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position: Jilin Province in south-east natural scenic Changbai Mountains west side

Area: 1,388 square kilometers

population: more than 130 million people

administrative divisions: exempted Linjiang Shi, Jingyu County, Fusong County, Changbai County, Jiangyuan County, and eight Kita Suminoe, City party committee and government in eight Kita Suminoe.

Baishan City in north latitude 41 ° 21 #39;to 42 ° 29#39;, longitude 126 ° 07 #39;to 128 ° 18#39;, an inland mountain in the mid-latitudes, the eastern part of the Changbai Mountain lava Heights, west terrain gradually Low. Changbai Mountain two spur Longgang, old Ling meandering vertical and horizontal. Longgang Mountains from east to west Hengwo, since the old Northeast Ridge Mountains southwest oblique intersection, in the gully in the staggered Yun Wushan, the original character intact, the forest coverage rate reached 77 percent. Baishan City at the Yalu River and the Democratic People#39;s Republic of the sea, a 457.6 kilometer border, Baishan City, the development of the tourism industry has a unique geographical advantage.

the world-famous Changbai Mountain is located in Baishan City. Changbai Mountain in its mysteries of the jungle, wonderful snow, mysterious fog, rare lava Qun Lin and distinct levels of the vertical zone, Changbai Mountains formed a unique feature of the many natural landscape. Approved by the State Council of the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, a total area of 190,000 hectares, in Baishan City, the region#39;s area of 110,000 hectares. Baishan City in the State Forest Park 2. Changbai Mountains, Baishan City to the natural landscape, in the upper reaches of the Yalu River scenery, numerous historical sites, the China-North Korea border transnational tourism as the mainstay, has developed five major scenic tourist areas: Fusong area, Badaojiang area, the Bund area, the Changbai area, Jingyu area.

Changbai Mountains, Baishan City is located in the hinterland, in the mountain forest, Miangen ups and downs, staggered valley, the river aspect. Changbai Jingyu lava lava platform and platform coverage in most areas, Longgang Mountain Ridge Mountains and the old ramps consistent throughout. Longgang Mountains 800-1200 meters above sea level, a relatively high degree of 500-700 metres in between the old Mountain Ridge Mountains tall, elevation 1000-1 300 meters, a relatively high degree of between 500-800 metres. Undulating terrain along the Yalu River larger, cutting deep valley, the terrain more difficult. The highest point in the Changbai Mountains Yun-Feng Bai peak 2,691 meters above sea level, the highest peak for the northeastern region; lowest point in Jingyu County, the state approved Kou Zi, 279.3 meters above sea level. Major rivers are the Yalu River, Songhua River, the first, two Songhua River, Hunjiang, and so on. Baishan run north temperate continental monsoon climate, is the coldest area in Jilin Province. Spring big temperature difference between day and night; short summer, warm rainy, cool autumn, weather and more eye Lang; winter long, dry cold. In urban areas the average temperature 4.6 ℃, the highest summer temperature history of extreme 36.5 ℃, the winter minimum temperature history of extreme -42.2 ℃, the average 883.4 mm of precipitation, sunshine hours of 2259 hours, frost-free period 140 days.

