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Baoshan District in northern Shanghai, the Yangtze River Bin northeast, away on Chongming County; east of Huangpu River, Pudong New Area and across the Geshui; south and the Yangpu District, Hongkou, Zhabei District, adjacent to Putuo District, Jiading District at the junction with the West; Xibei Yu and Taicang in Jiangsu province adjacent to the county. The whole territory is divided into land, the island in two parts. Land in the central part of the Trans-Yun was divided into north and south two Hamamatsu, Changxing and Hengsha Island since the two west East, Hengwo the Yangtze River estuary in the South Branch waterway. Things throughout the 56.15 km long, north-south width of 23.08 km with a total area of 425.18 square kilometers.
Baoshan District throughout the Yangtze River Delta for the alluvial plains, Jiang Liu tide is the common role, mainly in the Yangtze river of silt carried by the silt from. Western Luodian, the first field, as before landing in the Tang Dynasty, since about 1400; Bay, the area of Pu, Tang Kaiyuan first year (713) have been formed coastline. The mid-Xi-ning the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty (1069) part of all the land into land. Near Yierbainian have Changxing and Hengsha and other islands above the surface, Circuit Fair opened up.
Baoshan, the mountain gets its name. Ming Wing-lok 10 years (1412), used in artificial soil in the waterfront building a mountain, for navigational signs, the Yangtze River estuary to access the navigation of vessels, known as the Emperor Yongle of Baoshan. After 10 years the mountain in Wanli (1582) did not collapse in the sea, but its name is used so far.
Baoshan District implementation of the "regional economic development" strategy, has created a Ministry of large industrial and municipal industrial areas complementary advantages and common development of roads, the overall economic strength has leapt to a new level. Regional industrial output value and sales of industrial profits and taxes account for the city of 1 /7 and 1 /4, a large industrial base.
Baoshan after the founding of the PRC to the development of metallurgy, ports, energy-based industrial base, Shanghai is the birthplace of modern industry, the existing regional Wusong Industrial Zone, Baoshan Iron and Steel Industrial Zone, Baoshan City Industrial Park, three industrial city District.
three city-level industrial zones have been rising, driven by the economic development of Baoshan, where the Department, cities, districts, towns, neighborhoods, villages, relying on each other at all levels of economic, state-owned, collective, foreign investment, the provinces and municipalities, the private And individual ownership of various components of competing economic development. A regional economic development, diversification of the industrial structure to adapt to the socialist market economic situation, complementary advantages and common development of the Baoshan industrial structure is being formed.
With the further deepening of opening to the outside world, some famous international companies and consortia Baoshan optimistic about the region a good port and convenient transport network, a solid industrial foundation and broad development hinterland, who have camped, the founder of " In Chinese and foreign "container manufacturing enterprises. Three years, this emerging industrial manufacturing sector in the Baoshan rapid rise of this land. Baosteel, Luo Dianzhen joint venture with Taiwan#39;s Wei Po Industrial Co., Ltd., Po and the rule of the Korean Hyundai Group and other modern Container Co., Ltd. joint venture, Yang trip into town with South Korea Co., Ltd, the joint venture into the container and Luo Nan Zhen and Co. Germany, and other joint venture set in refrigerated containers Ltd., is expected to total investment of 143 million U.S. dollars, of which the agreement use of foreign capital more than 50 percent.