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position: Boertala Mongolia Autonomous Region is located east longitude 79 ° 53#39;-83 ° 53 #39;, north latitude and 44 ° 02#39;-45 ° 23#39;, in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, located in the northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Tacheng connected with the eastern region, southern and dependencies in Yili Prefecture, north-west border with the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Area: total area of 27,000 square kilometers.

Population: 40 million population.

Administrative Region of: Boertala Mongolia Autonomous Region Xianxia Bole City, Jinghe County, Hot Springs County, two counties and one city administration and Alashankou Port District.

landscape: Ebinur Lake, Japan-crazy grid map of the valley, Bogedaer hot springs, such as Lake Cypriot Li Mu.

"of the West to different habitats, soil Spirit World," is described in the Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Boertala. "Boertala" in Mongolian, which means "silver-grey on the grasslands." It is located southwest of the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang, north and west to Allah sets of mountains and other sets of Shanxi Province, said the sector of the ridge, and bordering the Republic of Kazakhstan; eastern and north-east, with the Tacheng area Wusu County, the county linked to the Torricelli The south and the Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Nilka, Yining, Huocheng County, adjacent three.

Boertala a long history can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period over 2,000 years ago, was Boertala Cypriot people were nomadic; Qin and Han Dynasties period is large, #39;s, The Xiongnu, the Wusun and nomadic. Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, for the Rouran, Wyatt as regional activities. Tang Boertala located in the Shuanghe Dudu Fu, Xi Tujue and nomadic. Yuan and Ming Wei Late for the nomads of Mongolia to.清乾隆年间from Zhangjiakou-Chahar stationed in Mongolia Bingding Boertala Zhunkenshubian, after another return from the Volga River valley west of Tuerhute charged Zhumu in Jinghe.

Bo, a typical temperate continental climate, sunshine long time, the temperature difference between day and night. Rich mineral resources, has 39 kinds of proven mineral, which, salt, Mang Glass, limestone, copper and other development has great potential. But also the development of the Chinese wolfberry, cold-water fish, Ebinur Lake Artemia, fine-wool sheep, ephedrine grass, licorice, and other special industries.

Boertala Mongolia Autonomous Region terrain is characterized by a three-folder Valley - San Mianhuan Hill, in the valley. The summer rainy mountain, north and south on both sides of mountains and more snow glaciers, abundant water, the moisture in the vast Trinidad ranch bred a beautiful mountains and scenery. Here unique geographic environment and historical Youyuan, Boertala created a unique tourism resources. The famous natural scenery has set mountains, lakes, grasslands as one of the scenic area Sailimu Lake; Asia#39;s largest state-level White H. ammodendron Nature Reserve and the autonomous region level Ebinur Lake Wetland Nature Reserve, north of Xinjiang salamander conservation , Xia Erxi Lane Nature Reserve, an ancient dinosaur also the "living fossil" North Xinjiang salamander (Wawa Yu); have talent, the World rare rocks by the landscape - Guaidan valley, the Japan-crazy Qujingtongyou grid map of the valley ; Known as Xianquan, and Tian-quan of Aerxiati Spa, Hubei and Bogedaer Tuokesaier Spa Hot Springs, arthritis, skin diseases and other magical effect, Bogedaer Quanjiang the famous hot springs are in convalescence Resorts; tourism resources in the humanities are widely distributed in the ancient city ruins, rock paintings group, the tomb group like the flash and Archaeological Finds of pearls, shows a Boertala a long history and ancient Silk Road on the eastern and western civilizations blend of afterglow. Xinjiang Tourism Festival, one of the three, sets an annual cultural and sports activities, national conditions and customs in one of the "That Damu" Grassland Festival and the Northwest the country - at the national level at Alashankou port. These colorful and beautiful human landscape of the attractive natural landscape complement each other, formed a Boertala a unique cultural characteristics.