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ChangSha - HuNan

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Code: 0731

Zip code: 410000

Area: 12,500 square km

Population: 5.5 million

divisions: administered Furong, a blessing, Tianxin, the Yuelu, Yuhuatai District 5 and Changsha, Ningxiang, hope and Liuyang City three counties and one city.

City Tree:-Zhangshu

#39;s floral emblem: the azaleas

Changsha is the provincial capital of Hunan Province, the province#39;s political, economic, cultural, science, education, information centers, the State Department announced the first batch of historical and cultural city and the first batch of opening up the tourist city. Exempted Furong, Tianxin, the Yuelu, Kai-fu, five Yuhuatai District, Changsha, Hope Town, Ningxiang County, and three Liuyang City, the city#39;s total land area of 11,800 square kilometers, the urban area of 556 square kilometers, built area of 170 square kilometers total Population of 6.018 million people. Changsha, Shanqingshuixiu a pleasant climate, scenery alone show "Shuangye red flower in February," the Yuelu Mountain, a water Chau Xiangyong "Spring Green as the Blue River," the Xiangjiang River; Changsha, the old times, has a long history, in Renowned at home and abroad in the world#39;s eighth largest miracle Mawangdui Han Tomb, the Millennium institutions Yuelu Academy and the three countries at Soochow Mr Du, "but Chu Youcai, in Sri Lanka for Sheng", in China#39;s modern history in Changsha have emerged a number of more well-known political Home, military strategist and writer.


reform and opening up more than 20 years since the economic strength obviously enhanced, urban and rural construction with each passing day, the people#39;s living standards continue to improve. 2003, the city achieved a GDP of 92.822 billion yuan, up to 15,425 yuan per capita gdp. 2004 older Shashi GDP (gdp) exceeded 10 billion yuan, reached 110.885 billion yuan, calculated according to constant prices, an increase of 14.8 percent, faster than the national growth rate 5.3 percentage points faster than the province#39;s 2.8 percentage point; gdp growth rate than Speed up the 0.8 percent the previous year, for 1994 the fastest growth since 2001. According to the household registration population, per capita gdp of 18,296 yuan, an increase of 2,769 yuan, an increase of 13.4 percent, according to the resident population, per capita gdp of 17,638 yuan, an increase of 2,828 yuan, an increase of 14.6 percent. Preliminary accounting, the first half of 2005 in Changsha City to achieve gdp607.56 billion yuan, up 14.3 percent.

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Changsha rapid industrial development. Changsha has a current high-tech industry development zones in Changsha Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone and two state-level development zones and is planning construction of the Yuelu Mountain National University City, the initial formation of the electronic information, machinery manufacturing, tobacco food, new materials, biological Chinese medicine, and other pillar industries, the emergence of a number of brand-name products. Pak Sha series of single-brand cigarette sales and computer terminals, direct-fired central air-conditioning system with industry sales rank the first, concrete pump sales in the domestic market accounting for 60 percent, continuous strip of foam nickel production capacity in the international community in Leading position. Pak Sha, China#39;s Meng Jie was the title of well-known trademarks. Xiangxiu, Tongguanshan ceramics, Liuyang fireworks, chrysanthemum stone carving, and other technology products has long known, with strong local characteristics.

Changsha picture Changsha Agriculture distinct features. China is an important commodity grain, the value of pig production base, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, flowers, tobacco, Xianglian, tea, edible fungi, and other agricultural variety.

Changsha commercial prosperity. Since ancient times merchants gathered, trading booming, the late Qing Dynasty became one of four rice City. Modernization of facilities in a number of commodities have been completed, the city of distribution of goods, the volume of transactions, commercial activities in the province and even the National Fu Shemian has an important position. Food, culture, tourism, and real estate services industry unique. Banking, insurance, securities, foreign exchange transactions has become increasingly active, with the international financial markedly accelerated the pace of convergence.

education, science and technology developed in Changsha. 37 existing ordinary colleges and universities, 270,000 students in school, 97 research and development institutions, all kinds of more than 270,000 scientific and technological personnel, especially in systems engineering, information engineering, biological engineering, materials engineering, and so has the number of Gao pointed personnel, patent applications in the provincial capital city in the nation the forefront of hybrid rice, the Galaxy super computer, test-tube babies, genetic engineering, such as maglev train reached the internationally advanced level of technology.

Changsha Changsha transportation and communication facilities. Has been basically formed a surface air traffic system modernization, Changsha Huanghua International Airport is the airport has opened 39 routes, non-stop in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok and other major cities and regions. Changsha as the center of the province#39;s expressway network has been formed, 107,319, such as high-speed Beijing-Zhuhai highway in both the urban area of Changsha has been classified as National Highway 45 main hub cities. Changsha is the national railway transport hub, runs through north-south Beijing-Guangzhou Pipeline, Xiangqian, Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Shek long-term link East and West; Changsha main hub port Ning Xia Hong Kong a project has been completed and put into use, with 1,000 ton-class production capacity. Changsha integrated communications capabilities No. 3 in the nation, and across the country and the world more than 180 countries and regions communication links.


Changsha with a long history of civilization, has a splendid ancient culture, ancient tombs and monuments throughout the territory. A long history of Changsha left many attractions, including the most famous monuments have Yuelu Academy, Mawangdui, opened Fusi, Tian Xinge, a famous tourist attractions have Yuelu Mountain, martyrs Park, Orange Island, and so on, all these places Deserves careful visits.