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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Katelyn  Date: 08-18 2008  More Attractions
Beijing#39;s Chaoyang District, located in the east, West and the Lower East Side, Chongwen, Fengtai, Haidian District of adjacent, even the North Changping, Shunyi, and Datong County bordering East, South and the adjacent Daxing County.

Chaoyang District, is now high forest, economic prosperity and beautiful environment, convenient, social stability, the combination of the modern suburbs of emerging development zone. Chaoyang District, is most concentrated in external activities, the most intensive foreign units of a district. Distribution of the 146 foreign embassy in China and international organizations, foreign exchanges in China plays an important role.

long history of the earth to the Chaoyang left many historical monuments, North China, the largest of Dongyue Miao, Beijing#39;s Ditan, one of the five spots on the altar, three in Beijing, one of the Bali Qiao Old Bridge, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Tonghui He gateway to Beijing, the Tibetan symbol of friendship between the people of West Huang Si, Yuan Dadu ruins of the strengths of the existing North Tucheng, and so on. After the liberation, Chaoyang hard-working people with their own hands to build a number of different styles of the new attractions, the first named to the Young Pioneers Park Young Pioneers Park, Beijing#39;s one of the 10 largest artificial lake - the beautiful Tuanjie Hu Park, an area of 3.2 million square meters of the comprehensive, modern, multi-function of the Chaoyang Park, Sino-foreign joint ventures of Chinese ethnic minorities-traditional architecture, folk customs, song and dance performances, crafts and ethnic food production as one of the major national cultural base for the Chinese nation display garden, Large-scale, full of modern flavor of the Asian Games Village. Top attractions are: Chaoyang Park, Park on the altar, the Chinese Garden, the site Yuan Dadu Tucheng, West Huang Si, Yanhuang Art; there are all kinds of museums, modern architecture, modern entertainment facilities, and so on Tour.

Chaoyang District, rich tourism resources each year attracts thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists to come sightseeing and tourism.