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home: Beijing status of latitude 39 ° 56 #39;, longitude 116 ° 20#39;; in华北大平原the north, east and adjacent to Tianjin, Hebei and the rest are adjacent. Topography of the northwest, southeast low. West, north and northeast of San Mianhuan Hill, south-east is a slowly tilt to the Bohai Sea on the plain. Pilin northwestern Shanxi, Inner Mongolia plateau, South and华北大平原phase grounding, East near the Bohai Sea.

Area: total area of 16,808 square kilometers.

Population: 10 million population.

Administrative Region of: 13 Xianxia County District 5: Dongcheng, Xicheng District, Chongwen District, Xuanwu District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Mentougou District, Fangshan District, Tongzhou, Shunyi District, Changping, Daxing County, Miyun County, Pinggu Xian, Huairou County, Yanqing County.


referred to Beijing. The People#39;s Republic of the capital. For a long history of the world-famous ancient city. At the northwest edge of the North China Plain, south-east about 150 km from the Bohai Sea. Area of over 16,800 square kilometres. The city#39;s total population of 13.819 million people. North Hill has all the military, a Western Hills West, the mountainous area of the city#39;s 62 percent; southeast of the Yongding River, the Chaobai River and other rivers from the alluvial, slowly tilt to the Bohai Sea on the plain. Mountain coal, iron and other minerals and granite, marble and other fine materials. Beijing Beijing is China People#39;s Republic of the capital of the world-famous historical cities, cultural city. Is the country#39;s political, economic, transport and cultural center. Here the blend of splendid Chinese culture and art, left many monuments and cultural landscape. Beijing is the country#39;s political, cultural and international exchange center, but also a vibrant, dynamic integrated industrial city. After the reform and opening up, especially the "9th Five-Year" period, the Beijing Municipal CPC Committee and the municipal government put forward the "capital economy" concept. Beijing follow economic development should be based in Beijing, the national service, the world of ideas, of the economic structure and layout adjustments, the accelerated economic growth mode transformation, so that the city#39;s sustained, rapid and healthy national economic growth, overall economic strength keep in the forefront of the country.

Beijing is rich in tourism resources, the opening up of more than 200 tourist attractions, the world#39;s largest palace Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven temple worship of heaven, the Royal Garden in the North Sea, the Royal Summer Palace gardens, Badaling, Mutian Valley, Sima Tai Great Wall and the world#39;s largest courtyard Prince Gong House, and other sites. The city#39;s total of 7,309 cultural relics, of which 42 units of national cultural relics, the municipal heritage preservation unit 222. Beijing existing tourist hotels designated 456, including 407 star hotels and 84,000 rooms, 456 travel agencies, 21 major languages of the more than 5,000 tour guides, formed a business on a global market. 2000 received 2.821 million overseas tourists trips, tourism foreign exchange earnings 2.77 billion U.S. dollars. Beijing by the National Tourism Administration as "excellent Chinese tourist city."

This is a city, a lifetime, even if you do not have to leave, but you still have attractive cities, so that you will never be disappointed and will never let you lonely!

ancient and rich flavor of doping and a huge modern city bustling city, south-easterly rollout of a vast plain, plus the winding Weiyi, guarding the northwest city of Taihang Mountains and the Yanshan Mountains, the success Beijing unique charm. Garden ruins, ancient temples Imperial Mausoleum, to the city into a deep humanistic background; Cliff Qu Jun He, Lai-chuen, Feibao, a suburban hang up the mysterious veil and the busy pedestrian street and the length and breadth of the business district, compared to The ancient city added a new era of vitality. Beijing, history was once the capital of several dynasties, large-scale imperial palaces, gardens, temples altar, tombs and other ancient buildings after a hundred years is still an orderly wind and rain, Cuoluoyouzhi, like that of the former Imperial dignity.

Beijing#39;s Forbidden City palace building the most important (also known as the Forbidden City), it is our country and the world#39;s largest palace of existing buildings, the former Ming and Qing two generations of the Royal Palace, the building is a typical Chinese classical style, is China#39;s most precious treasure house of culture and the arts; Jiangnan Water Summer Palace, both exquisite and refined the north garden Hammer atmosphere, the Green Shuilv Zhongshan Park, the pleasant scenery, in the history of the prestigious Chinese and foreign garden; Temple of Heaven is China#39;s largest existing The ancient ritual of the buildings, the architectural art world is also a precious legacy, it is Ming and Qing emperors two generations, "worship of heaven" and "Chi Valley", complete layout, a beautiful environment; Ming Ming Tombs Beijing is the largest ancient Muqun, 13, a Ming Dynasty emperor#39;s tomb, particularly in the most large-scale Dingling.

magnificent Great Wall, which is rarely seen in the history of ancient building military defense project, it has a long history, vast project, said the majestic breadth of the world, listed by UNESCO Into the "World Heritage List," the world#39;s eight major miracle one of Beijing#39;s religious buildings have long known, well-known Chinese Buddhist resort Biyun Si, Taoism resort Baiyun Guan, Lamaism resort Lama Temple and the Niujie Mosque of Islam; front of the National Palace Museum Tiananmen Square can accommodate 1 million people in this assembly, is the world#39;s largest urban centres Square, the magnificent building, the extraordinary boldness of vision.

Beijing as China#39;s cultural centre, with the exception of Zhoukoudian has many cultural heritage such as the "Peking Man" relic of Cao Xueqin house, the stone arch bridge, and so on, modern science and technology The crystallization - Zhongguancun. Many well-known universities such as Qinghua, Beijing University, also in this convergence, you can walk through the campus to imagine Zhu Ziqing, Hu Shih, such as old masters in school to teach the scenes. There are many well-known Beijing HUANG Seoul#39;s natural landscape, such as the beautiful scenery of the Xiangshan Park, bamboo all over the Zizhu Yuan, the environment elegant Yuyuan Tan……

 . . There is a clear change of the seasons change in Beijing, will always bring you the feelings of the United States. Compliance with the Ming-chun, the charming and Duoqing summer and autumn are mature and Charm, Winter and the purity of crystal. She rich geomorphological features, so you Chuan Lin Yue Gu, rafting and rock climbing feelings of stimulation. Rang Hee in Beijing to the city to the outside, not dozens of kilometers, is one faction pastoral style: several rivers released onto Ben Dayantang, 1000 Canyon Xiongqi幽深, clouds wind around mountains, dense forest meadow fresh air, more people led by the soul Dream around, never tired of the Great Wall…… Mangmang entertainment renovation project is synchronized: mountain climbing expedition, a picnic camping, drove cross-country, hiking, Cemayangbian, water怡情, and so on, whether you are sliding Hill (chute) , Water-skiing, skating, skiing or Huacao also, whether you want to swim, street, air travel (paragliding, bungee jumping), a word, as long as you do not want to leave life-long regret, it Be! Beijing#39;s eight urban districts and 10 exurbs, waiting for your time!