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BinZhou - ShanDong

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Zip code 256600

location ranked Yellow River "leading", north Bohai Sea, East and bordering the city of Dongying, Zibo City, adjacent to South and West with the provincial towns of Jinan City, who sector.

population: the city#39;s total population of people who 3661500

Area: total area of 9444.65 square kilometers

administrative divisions: Boxing jurisdiction, Zouping, Huimin, Yangxin, Wu Di, and Zhanhua County, a six Binzhou City.

[location] Binzhou City, Shandong Province in the north, the Yellow River Delta hinterland, the south coast of Bohai Bay West, North-sea, in Dongying City, east, south of Zibo City, southwest of the junction with the Jinan City, West and Dezhou City bordering the northwest at New River and Zhang Wei-Xing Xian, Hebei Province, Huang Huashi the sea. Binzhou Throughout the city domain of cross-strait across the Yellow River, the geographic coordinates: longitude 117 ° 15 #39;to 118 ° 37#39;, latitude 36 ° 41 #39;to 38 ° 16#39;. The largest cross-border 120 kilometers East and West, North and South#39;s largest cross-border 175 kilometers with a total area of 9444.65 square kilometers. [Characteristics] climate is temperate dry sub-humid East Asian continental monsoon climate, hot summer and cold in winter, the rain of the same period, four distinct seasons. The city#39;s average temperature of 13.7 ℃, extreme maximum temperature 38.2 ℃, extreme minimum temperature of -17.8 ℃. The average annual rainfall 537.2 mm, the average duration of bright sunshine 2526.9 hours. [Geographical features - Binzhou City North High Low-lying South, generally from the southwest to the northeast toward gradually over into the sea. Xiaoqing River to the community, throughout North and South showed two different types of landscape features: Xiaoqing River south of the hilly area, north of the impact of the Yellow River plain. [National] population of the city#39;s population birth rate is 10.51 ‰, mortality 6.05 ‰, the natural population growth rate of 4.46 ‰, the total population of 3629500 people, including non-agricultural population of 796,400 people. , The city#39;s minority 39, 18,300 people, of the total population of 5 ‰, the District of the city#39;s districts. Is the main Muslim minority, 16,900, accounting for ethnic minority population of 92.71 ‰, mainly concentrated in Yangxin, Wudi County#39;s six townships and 26 villages, of which only 18 Muslim village, back-mixed village of eight. [Characteristics] Binzhou city on the river Banghai has a natural advantage, winding 5,000 in the Bohai Bay is the geographic axis, Jingjintang Shandong Peninsula and the combination of the two major economic zones Department, the Bohai economic circle and the intersection of the Yellow River Economic Belt Points. Bohai Rim Economic Circle#39;s rise, the revitalization of the Yellow River Economic Belt, Binzhou laid the foundation for the development. Modern ecological garden city - Binzhou Binzhou Binzhou city party committee and government on a high starting point, high standards and high-level planning and construction of Binzhou Metro, organizational planning and design departments and relevant experts, in-depth investigations and studies and scientific proof on the basis of location based Binzhou Advantages and resources, to consider the construction of the new Binzhou Binzhou and beautify the strong desire of the new Binzhou to the spirit of innovation to a city#39;s image design, painted a building in Binzhou, "City of Victoria five knots," the grand blueprint: the building of the new district and national lines as an opportunity to To enhance urban functions, improve the living environment as the goal; Binzhou highlight the advantages of water gardens and ecological characteristics, focus on traffic planning and construction of roads, water conservancy facilities, the forest belt, the four major eco-tourism project in light of local conditions, scientific planning, focused, Implemented step by step, fight for the "15" at the end, and gradually set up a new framework for the modern city. "Binzhou Fourth Ring of the sea "project to focus on road construction to water conservancy construction and peri-urban agriculture structural adjustment for the two wings, set in gardens and the lake Yise, the financial industry, ecology, culture as one, and man and nature coexist in harmony, economic and social And resources, environmental development. Main elements of a "City of Victoria": the ring road, around the city water system, greenbelt around the city, with scenery around the city. Ring Road, State Road to the help of 205,220 lines, the construction of a road standard Wai Huanlu East, North Waihuan Lu; West Waihuan Lu, with the Western Development and construction of county and township roads, construction of a road south Wai Huanlu , Yubei Widening the help of the Yellow River dam, built Waihuan Lu. Around the city water system, relying on the original excavation of the East River around the city of Chaoyang River; relying on the West