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Code: 0421

Postal Code: 122000

position: in the western part of Liaoning Province

Population: 3.3 million

Area: About 20,000 square kilometers

administrative divisions: North exempted, with 2 Lingyuan City, Chaoyang, Jianping, Ge left three counties, the twin towers, Dragon Castle Area 2.

Chaoyang is the birthplace of the Chinese nation is one of the "Oriental civilization of the new-shu Chaoyang Light "is raised, is also a land of western Liaoning bright pearl. Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province in the west, exempted Habitat Habitat 118 degrees 50 minutes east longitude to 121 degrees 17 minutes north latitude and 40 degrees 25 minutes to 42 degrees 22 minutes between the East and West span of about 165 kilometers, north-south span of about 216 km, border - About 980 km. Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the North-chul, the AU and the border, the South and Huludao City, Liaoning Province, and Qinhuangdao City of Hebei Province adjacent to the East and in Fuxin city, Liaoning Province, adjacent to the Jinzhou City, West and the Chengde City in Hebei Province, and Qinhuangdao City junction. Total area of about 20,000 square kilometers, the total population of about 3.27 million. There are Han, Mongolian, Manchu, Hui, North Korea, Xibe, and other 27 people. Xian Xia five counties (cities), the two districts, 168 towns.

Chaoyang is living in the north temperate continental monsoon climate, despite the southeast marine warm air, but because of dry cold air north of the Mongolian Plateau violated frequently, formed a semi-dry-dry sub-humid areas, the main climate Characterized by four distinct seasons, the same quarter of rain, ample sunshine, the temperature difference larger, less rainfall, the annual mean temperature about 5.4 degrees to 8.7 degrees, with an average annual sunshine hours to 2950 hours to 2850, annual rainfall 450 ~ 580mm, frost-free period of 122 to 155 days, windy spring and autumn, drought-prone, wind power is generally two to three, the prevailing northwest wind in winter, the wind strong.

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majority of land area in Chaoyang city, mountains, plains, and diverse types of land and adequate light, the Global Solar Radiation forefront of the calendar year average in the nation. This superiority of the land-thermal resources not only for the North Chaoyang become breeding improved crop growth and the natural base for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, Deputy, the fishing industry diversified operations, to provide comprehensive development and utilization of the resource advantages, Chaoyang City has become the province miscellaneous grains, oil-bearing crops, cotton, fruit, livestock, and other key producing areas.

rich biological resources in Chaoyang City, the annual growth of more than 1,500 species of plants, accounting for 68% of the total number of the province, 210 kinds of terrestrial vertebrates, accounting for 44% of the total number of the province. These crops, fruit trees, livestock and poultry production in the province occupies a certain advantage.

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Chaoyang Just as his name, forged a relationship with the sun. Gengu Evolved from the sun and more colorful here Tzu things people, blessed the conditions of temperature, sunshine hours, the sunshine made him a rate of the Northeast, "the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau." In addition, the vastness of the 20,000 square kilometers of land, 710 million mu of farmland and valley, Ping-chuan, ditch slope, rivers phase, complex and diverse environment and land temperature difference between day and night, rain and the heat of the climatic conditions, making it a Saibei of a lush, The bright green plants prosperous kingdom. Chaoyang in this Fertile soil, grows in the rich agricultural resources, 220 kinds of woody plants, build more than 600 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, the main wheat producing areas of resources of agricultural products, cotton, oil-bearing crops, sugar beet smoke roasted, Gan Xianguo, the province is the key producing areas. Cotton is one of Chaoyang#39;s specialty products, known as "beyond the Great Wall Yinhua," said. North votes in the winter Pengcai specialty - an endless stream of tomatoes sold in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and the Russian market. "Spring, Heng Fa Chuen fragrance," "summer, golden apricot fruit," the four Wenmingquanguo apricot production will be one of the Chaoyang apricot, the Chen Shui-bian date, jujube Barren anti-drought-resistant, strong adaptability to the characteristics of Yilin 350 million mu of barren hills and large-scale economic development, known as the "two apricot a date" projects. With an annual output of over 200 million burden of apricot, more than 300 million burden of jujube farmers, said: "There is a good Zaoyuan almost catch up with a good son." Chaoyang is the world#39;s largest artificial sea buckthorn forest areas of the country#39;s total area of 150 mu of 11%, 9% in the world, with an annual output of 50,000 tons of Seabuckthorn fruit. Seabuckthorn lush foliage of forest for wild animals provide a good animal park, from sea buckthorn to the high level of medicinal and health of the value of very alarming, very quickly swept the global consumption of Seabuckthorn. Chaoyang is well-known both within and outside the province Shuiguozhixiang, apples, pears, grapes, plum, apricot, peach, hawthorn, and so numerous. During the inspection, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences exclaimed: Chaoyang unique temperature and sunshine, and other natural conditions, it could be called the best growth of the fruit one of the regions.