao

About Us: Chaozhou City is a state-level historical and cultural city. Chaozhou is a link urban and rural areas of the city, a beautiful environment, beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, rich products. Chaozhou City in 1985 was approved by the national open water, tourism city in 1986 by Guangdong Provincial People#39;s Government as a coastal open city and county economic one in 1989 as Guangdong Province and municipalities.

Chaozhou City is a state-level historical and cultural city, located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, the Hanjiang River delta plain north, east Fujian, south of Shantou, Jieyang even West, North-Meizhou, the endangered South China Sea.


Chaozhou has a long history. Founded in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and a six-year (331 AD), have passed in 1666. December 1991 upgraded to the level of Chaozhou City and expand regional, jurisdiction Chaoan Xian, Raoping county, district and Xiangqiao Fengxi District. The city#39;s total area of 3613.9 square kilometers, the total population of 2.386 million people, the Chaoji Chinese living abroad, overseas Chinese and compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao, 1.1 million people.

Chaozhou photos Chaozhou upgrading of expanding regional, municipal party committee and government from Chaozhou reality, Chaozhou established with the actual economic development strategy and proposed a "Wenzhongqiujin, leveraging the development, support the focus on weight In the efficiency "of the economic work guidelines and" self-confident, frank and pragmatic, united struggle and pioneers "of Chaozhou spirit of the times. Municipal party committee and government lead the people throughout the city of emancipating the mind, do solid work, further accelerating the pace of reform and opening up, economic construction and various social undertakings flourishing development, economic construction has entered the history of the fastest development period, 1996 to achieve major economic indicators upgrading of the five regional expansion Of quadrupling. 1998 sound economic development, the city#39;s gross domestic product of 17.01 billion yuan, 30.15 billion yuan of industrial and agricultural output value; local financial revenue 396 million yuan, together with payment of the central financial authorities to return a total of about 11 million urban residents per capita disposable income of 5,376 yuan ; Farmers per capita annual net income of 3,425 yuan.

Chaozhou picture Gongyelishi implementation of the strategy of rapid development of industrial production. Formed a food, ceramics, clothing, electronics as the main pillar of the four major industries, the emergence of a number on the scale, cost-effective "leading" business. Kingman, three-ring, a Swiss enterprises such as the output value (turnover), and efficiency into the country, the province#39;s advanced ranks in the same industry. Formed a Kingman, such as three-ring eight joint-stock enterprises, including Kingman, Kinmen and Matsu two enterprises have become listed companies. In 1998 the city#39;s total industrial output value of 26.55 billion yuan.

sustained and coordinated development of the rural economy. Year after year won the grain harvest, for three consecutive years since 1996 to achieve "tons of grain in" goal. 1998 total output value of 3.601 billion yuan in rural areas, township enterprises operating income 32.35 billion yuan. One Phoenix-Cong tea, Lingtou Tiepu white-leaf tea and tea-leaf tea in the country on many occasions win gold medals in the competitions, Kaoman export industry in recent years with the first in the world. In 1997, organized by the Third China Agricultural Expo, a total of 11 products have been identified as the brand-name products.

opening to the outside world continued to expand, substantial growth in export trade. The right to operate the city#39;s total import and export of more than 60, 1998 foreign trade volume worth 1.35 billion U.S. dollars, to the end of 1997, the establishment of the "three capital" enterprises 1065, contracted foreign investment 1.371 billion U.S. dollars, foreign capital actually used 1.07 billion U.S. dollars.


effective infrastructure construction, investment environment improving. Has invested over 60 billion yuan for infrastructure construction. The State Council approved the opening up of a separate category at the Hong Kong Chiu Chow ----, 192 sea miles away from Hong Kong, 186 sea miles away from Taiwan#39;s Kaohsiung, is now open to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, South Korea#39;s container shipping routes, is now stepping up construction of 5,000 ton Multi-purpose cargo terminals, will continue to build 10,000-ton deep-. Shantou Airport from the urban areas over 30 kilometers. In the Road, provincial highway, local road Zonghengjiaocuo, road-side mileage of nearly 2,000 kilometers, the city#39;s 31 towns have a two-road, and constantly expand the three exit road, the new port road through all of this year widened to commence at the end of the Chaozhou-Shantou Highway, Will be converted into the vehicle 40 meters wide for a highway; an open line to start reconstruction. - Canton Railway in the Chaozhou-Shantou in the building of three stations, has opened the passenger and freight traffic. And the interconnection of power supply system, an abundant supply of electricity. To achieve the city#39;s program-controlled telephone exchanges, digital transmission. Telephone exchange capacity of 383,000 telephone penetration rate of 14.1 percent. Complete water plant expansion and infrastructure, daily water supply capacity of 200,000 tons. Town planning area from the original 62 square kilometers extend 174 square kilometers, built area of 15 square kilometers, the new city building beginning to take shape, as a medium-sized city of Chaozhou framework has been basically formed.