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North Sheung Shui, Fanling, Sha Tau Kok and Ta Kwu Ling four Division, is the most able to retain the traditional characteristics of the rural New Territories region.
Fanling and Sheung Shui area in ancient times called "Beas City," because there is a north Sheung Shui, "Beas River." Since Liu#39;s family in Yuanmo from southern Fujian moved to Guangdong after the children and grandchildren, scattered and gradually moved to the New Territories today Hengmei Hill, Lingxia, small Yuan, Beas, Fukuda, Sheung Shui area and other places, and built villages. Until VII Zuliao Nansha, that people should live together, their descendants would prosper. According to feng shui theory was pursuing "DragonVenture" and then selected the image of Longkou Fung place, together build pool (the so-called moat) Zhucheng, completed "within the village of Wai," and called on Liu#39;s children and grandchildren as much as possible to move into restricted residence. Because the village is located in Tai Wai, on the River Indus, the Liu clan is known as "Water Village", Sheung Shui will gradually become the name in the vicinity.
Fanling name of the origin and the region a place called Tai Lingshan relevant. Legend has it that a mountain Shek Pik, such as white flour, the villagers living in the vicinity, they call it "Fenbi Ridge", located in the vicinity of the village, has become Fenbi Village. In Tian Han, the villagers will carry a wine at the San Sheng, went to the wall before pray heaven Ganlin. It is said that because of responsive, gradually villagers said the mountain as "Mountain" and now Hong Kong is also a map showing the location of Lingshan. Hill has already changed its name, Fenbi Village has been referred to as "Fanling Village", Fanling will gradually become the vicinity of the name.
Sha Tau Kok#39;s name comes from a story, Legend has it that a minister of the Qing dynasty era, one day visit to Sha Tau Kok area, arrived at the waterfront, Bibo Dangyang the face of the Mirs Bay and white sandy beaches, can not help but make a Yaxing , To Yin from the poem: "sunrise Shatou, on the hanging cape." Since then the region will be known as the Sha Tau Kok. Legend has it
Ta Kwu Ling and named after the relevant resisting foreign aggression. Since the Qing Dynasty, about six residents in Ta Kwu Ling, often the Shenzhen River, north of Wong Pui Ling village bully, suffering. As Wong Pui Leng Village lot, Ta Kwu Ling area of the villages are less Rending, Wong Pui Ling unable to withstand the attack the villagers, then in the district features a leather drums, the same as if Wong Pui Ling was committed to the villagers, they immediately Drumming the region strive to inform the public, to take up arms, rallied together to resist the enemy. As drums Guardian about the district became a major feature, "Ta Kwu Ling," which gets its name.
the early residents of the North are living farming, so the area of farmland everywhere, the grass all over the country. Today, though, Fanling, Sheung Shui and the progressive development of new communities for modernization, but the traditional agricultural society and villages in the great era of change and not be eliminated under.