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Code: 0565

Zip code: 238000

position: Jianghuai in the eastern hills, 60 km away from Hefei, Wuhu, 50 km, 130 km of Nanjing.

Area: total area of 9,423 square kilometers

Population: total population of 4.53 million people

divisions: jurisdiction and the Juchao District, and county, Han Shan, Wuwei, 40 Lujiang County.

Chaohu City of Anhui Province in the central part of the brink of the Yangtze River, embracing one of the five major fresh water lake in Chaohu. Chaohu superior location and convenient transportation. Peripheral and Nanjing, Hefei, Anqing, Wuhu, Ma On Shan, Tongling, and other neighboring cities. Huainan, a railway and a nine-ling, Shanghai Chengdu, a nest Wuhu highway while wearing a Habitat. Yangtze River flows through the 182 km Chaohu City, Wuhu - Chaohu the iron bridge and dual-use Tongling - Chaohu Lake Bridge across the Yangtze River Tianqian. Wuhu Zhujiaqiao relying on foreign trade port and Nanjing, Hefei two airports, may, by the "ship" sea.


Chaohu Lake is rich in resources. Has found that there are 34 kinds of mineral deposits, magnetite, pyrite, alunite, such as limestone and gypsum mine huge reserves. Chaohu Lake is the famous "Yumizhixiang", abounds in rice, oil, cotton, vegetables, poultry, aquatic products, "Chaohu three-zhen" (sweet fish, rice shrimp, crabs) reputation. Chaohu Lake is a state-level scenic spots, the city#39;s natural and human landscape 130 number, Jiang, Lake, Mountain, Quan coexist, with water, well Huguang, hot springs, Shanse "Chaohu Lake scenic Sanjue."


after the reform and opening up, especially since the 1990s, Chaohu accelerating economic and social development, comprehensive national strength obviously enhanced. Continually optimize the structure of agriculture. Five counties (districts) were included in the national grain and cotton producing counties, and has entered the national grain, oil ranks of top 100 counties. "Two water a vegetable" (that is, fish, birds, vegetables) has developed rapidly, aquatic products output of the province ranked second, special aquatic products output ranked first throughout the province; poultry have been formed more than 20 large-scale farming area: vegetable Area of 100 mu, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River is an important vegetable production base. Industrial economic strength growing. Basic form of building materials, machinery, textile, medicine, food and other pillar industries, with a number of considerable strength and scale in the province and inside and outside the industry occupies a certain position of the backbone enterprises. Currently, the city has 54 large and medium-sized enterprises, hi-dimensional Anhui, Chao Tung shares, Sony medicine, chemical engineering, four-listed companies. The rapid development of tourism. Built a Zen-pao, Huayang five holes, and other mountain cave and Taihu four national forest parks and semi-Tang, Tang Chi, Xiangquan, such as hot springs resort. Urban infrastructure significantly improved, the complex features significantly enhanced, won the "National Health advanced city" title.


withdraw to a city, Chaohu for six consecutive years in emancipating the mind and improve the environment, opening to the outside world for five consecutive years in the activities, and actively implement policies to encourage foreign investment, the establishment of the city, county (District) administrative service center, city, county, and township administrative services to the three-tier network of "one-stop" services, "one-stop" investment approval procedures. Chief created a good environment, the entrepreneurial environment and human settlements.


the comprehensive construction of a well-off society goal, to accelerate the development of Chaohu City, enriching the people-the city as the theme, based on location, resources and other advantages and accelerate the "four bases, one after the Garden" building, That the completion of the developed coastal regions and industries gradient transfer of funds to undertake spillover base, supply base for quality agricultural products, high-quality labor export base, the surrounding cities of scientific research institutes and technological achievements into bases and the neighboring city tourism "back garden." Chaohu Lake is to the economic prosperity and social civilization, a beautiful environment, coordinated urban and rural development of the lakeside city goal of modernization.

Chaohu Lake is a hot land for open. Chaohu people warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to invest Societe Generale.


China#39;s fifth largest fresh water lake date Chaohu, a radius of 800, is well-known tourist attraction in Anhui Province. It Yanbohaomiao, Baifan little bit, like a bowl sandwiched between the Yangtze and Huaihe River. Lake Central People#39;s Government of Gushan, Laoshan two islands, the lake surrounded by half-soup, Xiangquan, Tang Chi, three hot springs and Taihu Lake Hill, cages Hill, the rule of Father Hill, the courtyard-four national forest parks, there are immortal, Ziwei Wang Qiao, Huayang, Peter Hill five cave. These natural wonders, along the coast dotted with Chaohu, like "Zhongxingpengyue", formed a perfect three-dimensional landscapes.

Chaohu on the causes people to have such a legend: the Chaohu Lake is the land, lakes into depression overnight. Coke a local woman, foresight, and guide people climbing避灾, people grateful to her, the Chaohu Lake, also known as "coke Lake." In fact, the Chaohu Lake is a tectonic rift, Lake-type strip, bird#39;s eye view from the air, like a nest, Gu Ming, "Chaohu Lake."


products rich in Chaohu, Lake crab, sweet fish, shrimp, pearl here is the famous "water four-zhen." Historically, many interesting stories in here, "Shang Tang Jie Fang in Chaohu Lake," "Five Zixu the Shaoguan," "King Chu Wu Jiang Ziwen" are widely known. The famous patriotic general Feng Yuxiang, Zhang Zhizhong, Li Kenong "three will" also was born here. Many attractions and beautiful Huguangshanse making the other more beautiful, Chaohu formed a unique landscape.