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CangZhou - HeBei

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position: Cangzhou in Hebei Province is located in south-east, east Bohai Sea, north of Beijing and Tianjin, and Shandong Peninsula and the Liaodong Peninsula across the sea.

Area: 14,000 square km

Xianxia the city#39;s four cities, 10 county districts and two state-owned farms.

Population: 6630000

Cangzhou in Hebei Province is located in south-east, east Bohai Sea, north of Beijing and Tianjin, and Shandong Peninsula and the Liaodong Peninsula across the sea. 4 Xianxia 10 counties in two county-level areas and two state-owned farms, covering 14,000 square kilometers, the population of 6.63 million, is in Hebei Province cities. In 1988 the State Council, was identified as the Bohai economic cities, 1995 was approved by the Ministry of National Chemical Construction of the third chemical City.


Cangzhou convenient transportation. Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Kowloon Railway runs through north and south, the Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-fu, silver, and other discrepancies aspect of the country, the whole city. With Huang Shuo railway, the Beijing-Shanghai, Shi Huang Huanghua Port Expressway and the successive opening of transport, will become a central Hebei Cangzhou South, Northwest and Lu Jin, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, such as connecting the western region of the important international market access and access to the sea. Cangzhou old times. Ancient doctors have the Warring States Period, Bian Que, military strategist Sun Bin, Jia Jia Tang Tamna geography, famous people Frontier Poems high fitness, the Qing Dynasty "Si Ku Quan Shu" the codification of Ji Xiaolan, the late Qing Zhang Zhidong, such as Westernization Group leader. Modern revolutionary generals have Zhao Sheng, MA this vegetarian, a famous modern writer Wang Meng, Liu Kai, Jiang Zilong, the artist Li Delun, Fei Yan-ling, and so on. Cangzhou is the famous "land of acrobatics", "martial arts village", "Pear village", "Watkins jujube of the villages," "Cast village" and "elbow pipe town."

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China Wuqiao Acrobatics Big World by the National Tourism Bureau to include folk tourist attractions. Cangzhou iron lion, Muslim North Temple is the national, provincial focus on heritage conservation units. In Baiyangdian Lake has been called the "Pearl of North China" said. Cangzhou is rich in resources. With 95 km coastline, rich crude salt, the country is one of the four major salt production base. Fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood, fishing, aquatic products amounted to 110,000 tons; North China, Dagang two major oil fields, oil and natural gas reserves of wealth.

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Cangzhou industrial restructuring achieve results. Agriculture, animal husbandry formed, grass, vegetables, fruit four major industries, industries, mainly formed a chemical, light industry, textiles, mechanical and electrical, pharmaceutical, building materials, such as the coordinated development of the industrial economic framework. Cang, Cang Lian, Dahua, an oil refining, is the four major chemical enterprises, chemical fertilizers have led products, caustic soda, petroleum products, pvc tree that, tdi, such as more than 70 kinds. Cangzhou is well-known national wire and cable production base, wire and cable accounted for a quarter of the country. Non-state-owned rapid economic development, and in 2000 the added value of township enterprises have accounted for 51 percent of the city#39;s gdp. Cangzhou people warm and hospitable, heavy commitments, stressing Lutheran Church, all staff were guests to Cangzhou, tourism, investment negotiations.