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BaiYin - GanSu

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Area: total area of 21,200 square kilometers.

population: more than 100 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xianxia silver, Pingchuan two districts and Jingyuan County, Jingtai, the three-county

Location: Silver is located east longitude 103 ° 33 ˊ -105 ° 34 ˊ, latitude 35 ° 33 ˊ -37 ° 38 ˊ. Zhongwei East and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Haiyuan, Xiji County border, the South East region and the Pingliang connected Jingning County, Dingxi Prefecture and the southern and southwestern Tong Weixian, Dingxi County for the sector, the West and the Lanzhou City Yuzhong, Gaolan, Yeongdeungpo County adjacent to the northwest and Wuwei in Tianzhu, Gulang County, bordering the north and northeast China and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Alxa Right Banner Link.

silver is the provincial cities of Gansu Province, located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, in central Gansu Province, is Tengger Desert and the Loess Plateau to the Qilian Mountains Yumai the transition zone, Baiyin City as an emerging industrial city China#39;s major non-ferrous metals and industrial base. Xian Xia silver, Pingchuan District, Jingyuan County, Jingtai Xian, will County. Gansu Province and Lanzhou, the provincial capital of adjoining. Is the country#39;s largest non-ferrous metals industrial bases in Gansu Province and the important energy and chemical base.


the mother river of the Chinese nation - the Yellow River bred a generation of silver, it also breeds a long history of silver. Dating back thousands of years ago in the Neolithic Age, human reproduction in this land home. There are Mid-level cultural sites, hanging ditch the ancient city of Han Tomb, Mi Beach stone cultural sites, Jingtai turtles City, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, 10-minute Gulou, Temple Grotto Bay children, law-chuen, Temple Grottoes, the North Castle Town Beach sites, cattle openings Neolithic pottery new sites , And other cultural relics. And the Northern Wei, Tang, Song of the grotto art, castle construction and the well-known "Silk Road", the magnificent magnificent Great Wall, a silver in the narrative Youyuan history.

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natural scenery to island-like distribution, the main iron-Hill, Wulan Hill, Peach Blossom Hill, Quwu Mountains, TING Lushan, Hasi Hill, their lush forest, Charming scenery and a magnificent temple architecture. Jing Taixian old Longwan spectacular momentum of the Yellow River Stone Forest, Qixiangwanqian, known as China Light and wonders, is a unique Fengyun tourist landscape, in central Gansu Province has been listed as one of the prime tourist routes.

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Baiyin City have a glorious revolutionary tradition. There are in October 1936, the Red Army#39;s First, Second and Fourth Front victory would rendezvous County, the County will now be approved by the State Education base realignment House, Garden, and so long march to become new tourist attractions.