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Code: 0736

Zip code: 415000

Area: 18,200 square km

Population: 5952900

position: in the northern part of Hunan Province, West pillow Wulingshanmo, north Southwest Hubei, the East Dongting Lake Dying.

divisions: administered Wuling Qu, Ding City, City City, Lixian, Linli County, Taoyuan County, Hanshou County, An Xiangxian, Dan Menxian

Tourism Quality Supervision: 7256407

price supervision: 7797116

Changde City, Hunan Province is the cities, Northwestern Hunan transportation, energy, circulation, and cultural center, has been granted the relevant state departments, "the National Health City", "national civilized city "," China#39;s outstanding tourist city "," national garden cities "," national outstanding urban traffic management "," national comprehensive management of social order advanced city, "" National urban environment comprehensive treatment of advanced cities "such as the honorary title, is currently being carried out in-depth National City traffic management model, the National Environmental Protection Model, the best Habitat Environment Prize, the International Garden City等项building activities. According to the State Council approved "in Changde City from 2001 to 2020 the general urban plan" to 2020, Changde City will build a population of 800,000 to 1 million, City area of 100 square kilometers of major cities.


Changde City, Hunan Province in the northwest, Dongbin Dongting, Nantong Changsha, even Chuanqian West, north western Hubei Province, 150 kilometers from the provincial capital Changsha, from the world-famous scenic spots in Zhangjiajie 195 Km. Shicheng "throat-Guizhou, Yunnan-Guizhou portal." Total area of 18,200 square kilometers, cultivated land area of 440,000 hectares.

Changde photos Changde has a long history and old times. Far more than 3,000 years ago in the Xia, Shang period, the county had established Zhucheng, Gordon Chu culture is one of the cradles. Qu Yuan, Yu Song, Tao Yuanming, Liu Yuxi, and other sages have left many Mingpian works; Lin Xiu-mei, Wu Jiang Yi, Song Jiaoren, Liu Fu-modern people with lofty ideals, and so here孕育growth, new China#39;s founding fathers Lin Boqu, writers Ding Ling, historian Jian Peter Chan also was born in the hot land for this.

said Changde the history books as "landscapes of the country, the heritage of the state." Huguangshanse in the beautiful, many sites. Worldly paradise land Linhe peaceful, cultural blend, ancient and modern tourist attractions. Hu Pingshan original traces of South China tigers found in the forest, canyon rafting有惊无险. Rock River to spend the beautiful scenery, charming scenery, the only nesting site for egrets which tens of thousands. Tang ancient temples in front of Stone Temple folder for the Millennium Buddhist holy places and the source of the Japanese tea ceremony, the monk-Fengtian Temple next to the Tomb of the history of experts was identified as the late Ming peasant uprising leader Li Zicheng Bingbai Zen implicit end of the track. Lixian City is the first mountain the ancient city ruins in 7000 before the epitome of ancient human life. West Dongting Lake wetland of international importance, the willow pattern Lake Tourist Resort and key national cultural relics protection units Peng head Hill, 80, Dang, iron Jingchuang so famous.

Changde picture Changde landscape diversity, a pleasant climate. Have been identified in a 2703 kinds of higher plants, included in the state to protect the plants have Davidia involucrata, ginkgo, Eucommia, orchids alone, Huang Shan, such as 39 kinds. A variety of 410 kinds of wild animals, included in the conservation of rare animals have South China tiger, cloud leopard, Jin Qianbao, the cats, cranes, Acipenser sinensis, such as 60 kinds. There are major minerals-methyl, gold, diamond, rock salt, phosphate, gypsum, limestone, sepiolite, barite, marble, coal, Xisha, such as more than 50 species, including methyl-Ore ranked first in Asia and alluvial diamonds, Stone coal reserves in the nation first, phosphate, gypsum mine, mine Xisha, bentonite ore reserves of the first Habitat province, known as "non-metallic mineral town."

Changde Gucheng Wuling, has a long history, beautiful mountains and rivers, has always been known as the "Dongting Pearl" and "gateway to western Hunan." Changde sites all over, the most famous当属Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuanming has been depicted in the Peach Blossom Spring. In addition, the iron in Changde Jingzhuang, Germany Baota Mountain, Bijia City is the provincial-level key cultural relics, Dan Menxian Hu Pingshan growth in the more than 1,000 species of rare plants and animals, the Dragon King hole is a hole and Huanglong Wulingyuan comparable to the peculiar group Tung, the Shihmen ancient temples folder Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, has always been for the Buddhist holy sites; Lixian the Confucian Temple is the province#39;s largest Confucian Temple.


Changde not only beautiful scenery, and talented people, the history scholar Qu Yuan, Tao Yuanming, Li Bai, Liu Yuxi, and so have been resident here or travels, left many famous poems chapter; revolutionaries of the older generation Lin Boqu and well-known writers Ding Ling, historian Jian Bozan, and other celebrities are born in Changde.