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ChangChun - JiLin

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Zip code: 130000

position: in the Songliao Plain in central, northwest and white city adjacent to the southwest and connected to Siping City, Jilin City linked with the southeast, northeast Heilongjiang Province bordering with.

area: the city#39;s total area of 20,571 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of over 700 million.

administrative divisions: a full-Shixia Chaoyang, South Gate, 2, Kuancheng, Lvyuan, Shuangyang District and six Jiutai City, Yushu Shi, Dehui City and County farmers.

here is a fertile, well Si Wannian ago in the home of human reproduction.

1951, in Changchun in the Yushu Shi found fossils of bone fossils of a group of mammals. Discovery of that, as early as in ancient times, in Changchun this land of ancient mankind has entered a stage of Homo sapiens, the late Paleolithic, the early matriarchal clan community. 1984, in rural County discovered a Neolithic site of human living, primitive agriculture has been very highly developed, and mastery of the original textile technology, has entered the era of dress.

first appeared in Changchun city is "Ms Wang Cheng-fu." From the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Western Jin Dynasty, Yu Fu-chen has been a national group Zhongyuan dynasty. AD 493, was the North Wuji out by the group. AD 494, Wang Yu-fu to the case-by-Wuji, the rate Qinu defected Koguryo, from the crash. Northern Wei Dynasty high early Goguryeo strong. Fuyu to the original ancient capital of the Koguryo Fuyu House. In 668 AD, Tang broke Goguryeo.

Kaiyuan since the first year of Emperor Xuanzong (713), the Bohai Sea after the rise of people, a group of the Bohai Sea. Changchun Xijing this region is more than husband-page House and House Jie Fu Yu House, the House rule in this South Changchun City Yi. During the Northern Song Dynasty, the establishment of the Liao Empire, and located in Tokyo, Liao Huanglong House (now the Nong#39;an County). Northern Song Dynasty the end of the year in September 1114, the Nuzhen ethnic ministries state rulers oppression, its leader Wanyan AGuDa Qibing anti-Liao, 1115 attack Huanglong House. AGuDa that Chen Di, the country, gold, Nianhao resumption of the first year. And in 1140 to Huanglong House Jeju. Galerkin era in the history of Changchun is the most prosperous era, Jin has repeatedly invaded the Central Plains, the Year 1126, Jin Bing snatched the Song Hui-chin of the North take Dili, transferred them once imprisoned here. Southern Song Dynasty of the famous Yue Fei said that "Zhidi Huanglong House, with the various armed services Tongyin ears." This refers to the Huanglong House. Year 1234, by the Mongolian out for, in 1271 the Mongolian government to the country, for the yuan. This brought into the Mongolian nomadic land. 1644 Qingbingruguan, this area of Changchun Mongolian population and the population Manchu Eight Banners were prepared. The establishment of the Qing Dynasty wicker side, blocked implementation of policies, customs, Lingqin protection, the protection of the Royal paddock to ensure that Jiangbei tribute ginseng, mink, the East beads, velvet, and other resources to prevent the flow of movement, people of all ethnic groups, to prevent the development and protection of Han Chinese into the Manchu Jishe Sangmu customs. Time has passed here have created a splendid culture and material civilization; several years, here was fighting and conquests of the battlefield. The historical sites here, quietly Chen Su and lasting merits and demerits of the past year.


Changchun is a young city, only 200 years of history, is located in the hinterland of China#39;s Songliao Plain, is the capital of Jilin Province, the province#39;s political, economic and cultural center . Changchun After continuous development and construction, in development gradually formed its own unique advantages and become a solid foundation for industrial and agricultural, business is prosperous, advanced the cause of science and technology education, a higher degree of opening to the outside world, a pivotal country in central cities, domestic and foreign friends As "auto city", "Forest City", "film city" and "scientific and cultural city."

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relatively advantageous geographical location in Changchun. Northern China as a regional centre of the city, in northeast China#39;s Liaoning Province, Kyrgyzstan, black, and Mongolia provinces of the Cross Tongqu要冲, South China#39;s Liaodong Peninsula to link the coastal city, Heilongjiang province north through to the CIS and Eastern European countries Development, the East via Hunchun, the Tumen River port to North Korea, South Korea, Russia, the West may be Baicheng of Jilin Province in exchanges with Mongolia. The special geographical location, to become China#39;s Changchun, northeast China huge economic chain of the most critical part of the northeast region as an important transportation and communication hub and logistics centre.

Changchun picture Changchun is a beautiful scenery of the city. As China#39;s first batch of excellent tourism cities, tourism development has also developed a certain characteristics. Changchun City is a "forest city", urban greening rate has reached 38.8 percent, the largest city in the forefront. Not only the urban tree-lined, and even cities around the green is the sea, around the city along highways 90 kilometers long and 550 m wide green belt, is a beautiful urban landscape. 9 km from the urban area of 126.5 square kilometers of "Jingyuetan Forest Park", with Asia#39;s largest artificial forest, like a Changchun an enormous "lobes", Changchun, people like to live in the forest, like, here are the best Sunshine, air and water. Changchun, there are many well-known human landscape, Nong#39;an Liao Dynasty ancient tower, many of the relics by Japanese and Puppet Armies period, the existing three imperial palaces in China, one of the Puppet Palace and the Ministry of the eight. Winter snow tourism is a hot Changchun, where not only skiing, skating, snow participate in the Rally, you can also enjoy ice, snow Xuediao, and other works of art.


Changchun is a higher degree of opening up the city. Rich in natural resources, a good geographic conditions, the Conservancy has a good industrial base for development. As the country#39;s old industrial base of the building after years of development, and basically formed a transportation equipment manufacturing as the main body of a relatively complete industrial system. Among them, the FAW Group is the largest and most all varieties of modern automotive research and production base, the main products are heavy-duty trucks and medium-sized cars. In addition to cars, the Changchun Passenger Cars, motorcycles, Bitola and other industries are also the country occupies a decisive position. Bus plant in Changchun is the larger of the domestic passenger rail, subway and bus research and production base for exports. In addition, machinery, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials industry also has a foundation and potential. Changchun is well-known "granary", the industrialization of agriculture building beginning to take shape. Changchun, located in the world-famous golden maize belt, rich corn, soybeans, rice and sorghum.