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BiJie - GuiZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Rebecca  Date: 08-10 2008  More Attractions
Code: 0857

Zip code: 562400

Area: 26,800 square km region

population: more than 670 million people

divisions: Bijie City, Qianxi County, in Dafang County, Zhijin County, Jinsha County, Hezhang County, Nayong County, Hui and Miao Autonomous County of Weining Yi.

in Bijie Prefecture of Guizhou Province in the northwest, east of Guiyang and Zunyi City, Anshun in the south and Liupanshui City, West and the junction of Yunnan, Sichuan border with the north, have a good advantage in location .


in Bijie Prefecture of ethnic minorities is also located in the region of 26,800 square kilometers of land, the life of the Han, Yi, Miao, Hui, and Ge Lo, Bai, and so on National total of more than 670 million people. Come here, not only can enjoy the picturesque scenery, but also a taste of deep ethnic minority customs.


Bijie mineral resources are sulfur, iron, coal, zinc, marble, silica sand, copper, peat, clay, kaolin, and so on more than 20 species, of which: coal reserves are 2.16 billion tons. Mainly to anthracite, a small amount of bituminous coal, coal layer 4-5, good mechanical properties, heat from 7000 to 8000 kcal; sulphur ore reserves of 841 million tons, iron sulfur, brown iron sulfur, iron sulfur turbot, such as methyl-iron Type, high grade, easy-easy election; marble resources are particularly rich in building materials as well worth mining.


Bijie City is very rich in biological resources, the city#39;s forest resources are more than 700 species of crop resources, including 455 kinds of food such as vegetables, maize, rice, wheat, potato Ma Ling, flue-cured tobacco, rapeseed , Peanuts, oranges, garlic, ramie, Chinese herbal medicine has Eucommia, Tianma, Banxia, Polygonum multiflorum, honeysuckle, Kushen, and so on over 2,000 kinds; more than 400 species of flowers category, in addition to ferns, fungi and animal feed Categories such as plant resources, 378 kinds of grass seed resources, resource-rich complete, Bijie Prefecture in the implementation of biological engineering, promising.


Bijie has more abundant water resources. The average annual surface runoff to 1.492 billion cubic meters, the average per mu of land surface precipitation total 654.3 cubic meters, 291.4 cubic meters for the runoff and groundwater reserves of 433 million cubic meters, pending further development and utilization. Water resources development capacity of 115,714 kilowatts, of the Guizhou provincial water resource-rich city.