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BeiHai - GuangXi

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Nathan  Date: 09-01 2008  More Attractions
Beihai is a beautiful coastal city, known as the "South of Beidaihe."
the North Sea in winter without freezing, with the summer heat, a pleasant climate, natural scenery and cultural heritage tourism resources in both. Beihai Silver Beach "beach-long, fine white sand, soft water, no sharks," the amazing features of the world, known as "China#39;s First Beach." Silver Beach Park, the coastal tourism resources are rich and varied, sunny, beach clean no time, the sea-level static waves, palm Shuyingposuo, mild climate, air Qingxinziran. Walk through the silver sandy beaches, enjoy the warm sunshine, gentle embrace of the water, oil or rubbing on sunscreen, Daishangmojing, static lying on the Beach chair, look at the sky attached to Hoi Fan little bit, the waves roll, blue sky and white clouds……
Xingdao Hu pleasant climate, Dongnuanxialiang, broad lake, waterways幽深, backwater to the peak, surrounded on all sides of Castle Peak, Yiwei across the length and breadth of the island, the clear blue lake, Huguangshanse, green shade, Manshanhuaguo, Niaoyuhuaxiang, flowers Zhengyan, the water here on the island, mountains around the water, the water flow in the forest, mountain forest in the long lake, islands, mountain coexistence, mountain, island, comparable to water, the lake underwater grave of General vaguely. Yan Ying Huguangshanse in the "City Water Margin" unique charm, Tangyang the meantime, the people of the trigger Sigu Youqing. A picnic, barbecue and lined the next game fishing, and music is not Sigui. Can Xingdao Hu like a reminder for many of the stars in the green water Sala Bibo, Gold Silver Beach in Beihai is the one online travel Pearl.
the North Sea is a great atmosphere of the coastal city, sea, beaches, islands, lakes, mountain, forest scenery and numerous historical human landscape, constitute a fascinating site, enchanting picture. And the sea are all related to the wealth of the North Sea. Marine treasures, maritime forests, undersea coral, marine culture and beach sports, sea routes, and build a Hailed as "Oriental Hawaii" waterfront tourist city - the North Sea. Two thousand years of history has given abundant human Meaning of the North Sea, Southeast Asia-style balconies residential areas, the natural ancient Weizhou, a waterfront seafood gear enticing aroma, Zhuhai Road, Argyle Street every household gate of the salted fish dry laundry, Leisurely drive Shibei sea, the fishermen of the sea…… so many offerings, which is not like this seaside town south of the dazzling highlight of this ?