Baishan City has been called the "three-dimensional treasure trove of resources", "L. Lin Hai," "Ginseng town" reputation. Fertile land, rich in forests, minerals, Shanzhen native products and tourism resources in Baishan to bring a broad development prospects. A woodland area of the city#39;s 1967 million mu, in the forest coverage rate reached 76 percent, per capita forest volume of 167 cubic meters, equivalent to the per capita forest reserves of 19 times, is China#39;s one of the major timber-producing areas. The United Nations "Man and the Biosphere" Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, 60 percent of the area in Baishan City. ancient dense The primeval forests for wild animals and plants provide excellent conditions for the proliferation of interest-bearing, the Northeast is "Sambo" ─ ─ ginseng, mink, velvet Kok#39;s hometown. More than 300 kinds of wild animals, including the state#39;s animal protection Northeast tigers, brown bears, red deer, lynx, Yi Shou-roe, and other rare birds have as many as 37. More than 2,300 kinds of wild plants, over 1,300 kinds of economic plants, including ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, alpine Rhodiola, five Canadian Senate and Tianma, evening primrose, and so on more than 900 kinds of medicinal plants, white clove, Linglan, evening primrose, women days Mulan and other aromatic plant more than 200 species of green Shiyongzhiwu a fungus, mountain celery, fern, Osmunda japonica, Songzi, such as more than 200 kinds of mushrooms. Wild ginseng plant to the economy, the park is best known for the Senate, Senate artificial plantations have been 300 years of history, is the country#39;s major ginseng cultivation, processing, and sales distribution center. Specialty rich resources created a group of "rural people", Fusong County by the state as "a land of ginseng in China," Jingyu County, was named "Chinese American ginseng town," Kita Suminoe-8 was named "China#39;s Rana Rural ", Linjiang Shi was named" Chinese Rhodiola town. " Baishan is in the Yalu River, Songhua River two major river systems, watershed area of 100 square kilometers over the Yalu River, Songhua River, Hunjiang, and other large rivers over 55, the famous Baishan power stations and main power station Yunfeng Reservoir is located in Baishan City in , The city#39;s multi-year average total 8.025 billion cubic meters of water resources, water resources per capita share of the national per capita amount is 2.7 times the water reserves of 1.061 million kilowatts, a spa, Spa many, the magic of the unique mineral water can Changbai Mountain Production of a wide variety of good drink, development and utilization of the potential is considerable. The Yalu River, the Songhua River as the two green crystal Yudai impregnated Lin Hai, Songhua River and the Yalu River Yunfeng Reservoir Baishan Reservoir is the best scenic spots. Changbai Mountain is one of China#39;s eight famous mountains in China is the highest mountains in the Northeast and Mid-levels in Northern Eurasia typical of the ecological system, the state established in 1960 in Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, 1980 was classified as the United Nations Protection of laps. Changbai Mountain area of about 70,000 square kilometers, the volcanic cone area of about 8,000 square kilometers, the main peak 2,691 meters above sea level Yun-Feng Bai,堪称the first peak of the Northeast. From the Changbai Mountain volcanic lava platform to MERCOSUR, the natural landscape clearly demonstrated the vertical Daipu. North Slope elevation 600 - 1200 meters-wide mixed with ,1200 - 1800 meters coniferous forest belt ,1800 - 2100 meters Betula ermanii shelterbelt ,2100 - 2400 meters alpine tundra zone, a mountain 2,400 meters above the cold Desert landscape. The famous Changbaishan Tianchi is located in the top of Changbai Mountain peak, the Tianchi lake 2189.1 meters above sea level, 4.85 km long north-south tracks, things 3.35 km long track, the surface area of 9.2 square kilometers, the water perimeter of 13.17 km, the lake water depths of 373 meters, with an average water depth 204 meters with a total storage capacity is 15 times the Tianshan Yao Chi. The water flows out constantly throughout the year, the biggest flow of leaks to 3.42 cubic meters /second, and the youngest to 0.88 cubic meters /second. Tianchi stone for the end of excellent quality, Chebi-through, no wind at the surface calm, blue sky, white clouds, Qunfeng Daoying water, as Jisi of Der Spiegel. It is China#39;s largest volcanic lake in the deepest, but also the Songhua River and the Yalu River and the birthplace of the Tumen River. The length and breadth of the mountain, winter springs transpiration, the increasingly rising Wonderland. Tianchi not only to waterfalls, hot springs, Lin Hai, Xuefeng, wild and pristine tundra of the United States is dumping, but also to clear the vertical landscape, the integrity of ecosystems, species rich in resources has drawn world attention. Changbai Mountain Geumgang in the Changbaishan Tianchi Xilu valley 20 kilometers. Canyon entrance, along the waterfall Bailian when empty, the Galaxy do a nosedive, Hong Ran heaven, distant can be heard. 78 km long canyon, the wide, 300 meters, vertical depth of 160 meters, is following the volcanic eruption of ash and lava surface of the water and soil were washed away by the rain. Canyon area Podou if the majority of cross-strait cut, up to tens of meters of lava canyon vertebrae, Qianzibaitai, some forming independent, and some groups together, like child camel negative, like the portability of dolphins, lovers dependencies. Grand Canyon at the end of fast currents, the Voice of the water-ming, such as string在握, and the United States Keluo La comparable to the Grand Canyon,堪称world-class landscape. As unique scenery, in July 1994, the state Department of Forestry approved the establishment of Baishan City in the whole area of national forest tourism.