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Postal Code: 721000

position: Baoji City in Shaanxi Province in the west.

Area: total area of 18,200 square kilometers.

Population: 360 million.

administrative divisions: the Xian Xia Taiwan, Weibin District and two in Baoji, Fengxiang, Qishan, Meixian County, Longxian, Qianyang, Fufeng, Fengxian, Taibai, Linyou 10 counties.

800 Baoji in Shaanxi Province in the western end of the Ping-chuan, also located in Yellow River tributary of Weihe River in the western plains, in western China is an important political, economic, cultural, transport centre, is a NT The emerging industrial city in the middle, the second largest city in Shaanxi Province. Baoji City, 179 kilometers Dongju Xi#39;an, Xianyang and, in Hanzhong, Gansu, Tianshui, Pingliang, and other places bordering the city.


Baoji complex terrain, mountains original Xiong Jun, mainly in Baoji in the Weihe River, the Jialing River, 1000 River, Stone River, bounded to the Qinling Mountains, rivers belong to the Yellow River, Yangtze two major river systems, the Weihe River Is the largest tributary of the Yellow River, is the largest river in Baoji City. Surging from the Weihe River which flows through the city centre had become a major Baoji landscape.

Baoji existing machinery, electronics, electric power, steel, fertilizer, chemicals, coke, food, building materials, textiles, paper and other industries to the emerging industrial city in our province. Bao-Cheng, Longhai, Po in the three railways in this intersection, the gateway to the northwest, southwest of the transport hub.

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Baoji Gucheng Chencang. Ancient times, ginger, Ji clan has two interest-bearing, reproduction, growth, prosperity here. Legend has it on the Yan Emperor Shennong Shi Kang was born in Baoji river water, he taught farming, a Chinese medicine in the country#39;s history, left a brilliant one. Zhou tribe 3,000 years ago to Baoji as a base to develop and grow, the establishment of a powerful Zhou Dynasty. Houqin people again Fengxiang Yong city as a base, Mo Ma Lai-bing, in one stroke the reunification of China, a major unifying the Qin Dynasty. 7,000 years of history have passed the first North Ridge Neolithic cultural sites, world-famous ruins of the Week, the pre-Qin Yong City ruins, relics and the Famen Si Degong Buddha#39;s finger bone relic of China and Li Gong is the highest in the Tang Dynasty ruins all Jiucheng Gong in China The cultural history, archaeological history, architectural history and religious history of development of an important position and is rarely seen in the history of world civilization treasures.

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Baoji is very rich in tourism resources, has been called the "hometown of Yan Di," "land of the Bronze Age" and "civil arts and crafts village," reputation. Visit major tourist attractions are Famen Si, Zhougong Miao, Zhuge Liang Wu Zhang original temple, Commissioner Hill grassland, Jiang Taigong Diaoyutai, Yong City and the Tomb of Qin Gong site, Taibai Mountain, Yandi Ling Temple, the Baoji Bronze Museum, the concept of Taiwan, the first North Ridge, East Lake , Jiucheng Gong and other sites. The top 10 tourist attractions in Baoji City for the Famen Si, Taibai Mountain National Forest Park, the Tiaoyutai, the Zhougong Miao, Zhuge Liang Wu Zhang original temple, Fengxiang East Lake, the source of the Jialing River scenic area, Commissioner Hill grassland, Yandi Ling Temple, the Baoji Bronze Museum.