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BaoShan - YunNan

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Code: 0875

Zip code: 679100

Area: total population of 2359300 people

Population: land area of 19,600 square kilometres

position: in the western Yunnan Baoshan, is the famous "Silk Road southwest of" the important Inn

administrative divisions: Lung Yang, Chang County, Shidian County, Long Lingxian, Tengchong County.

peoples: the Yi, Bai, Lisu, back, the Wa, Miao, Achang nationality, and so on.

Baoshan Scope a wide range of exemptions and Baoshan City, Tengchong and Longling, Shidian, Changning County, 40, a total area of 19,040 square kilometers, the Lincang area bordering East and North and the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture Adjacent to the northeast and at the junction of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, southwest of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture adjacent to the northwest and Zheng-nan allies Myanmar, with borderline 167.78 km, 593 km from the provincial capital Kunming. in the Regions is a subtropical monsoon climate, beautiful, rich products, non-summer heat and winter cold without, of Rich Ore mountains, water potential, Wo Ye Fei Huang, the ground is very rich in underground resources. Gu Chen Yongchang

Baoshan City, is the famous "Silk Road southwest of" the important Inn, "Southwest Silk Road" in China in the last paragraph, a frequent business activities while in the Anti-Japanese War period, here is the Yunnan West Battle of the main battlefield of the famous "Burma Road" that is, through this. If you are interested in cultural tourism inspection, you can follow那条foot deep Millennium Waterloo Road Qutanxungu Silk Road, Ma Gang#39;s footsteps; Where were you can also come abrasion resistance of the track to feel miserable.

from the Qin and Han dynasties, here lived in the Ailao razed all tribes. Here you can enjoy in this land for generations to come home to propagate the 14 ethnic minorities has to offer. Nippori of the Western Hills, a mountain village in the Niaoniaochuiyan lead the way, you slowly into the Ailao Mountain Village, but also felt a different Yunzhi.

out of Waterloo那条foot deep ancient road, you will find at the foot of the extension is extensive modernization of rolling smooth traffic flow, and then slow-bell ring for the Ma Gang Tuo, morning, "737" Xiao Ao Blue Jingde days the roar goes unnoticed -穿行in the House, Lin Jing-Zuozuo Metro, you will find that historians have been called "a Southwestern metropolis," Baoshan, in fact, already high after a man Chengyuan, and Tengchong This sets the Silk Road city, Shuxiang name, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, tourist destination, the Feitsui "supermarket" in one of the "very edge City", is Venoruton Choi-, 100-no waste, always open exhibition exposed the city Charming charisma - Zhu Yu as a review of a mosaic in the plateau Qingshanlvshui Bazi, you will be pleasantly surprised to see many high-standard food base, sugar bases, bases tea, coffee base, fruit bases…… colorful, pleasing , Modern science and technology so that Yongchang故地the "grain Sangma" more robust - a taste of home to propagate from generation to generation in this land of the 14 ethnic minorities has to offer, you will know Lisu man who used to make a living hunting Qianggong hard crossbows, has been turned into a competitive sports entertainment equipment, and they still put up the Arbor Hammer, who love water Daijia booming days of live fire, Deang of water drums, cymbals Yijia large, Miaojia Lusheng the knockout blow to hit the hearts of all the happy…… This is Baoshan, history and reality often from the gods of old, and neck.

Sometimes, they seem very far away from very far away, sometimes, they also seem to pay very close near. Follow Marco Polo, Yangsheng An, Xu Xiake, and other ancient Andean Fellows in the past Liulian de Patinagem de marks, people can not help but amazed Feng Wu Baoshan#39;s brilliant, magnificent magical: the Millennium Road, pick up the left-not history; mountains deep-ching, ON Can not charming scenery; Loushi shortage of Temple, had hidden GAO Ren Jun disabilities…… here is not only a world-class nature Guifushengong masterpiece - Qixiangwanqian the Gaoligongshan, the longitudinal Trinidad Nujiang Grand Canyon, with pulp sleep in Tengchong volcanoes, surging passion The concept of Haiqi, casting long history of cultural Biandi Cuicanduomu the chain - from the bulk of the Guyuan, ancient human fossils and hundreds of ancient cultural sites to the nine-long myth, Ailao relics; the road from the Han and Tang Dynasties. Weir ferry operators, the Temple of the bridge towers to the Ming and Qing Feng Sui, Tingtailouge, from historical and cultural city of Baoshan, Tengchong Guyun to many of the long history and culture of the rural village of pristine Refined and Popular; Famous Official Lvkai Shuhan from the "FOR Yong Shu, "head of the Anti-Japanese War Zhang asked Germany#39;s" A Tajima book "to Zhang Ming Shi Lang Park#39;s" Man of "elder statesman Lee in the India-chuen," The levy "from the Yangsheng An champion Ai Siqi floor to the Heritage Museum…… , Monuments Fushijishi, celebrities, Great Classical Novels behalf of the line……

Baoshan is rich in tourism resources. Hengduan Mountains Yumo unique geological structure, derived from the world#39;s rare group of geothermal and volcanic landscapes. Tengchong to the tropical heat as the center of a total of more than 180 Quanqun the hot spring, in addition to the development of geothermal energy value, but also has the peculiar effect of fruit bath, especially in Tengchong of the sea, Longling wax palm for well-known. Tengchong Volcano Is the world#39;s young generation extinct, submarine volcano group, a total of more than 60 crater. National Nature Reserve - the magic of the Gaoligongshan, more than 1,500 kinds of higher plants, over 140 kinds of wild animals, including the protection of the country there are 26 kinds of rare species, 30 kinds of rare animals, with the world famous rhododendron trees, plants Living fossil tree fern, a native of Yunnan Camellia species of safflower oil tea. Gaoligongshan quilts domestic and foreign experts, scientists as "species gene pool", "Museum of Natural History," "North-South corridor of the intersection of animals and plants", is of high value tourism and scientific expedition. The world-famous western Yunnan Anti-Japanese War, the industrious and courageous spirit of the people of Baoshan, Baoshan and Baoshan who swept the world, the war of resistance during the ruins, relics, is the revolutionary tradition of education and the ideal place to travel.

Baoshan Fengwu, Yun-Ancient County is the best for thousands of years, anger-Low water in the soil Cangjiang hundreds of gestation, calendar and the ancient site of fresh, ocean and for Taikan, worthy of being here for nine-long landscape , Of which three are the humanities and Crafts.