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Beichen District in Tianjin is one of the four districts around the city, located in the northern town area, 110 km from the capital city of Beijing, 50 km from the Tianjin Xingang, from the Tianjin Binhai International Airport 15 kilometers. Total area of 478.5 square kilometers, the two exemptions Street, the town of September, the household registration total population 319,800, of which agricultural population of 198,300 people, non-agricultural population of 121,500 people.
Beichen District transportation, telecommunications, electricity, water supply and other infrastructure development. 2 Street, the town is located in the downtown areas of Central Link and the Link between. Jingjintang high-speed, Tianjin Expressway in the security zone set up import and export, the Beijing-Tianjin, Beijing-fu, Tianjin gangsters, Jin Yu, Wai-such as dozens of major highways Zonghengjiaocuo. Jingshan, Tianjin UNITED railway and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway Line-Pa contact through the central, with four passenger and freight railway stations and the country#39;s largest railway marshalling yard. Excellent geographical location and sound infrastructure for economic and social development to create a good environment.
reform and opening up, especially since Comrade Deng Xiaoping#39;s and the South since the 14th Party Congress, Beichen District sustained, rapid and healthy development of the national economy. In 2002 the region#39;s GDP reached 100 billion yuan, up 10.2 times in 1992, 10 increased 27.3 percent annually; three fiscal revenues 1.218 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3 times in 1992, the average annual growth of 26.2 percent; farmers Per capita net income of 6,606 yuan, up 3.9-fold growth in 1992, the average annual growth of 17.3 percent. Agricultural facilities, mechanization and industrialization process has accelerated noticeably. Constantly improve the level of industrial development, sales revenue exceeding 100 million yuan to 49 enterprises, establishment of the city, the Group of 17 ministerial-level enterprises, planning and construction of the nine towns industrial area, formed a fabricated metal products, electronic appliances, bio-medicine, etc. 8
A backbone industry and steel pipes, tires, air conditioners, proprietary Chinese medicine, such as the brand-name cable, high-quality products, access to well-known trademarks of 10, 75 enterprises to obtain ISO9000 series certification. Industrial sales, value added, profits and taxes three indicators for four consecutive years ranked the city No. 1 agricultural county population.
services become an important economic development growth, the Reserve-built steel, iron Road motorcycle, world shopping plaza, a group of Gome, and other professional market and larger business facilities, transportation and warehousing, real estate in the competition Of rapid development. Mr Michael Tien, a national science and technology park as a leader, opening to the outside world by leaps and bounds. Accumulated agreement to attract foreign investment 1.488 billion U.S. dollars, 844 million U.S. dollars of foreign investment in place, "three-capital" enterprise development to 340. Foster the development of the 156 export enterprises,
2002 to complete the export delivery value of 5.43 billion yuan and exports worth 399 million U.S. dollars. Urban and rural construction with each passing day. North completed the comprehensive management of the canal and road, water, electricity, gas, green, lighting and so on a number of key projects and build the Vanke Garden, double-Spa Garden, Mong Metro, Double Street, a group of high-end homes and other residential areas , Jiucun renovation project started, the construction of small towns achieved initial results, and the city have taken place in the new environment changes. There are 75 villages into the city off the ranks of well-off village, the town built eight municipal well-off town, including six towns to become well-off city-level star town.