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BaoTou - NeiMengGu

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Zip code: 014000

position: in the west central Inner Mongolia, according to the North Castle Peak, south of Yellow River.

divisions: Kundulun administered areas, the Castle Peak area, the East River, the original nine, Shiguai, Baiyun mining area, Guyang County, Tu Mote Right Banner, Darhan Muminggan joint flag.

Area: 27,691 square km

Population: 2030000

Baotou, the Mongolian word for "deer place", so called Lucheng. Baotou is the largest city in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia is also the largest urban greening.


edge of the desert is located in Baotou, Xiang Shawan Huasha people to experience the fun feelings of the desert-style top destination. The game in Baotou City Centre Tara Khan is the only steppe grasslands of the city, the city has grassland, grassland in the city, with unique characteristics, can not but say that is nature#39;s miracle.

in the desert, Genghis Khan#39;s Wal-Mart is known, from Baotou city over 100 kilometers of the Genghis Khan Mausoleum become a spectacular, standing before the tomb, as if to see again, "Tianjiao generation," Xiong Zi aspect of the battlefield. When the five-call, such as Mongolian Meidaizhao the temple construction was also no lack of highlights in it.

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experience Mongolian style, the best way is to live in yurts, drink a bowl of hot tea, eat a typical Shouzhua meat, and then listen to one of the Youyuan Mongolian songs, such a beautiful experience, your life will be unforgettable.

Baotou in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the western region, is located in the Bohai Sea economic zone and the upper reaches of the Yellow River-rich region Interchange Baotou Picture , the northern border with Mongolia, the south Yellow River, then things Woyeqianli the soil and the Hetao Plain Plain Tumochuan , The Yinshan Mountains running through central. Baotou is the geographical coordinates of 109 degrees 50 minutes east longitude to 111 degrees 25 minutes, 41 degrees 20 minutes north latitude to 42 degrees 40 minutes, an area of 27,691 square kilometers. Baotou is in the Yinshan Mountains in the Castle Peak, the Urals Mountains (Kundulun River for the sector), an average elevation of 2,000 meters peaks, the highest peak 2,324 meters above sea level. The city by the Central mountains, mountain plateau grasslands, and Shannan Prefecture, northern plains composed of three parts, a middle, lower North and South, East West high-low topography. Baotou City in the Yellow River flows through the 214 km, road, rail bridge the two parallel north-south Feijia the Yellow River.


as a city of Baotou, a relatively late, from the 14-Jiaqing (1809) set run from the town of Baotou, has less than 200 years. However, because of the special geographical location of Baotou, in the long process of evolution, has performed several times a magnificent drama of the stage of history, it should not set up to the town, Zhucheng is limited, can be traced back even longer history.

the Yellow River is the cradle of the Chinese nation. The Yellow River flows through the Baotou is the original site of human activities take place earlier, here contains a large number of ancient human cultural relics have been excavated there is a number 10. At Donghe District, 15 km east of the doors of the grid Ashan ditch knee ditch, excavated a well-preserved Neolithic villages in ruins and a large number of cultural relics.


things in the Mongolian Plateau over 1,000 km north of the Yinshan Mountains, the ancient Chinese, home to ethnic minorities here in the north to propagate, and the Yellow River Basin in the central plains of the dynasty and the exchanges, Promoting the integration of all ethnic groups and speeding up the process of national minorities of feudal society as a whole to promote the development of civilization and exchanges.