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Tianjin Baodi District in the north, the geographical coordinates for 8 minutes east longitude 117 degrees to 117 degrees 40 minutes, 21 minutes north latitude and 39 degrees to 39 degrees 50 minutes between, belonging to the northern part of the North China Plain, is located in Beijing, Tianjin, Tang 1.30 Zone, near the Bohai Bay. East and southeast and Yutian County in Hebei Province, neighboring Tianjin Ninghe; South and Southwest and Ninghe, Wuqing bordering West and the Northwest and Xianghe, Hebei Province, three rivers connected; North and Northeast and North China Tianjin, Hebei Yutian County of the Geheyan Wang.
the region#39;s total area of 1509.66 square kilometers, 65 kilometers long from north to south and 24 km wide things, 2.5-3 meters above sea level, the north temperate continental climate, four distinct seasons, and well-being of obvious differences between wet and dry, drought prominent, and wetter than usual summer heat , The autumn cool down quickly, less snow in winter windy. The average annual temperature of 11.6 degrees and annual rainfall of 613 mm, frost-free period on average about 190 days. Tianjin Baodi
area is one of the Government in Baodi District, Chengguan Town. The region existing 22 townships and 763 administrative villages with a total area of 1,450 square kilometers, population 650,000 people. City population density, traffic convenience, variety of building facilities complete. Tree-lined, beautiful environment.
is located in Beijing, Tianjin, Tang Fuxin Strip, transportation and communication is very convenient. 85 kilometers away from northwest of Beijing, Tianjin 73 kilometers Nanju, Dongju in Tangshan City, 105 km. Airport 85 kilometers away from Beijing, Tianjin Airport 75 km, 90 km from the Tianjin Port. - UNITED railway, Tianjin UNITED Highway, Bao-Ping Road, runs through north-south highway-Wai; Beijing-Shenyang expressway, Beijing Tang highway running through things and high-speed Beijing-Shenyang Expressway in the City-UNITED intersection, Baodi to Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and Ports, airports were in the car 40-50 minutes, at the same time near Qinhuangdao, Panshan, Tanglin and Chengde Summer Resort, and other major tourist destinations, the unique geographical location.
administered region 22 townships: Chengguan Town, Huo Coal, shigezhuang, cattle crossings, high Jinjiazhuang, dakoutun, Majiadian, new openings, cattle-licensing, Hao Coal, dabaizhuang, Datang Zhuang, Seoul Wangzhuang, zhouliangzhuang, wangbuzhuang, I East, the Jinjiazhuang, Lin Ting mouth, eight City, Huangzhuang, the 10-minute Zhuang, Xinan Zhen.