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Code: 0414

Zip code: 117000

position: is located in east-central Liaoning Province, Shenyang Beiju 84 km, 193 km south of Dandong.

Area: total area of 8,348 square kilometers.

Population: 1.6 million population.

administrative divisions: Xianxia Benxi, two Huanren Manchu Autonomous County of peace mountain, the mountain, Xihu, Nanfen four areas.

City Tree: Willow

#39;s floral emblem: Mulan women spend days

Benxi is a well-known HUANG Seoul coal Rail City, the country is an important raw material industrial base. Cui here Fengling large, heavy Luan stacked嶂, mountain about 80 percent of the total area. Benxi City and the founding of the city close to the mountains, the mountains around, there Taizi River City and had to wear. Take overlooking the city, Gao Gang complex in row upon row between Hilly, the streets in the mountains of Zonghengjiaocuo. Hill in the City, a mountain town, a unique urban landscape.


Benxi has a long history in archaeological excavations Miaohou Hill to the ancient ruins of human culture that, in the fourth, Wushiwannian before the Paleolithic human ancestors in the proliferation of interest-bearing here. This is not only in Northeast China to fill the Paleolithic human fossils of the gaps, but also in Northeast Asia to study the distribution and transfer of human provide a valuable historical information.

Benxi photos Benxi in China#39;s Xia, Shang period belong to Qingzhou, business, jurisdiction, the Warring States at the Yan-guo Liaodong County, the Tang Dynasty are all for Anton House City, Liaoning Province, before a late Qing Ben Xixian, under the Fengtian House.

Benxi is located in the Liaodong mountain, the mountain forest of here, the eastern part of Liaoning is important to water conservation, river aspect, Benxi is indeed "the source of water" to. But "Benxi" the origin of the name, but also other sources. Benxi named in the Xihu. The Xihu in the city, the lake less than 15 square meters, can be said to be the world#39;s smallest of the lake. Although small lake, but also on the famous, have been included in the Kanto Thrilling Scenic Sites. Qing Tongzhi years with the rise of the first "Liaodong the Xihu" Stele in Hukou, Hu Pang Cihang to build a temple, at the end of Jian Yuming, Fine reiterated her incense had Shengjiyishi. This lake surrounded wins mountain range to have, within the narrow width, Jisi rhino horn to do the glasses, the "Cup rhinoceros Lake", homonym, "the Xihu." Since then, the name to Lake City. 1939 formally established the Xihu City. After new China was founded, to get rid of the "lake", known as the Benxi City.

Benxi picture Benxi City location, transportation is very convenient. Set the East and Jilin Province, adjacent to Tonghua, from Tonghua City, 150 kilometers; south Bongseong, Dandong, Dandong City, 198 kilometers from the West and Liaoyang, Anshan border, 46 km from the Liaoyang City; north of Shenyang, Fushun, from Shenyang 77 km, 79 km away from Fushun. Benxi convenient transportation connections, and the village-highway. Shen, Shen Dan Expressway opened to traffic, the traffic makes Benxi more convenient. Dalian, Yingkou Bayuquan port of Dandong port, Taoxian International Airport, Beijing-North Korea Pyongyang#39;s international train narrow the gap between overseas and Benxi, enhanced with various countries and regions and the domestic inter-city friendly exchanges, economic cooperation and Personnel exchanges. Benxi Posts and Telecommunications cause of prosperity and development of the Internet and the opening, program-controlled switches, wireless paging and mobile phone penetration, Benxi and make the world more closely linked, also makes Benxi become a global village in the bright point.

Benxi City is well-known Chinese heavy industry base, the State Council of the National larger cities, is outstanding tourist city, the national unity advanced city, the National popularizing advanced city, the double-support model city. .....


Benxi a beautiful, wonderful natural scenery, Benxi water tunnel, closed Mountain, 9-iron brakes people Liulian. Benxi in the United States not only natural, Benxi#39;s urban areas is also the day the United States, lights up, make a garden outside the feeling, "not see the satellite city" will never belong to today#39;s Benxi, spent Mission tight cluster , Tree-lined, green Benxi, garden-like city, this is today#39;s new Benxi. Benxi will extend a warm hand to welcome your arrival!