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BaoDing - HeBei

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Zip code: 071052

position: in central Hebei Province, Xikao Taihang Mountain, North and the neighboring Beijing.

divisions: the new urban administered, Taipei, Nan Shiqu, Mancheng County, Qingyuan County, Yi County, Xushui Xian, Laiyuan County, Dingxing Xian, Shunping County, Tangxian County, Wangdu Xian, Laishui County, Gaoyang County, the County, Xiongxian, Rongcheng Xian, Quyang County, Fuping County, Boye Xian, Lixian, Dingzhou City, Zhuozhou City, Anguo City, Gaobeidian City.

Baoding in Hebei Province, central, is a long history of the ancient city, the natural landscape and cultural landscape is very rich.


distance close to the Beijing Water Yesanpo Lai Shan of water the United States, is the state-level scenic spots and the Baiyangdian Lake in the reed fluttering Yangyang Xu, gave the "Pearl of North China," added Ji Xu Mo Butou capture the romantic.

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Baoding historical value of some pride, in so far Wuliuqiannian the Spring and Autumn Period, Jin Jian here on the history of Baoding under the first城池, in North Korea after all Generation after another into the county, Road, House, the provincial capital, and other Zhili, we are familiar with the old movie "Wild Fire fighting the ancient city of spring" and "red flag spectrum", the story also occurred here.

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this city of monuments Although small, but Bukexiaoqu: downtown Gulianhuachi-Yongzhengnianjian institutions of higher learning are located, is 10 at the time of the Garden First, the garden on the packages entrusted Guting peach stone carving is said to be ironic that when the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Cixi night escape of the ordinary, in addition to the Jinlv unearthed jade clothing and Mingzaoyishi Han Tomb of the city, buried Four of the Qing dynasty emperor Qing Xiling, and so on.