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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Miguel  Date: 07-17 2008  More Attractions
Forbidden City in Beijing, 30 km northwest, a world famous tourist destination, where beautiful natural scenery, numerous cultural relics, modern and diverse landscape, rich cultural connotations. This is the capital of the Republic of the garden, the famous tourist destination - is located in Changping
Changping at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, surrounded the Great Wall, the upper hand in Sheung Shui, an air all year round. Excellent geographical location and rich natural and ecological environment for the development of tourism in Changping created a unique advantages. The region has Chimingzhongwai the Ming Tombs, "Tianxiadiyi Xiongguan" - Juyongguan, the Great Wall is world-pass, in ancient times was known as "Tianxiadiyi Xiongguan." City Commissioner of the depth of the gorge about 40 Wa Lane, commonly known as "off ditch." Tang Dynasty poet, in describing an Juyongguan high-risk, wrote, "must slope even under water, its high-Peaks." Ming Li Zhi Juyongguan had issued the "natural barrier gate located Ju Yong, Baier potential to the mountains and rivers-" sighs. It is difficult because the terrain here, the military decided it#39;s important status, said Ju Yong of the ancients is to "control the north and south recapped-old giant." The entry south of the North Ditch, overlapping mountains, the river Shuichang Liu, the vegetation lush, green, gold and "Yanshan eight scenic spots," Ming Dynasty "Beijing eight scenic spots," the Qing Dynasty, "Harvard-Yenching eight scenic spots," "Ju Yong Pinnacle," Fitch said, circulation So far. Qing emperor Qianlong Royal mention of the "Ju Yong Pinnacle" King name, and built here. Commissioner Gounei there are pillow-sen, Play Gap, and other landscape, cultural landscape, making the other more beautiful natural scenery.
Changping the famous attractions of the Liao Dynasty 13 Futu Yinshan Tallinn, with "Asia" the most admired of the China Aviation Museum, Museum of Chinese tanks, Disney-style amusement park, Kowloon, China#39;s largest shooting range -- Northern international shooting range, the North#39;s largest state-level demonstration of modern agricultural science and technology park, the Ming Tombs unique golf course, air sliding umbrella club, and the beautiful scenery of the Ming Tombs Reservoir and Mangshan, ditch Cliff, atoll acetabular valley , Hu Yu, Shaven Stream, Ssangyong Hill, Baekyangsa ditch, Yang Shan eight major scenic nature.