to broaden the West around the city of Shahe River; Beihuan Lu excavation along the North River around the city; dredge and widen South River around the city. Greenbelt around the city, highways and rivers in the three groups formed on both sides of forest belt. Scenic zone around the city, gradually building the eight scenic point, a scenic zone around the city. "Five Sea": Zhang Xiao Tang in the trunk canal head into the west side, "the South China Sea" in Binzhou Vocational College Park north of high-tech agriculture, built on both sides of the Bohai Sea Road 9, "the North Sea" in the eight-way on both sides of the Yellow River and Bohai Sea Road 18 to the Bohai Sea 10 road built between the "sea" in the northwest of the new city, built east of the West Shahe "West Sea"; relying on the eastern outskirts of the reservoir has been completed and perfect, "the East China Sea." Fourth Ring landscape and landscape features: landscape around the city by four levels with the composition of the Ring Road and Highway outlying forest - dense forest landscape Pinnacle; State Road, highways and river protection forest belt between the landscape - lined Green impaired; River from the ring formed by the rivers and lakes Waterscape landscape - Bibo clean and cities inside and around the waterfront open green landscape - Lvyinhuajing. Landscape features: fully tap the potential of tourism resources, highlighting a long history and profound culture, scenery R characteristics. East Greenland to the natural scenes around the city for landscape features, "Fenghuaxueyue" theme for the landscape, forming four spots - Tsui Lam Shofu, Chaoyang Po flowers, Lu Tong Feixue, high lake Yingyue; south to the Yellow River and around the city green Scenery for the theme of landscape, a landscape - the old four-port bridge, Po Lake Huaigu, South Beach Luo Yan, the origins of the embankment; Western into the Green Belt to the seasons for the quarter of landscape features, "Spring, summer, autumn, Winter "theme for the landscape, forming four spots - five Chuang Chun Tao, Lake Star Xiahe, Xishan Qiuju, Shaxi Dongmei; greenbelt around the city to the north for the landscape theme of human history, the formation of four spots -- On the Taiwan military, with Dong village cents, red cosmetics sword dance, Qi pier remains. Binzhou Five sea landscape features: the East China Sea "water" as the theme, use of 2.40 square kilometers in the eastern outskirts of the reservoir-based planning along the reservoir#39;s 250 meters wide pine forest shelter belts, a large surface, the green landscape effect to the South China Sea "situation "As the theme, highlighting the" Yellow River style "design concepts to the South China Sea Zuofo imagery to design patterns, layout attractions are: pond, riparian customs zone, Popular Science Centre, the Yellow River, Yellow River village customs, technology workshops, the bodhi tree, the fishing village , Tsui embankment Chunxiao, entertainment and leisure centres, dense forests Xianzong, pruning shrubs Park, South Entrance Plaza, and other attractions; North Sea: "person" as the theme, prominent people and nature Integration of the design concept. The green as the main public recreation, sports venue. Attractions layout: the starting point of life, the meaning of life, water rainbow, warm homes, waterfront recreation, water wave Square, Fisherman#39;s Wharf, water rafting, outdoor adventure, Paintball games, and other attractions. In the sea: "days" as the theme, highlighting the sun and the moon Xingchen the design concept. Planning to be the appropriate form of green islands scattered in a wide surface of. "Binzhou Fourth Ring of the sea "is a project to build the framework of the Binzhou Metro construction of infrastructure projects. "City of Victoria five knots" When completed, especially in big green space, the surface of the building will show a unique Binzhou, ethnic, cultural personality of the city with the image of the city have a tremendous cohesiveness, and promote flow of people, logistics, information flow Rational flow and enhance the exchange of cities, global, competitive; will help improve urban quality and taste, and improve urban services, enhance the attractiveness of the city, carrying capacity, gathered for the project, the industry upheaval, the advantages of a strong expansion Support; will help speed up urban infrastructure construction, improve the work and life, survival, and optimize the investment environment, expand introduced to strengthen the city with the domestic and international economic and technological exchanges and cooperation to catch up with the full implementation of the strategy, Vigorously develop tourism industries, and promote the sustained, rapid and healthy economic urban development will be beneficial to set up as soon as possible Binzhou Metro development of the framework, and promote modernization process, to further the development of medium-sized cities, and gradually built the Yellow River Delta and the Bohai Rim Economic Area, a unique Characteristics, the modernization of the beautiful and rich ecological garden city.