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BangBu - AnHui

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Zip code: 233000

position: Bengbu City of Anhui Province and municipalities is in longitude 117 ° 12 ", latitude 32 ° 57"

Area: total area of 5,917 square kilometers

Population: total population of 3.43 million people

administrative divisions: Xian Xia East, in the West, four rural areas and Huaiyuan, Guzhen, 5 3 River County is

Bengbu City of Anhui Province and municipalities, because of Bengbu named after the ancient rich Hebeng , "Pearl City" reputation. Prehistoric times, this group of Bengbu geographical Huaiyi located. Dayu flood control south Huaisi legend, in this Huaiyuan County Tushan married women Tu Shan#39;s wife, and Health and Kai (21 century BC, Kai Xia Dynasty established for the first generation of Chinese emperors). Spring and Autumn period, this one in three county area have respectively Xu Fang, Lu, Song, Wu and Yue, Chu and other countries in the town.


After the founding of the Qin dynasty unified implementation of county system, the Huaihe River this south coast Huaiyuan, an area of Jiujiang in Bengbu Quyang County, Zhongli from sub-counties, the north shore of the Huaihe River this Huaiyuan, Bengbu, Guzhen, 5 River area for the Surabaya-gun Qi, Xu and other sub-counties receive. After the change again and again, after the Western Han Dynasty, the Eastern Han dynasty, the Jin Dynasty, Northern and Southern Dynasties, Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties and Ten States, Po-you five years to the Southern Song Dynasty (1257), the only home Huaiyuan Army and Jingshan county, and exempted this Bangbu Huaiyuan County and the west, Gu Zhenxian one, this Bangbu the eastern county of Haozhou Zhongli; Xianchun 2007 Southern Song Dynasty (1271) before the military and home Huai#39;an Wuhe county. Southern Song Dynasty, the period of confrontation, the first for this Guzhen Xian Qi County, Suzhou, Hong Ling Bixian and Sizhou from sub-county, after Suzhou, Lingbi, Jingshan, five minutes from the river counties.


Yuan Yuan 28 years (1291) revocation of Huaiyuan Army, to Jingshan County of Huaiyuan County, this Bangbu Spanish Huaiyuan County, east of Zhongli County; this Guzhen Suzhou and Lingbi County, five River, points from Huaiyuan County, Wuhe county is Sizhou. Hong Wu years, Zhongli County has changed to a neutral county, Linhuaiguan County, additional Fengyang County; this Bangbu Spanish Huaiyuan County, east of Fengyang County; belong to this Guzhen Xian and Suzhou Huaiyuan, Lingbi, 5 River , Fengyang County. 2002-Tongzhi (1863), is zoned Village in Fengyang County, west ditch, Huaiyuan County, east of seats Ravine, Lingbi Xian after the House for an independent Administrative Region of Bengbu, Home Secretary three counties, under the Fengyang in Anhui Province House.

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1912年the establishment of the Republic of China, spent Fengyang House, Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province under the Wuhe county, Anhui province after a Huaisi Road. At the same time the three counties in Bengbu Waste Division, north of the Huaihe River this Bengbu City is zoned Lingbi Xian, south of the Huaihe River is zoned Fengyang County, at this Guzhen Xian Su County, Lingbi, 5 River, Huaiyuan County, and other sub-recipients. 1927 Nanjing National Government set up a formal repeal Road, Fengyang County, Huaiyuan County, Lingbi Xian, Anhui Province Wuhe county has immediate. Early 1929, Bengbu preparations for the establishment of the Urban Services Department, revoked the following year, is still in Fengyang County. 1932, Huaiyuan County, Fengyang County of Anhui Province has changed is the fourth district, the fourth area, Wuhe county has changed is the 7th District, the sixth area. Japanese occupation period, Bengbu of Anhui Province for the pseudo-reformist government, pseudo-location of the Anhui provincial government. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Huaiyuan County in Anhui Province to the 10th area, Fengyang County of Anhui Province has changed is the ninth area, the fifth area, Wuhe county in Anhui Province is the fourth area. November 1946, Bengbu preparations for the establishment of the Urban Services Department, out of Fengyang County, Fengyang County, were originally exempted the south of the Huaihe River and the Huaihe River in some areas north of Bengbu small areas. January 1, 1947, formally established in Bengbu City, Anhui Province directly for the City of Anhui Province set up a city.

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1949年1 on 20, Bengbu liberation. October 1 after the new China was founded, Bengbu City, Huaiyuan County, a northern Anhui Wuhe county Administrative Office, belong to this Guzhen Xian Su County, five River, Lingbi, four Huaiyuan County. April 1952, under the Bengbu City of Anhui Province; the four counties to an area Su County in Anhui Province, in January 1956 to an area of Bengbu, in April 1961 is still Su County area. October 1964, Analysis of Su County, Huaiyuan County, Wuhe county, some areas of the home Lingbi Xian Gu Zhenxian, a Su County area. 1971 Su County area to area. July 1983, Huaiyuan County, Wuhe county, Guzhen Xian Su County by the rezoning of an area so far in Bengbu City.

Bengbu the Huaihe River is the first of a thousand miles Chittagong, Four Seasons shipping Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities, can also help to reach the port has opened overseas. Bengbu is a longitudinal China#39;s eastern region of north-south artery - the first-class passengers Beijing-Shanghai Railway Station and the Beijing-Kowloon railway line and Huainan connected. Railway, the ability to 320, with the Chinese in east China#39;s first-class large freight marshalling yard and the largest container freight yard, and expand the iron sea transport business. Bengbu train from direct access to domestic capital of 20, three municipalities, and more than 10 coastal cities, the state is about building the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway stations will be located in Bengbu. Highway accessible, high standards of urban roads with the import and export of national, provincial highway linking phase. HEFEI - Xuzhou Expressway have been completed, Jieshou - Fuyang - Bengbu, Bengbu - Nanjing started construction of two highway. 4c-class standards of the new airport has been completed and put into use. Modern traffic geographical advantages, and created a Bengbu City economic and social development of favorable conditions.

Bengbu scenery

Bengbu City is located in the Huaihe River basin, four distinct seasons, a mild climate. Agricultural and sideline products rich in resources, and rich grain, oil, vegetables, meat and aquatic products, and so on. One Guzhen peanut output ranked the forefront of the country, Huaiyuan pomegranate prestigious in the country, five river crabs renowned at home and abroad.

Bengbu City beautiful scenery and landmarks blend. East Long Lake Scenic Area Huguangshanse making the other more beautiful, nearly a soup and tomb, the water park, the Huaihe River style park, east Ming Imperial Mausoleum, in the capital,龙兴寺, Bai Shishan Forest Park; western suburbs of the Tu Jing Shan Geheyan Relative, Dayu Legend has it had to be诸侯Tu Shan, this is still married Tu Shan#39;s wife. Yu is the existing Royal Palace, home of Kai-Shek and the mountains of white milk-chuen, Bian and scattered holes, and many other spots in between Qingshanlvshui.

as to speed up the construction of the new district in Bengbu, a set of modern business, University Park, scenic tourism, the office as one of the 21st century eco-cities - Bengbu, now your eyes off.