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position: is located in Changji Prefecture by 85 ° 34 #39;to 91 ° 32#39;, latitude 43 ° 06 #39;to 45 ° 38#39;; located at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, the southern edge of Junggar Basin, east of Urumqi and Hami , West and the phase grounding in Shihezi City, South and Turpan, the Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture linked to the North and Altay, Tacheng area bordering the northeast border with Mongolia, from the East and West, North San Mianhuan have Urumqi City.

Area: total area of over nine million square kilometers.

population: more than 100 million population.

Administrative Region of: the state jurisdiction in Changji City, Fukang City, Miquan City, Manasixian, Hutubi County, Jimsar County, Qitai County, Mori Kazakh Autonomous County in five counties 3.

Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in the north Tianshan Mountains, southeast edge of Junggar Basin, east of Hami region, west Shihezi City, South and the Turpan region, Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture adjacent to the north tower and City, Altay region bordering the northeast border with Mongolia, is the world-famous ancient "Silk Road" of the new North Road to Central Asia, the only way for European countries.

Changji has a long history, in six, Qi Qiannian before the Neolithic period, the Changji Prefecture in Mulei River has been the original human hunting. Year 3 in the early 1900s to the mid-sixth century, the territory has a higher vehicle, Turkic, Xi Tujue Tiele nomadic tribes such as the Department of the resident. AD 800, the Uighur in Gaochang Uighur Khanate established, the Court for the Northern Capital, since this has become one of the Hui located. Year 13 in the early 1900s, the Yuan dynasty in this Jimsar county line for other missing Pali Book Province, North-South reunification Uighur of the Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang and the region into the political, military, cultural centres, the capital of Ji Jin Jimsar County, North Chambers Old City.

northern slope of Tianshan Mountain is located in Changji, the core of regional economic zone, from North San Mianhuan things have autonomous regional capital of Urumqi City; Wu Lasi Taiwan has built a national season Of the port and the city-state in the second category Tongshangkouan; away from Urumqi, capital of Changji City International Airport 18 kilometers, the second Asia-Europe continental bridge, 312 State Road, State Road 216, spit Ukrainian big highway, the Urumqi-Kuitun Highway and Asia Europe optical cable from the state have passed, the mainland is East and West to Central Asia, the golden path for the European market.

Changji low-lying South High North, from southeast to northwest toward the south of the Tianshan Mountains are rich, central to the vast alluvial plain, north of the vast desert basin, in this area to the south of Henggen The northern slope of Tianshan Mountains, customary called "northern slope of Tianshan Mountain." There are 1,319 glaciers, covering 1,033 square kilometers. Changji strong light, temperature difference between day and night, suitable and abounds in wheat, corn, rice, cotton, sugar, oil, the West melon and various fruits. Mineral-rich. Mainly coal, oil, limestone, mirabilite, graphite, more than 50 kinds, such as jasper, with the exploitation of high value.

Changji unique tourism resources. A well-known national-level tourist resort - Alpine Tianchi Lake, was built in the Han Dynasty of the historic city of North West Region Court House for all sites, since 3000 the Hutubi Kang family history of primordial germ Shihmen worship rock paintings, Asia#39;s largest dinosaur fossil excavation, the largest ancient forest east of fossil groups and Mingsha Shan, the original Hu Yanglin, such as the humanities and natural wonders.