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BaiSe - GuangXi

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Zip code: 533000

position: the northwest of Guangxi, and Yunnan, Guizhou junction, south of the border with Vietnam.

Area: total area of 36,300 square kilometers

Population: total population of 3.65 million people.

nation: the population Zhuang and Han, Miao, Yao, Yi, Gelao, and so on.

divisions: Bose City, Ling Yunxian, Pingguo County, Xilin Xian, and enjoy the county, Germany County, Tianlin County, Tianyang Xian, Jingxi County, Tiandong County, Napo County, of all ethnic groups in Longlin Autonomous County.

Baise, in western Guangxi, where the beautiful mountains and rivers, the property rich, very rich minority customs, administered in Baise City, Pingguo County, Xilin Xian, and other 12 counties (cities), Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi The three provinces in the border area of goods transport hub and distribution center.

1929, Deng Xiaoping and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation here in launching and leading the famous Baise Uprising, created中国工农红军Seventh Army, the establishment of the Soviet People#39;s Government, " Deng Xiaoping#39;s footsteps trip "for the quality of the Baise area of tourism is quietly emerging, Bose has started to become China#39;s Ji Yanan, the Jinggangshan after the old revolutionary base areas and a unique tourist destination.

Bose is rich in tourism resources more areas. Human landscape have to Baise Uprising Memorial Hall as the representative of the national demonstration bases for patriotism education; up to Lingyun Fuk Road as the representative of the arduous pioneering education base; have to Jingxilieshi cemetery, 12 doors as the representative of the national defense education bases, and so on. The natural landscape has to Bose Chengbi Lake as the representative Huguangshanse; Jingxi Tongling to the Grand Canyon as the representative of the wonders of the world; satisfied with Ling Ling Yun-dong, Germany Bao Ji Xing Yan as the representative of the cave phenomenon; have to Pingguo Aluminum As the representative of the modern industrial base for sightseeing.

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Baise district has a long history and beautiful landscape, cultural landscape and colorful ethnic customs, tourism resources have great potential. With the Nanning-Kunming railway, Nanning, Baise to two highways, Bose Guizhou Panxian to the completion of three highways open to traffic, Youjiang Channel rectification, Bose will become a convenient channel for the Southwest sea and important transport hub, is in an increasingly significant advantage. By the end of 1997, the region focused on scenic area a total of 2, a state-level - Baise Uprising Memorial Hall, a provincial - Chengbi Lake Scenic Area; Nature Reserve Huang 13, the main tourist area 22 Department.

Bose has Zhuang and Han, Yao, Miao, Yi, Ge Lo, back to seven, such as ethnic and minority population accounts for 87% of the total population. The whole region Zhuang folk song festival March 3, Wang Yao-section, Miao jump slope Festival, Festival Mulam, such as planting trees over 20 traditional festivals, people of various nationalities Chuanhong wearing green and gold-silver Phi, the folk song, rush Song Wei, his strong play, jumping Lusheng dance, full of the rich minority customs.

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Bose San-ching, Shuixiu, Tung You, great natural beauty magic, the National Customs Xuanliduozi, where the world#39;s first underground music industry Taishi Wei Qun Tiankeng cave , 83 million years ago the ancient human sites in Baise Basin, the water days Xiangying Chengbi lake scenery, there are subtropical plants Kingdom Jingxi Tongling Grand Canyon…… where you will experience a different nature, do not feel The same culture, taste different Chafan, do not take home the same feelings.

warm, hospitable, to make progress in Baise people warmly welcome you.