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BaiCheng - JiLin

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Code: 0436

Postal Code: 137000

position: located in western Jilin Province, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and bordering the West, North and the adjoining province of Heilongjiang.

Area: 25,685 square kilometers,

Population: 2 million population

administrative divisions: the town of Ben jurisdiction, Tongyu, Daan, Taonan, Tao North, Baicheng Economic Development Zone, Da-an economic development zone, Chagan-ho special tourism zone, white urban private economic development zones nine counties ( Cities, districts)

White City in Jilin Province in the northwest, the Nenjiang River Plain west, the eastern part of Horqin grassland. Longitude 121 ° 38#39;-124 ° 22 #39;, N 44 ° 13#39;57 "-46 ° 18#39;. East, Southeast and Songyuan City, Jilin Province of Qian Gorlos Mongolian Autonomous County, bordering stem County; South and Jilin Province Songyuan City, adjacent to the Changling County. West, northwest and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the right-wing in the Horqin Qi, Tuquan Xian, the former right-wing flag Horqin connected; North, Northeast and Tailai County in Heilongjiang Province, Durbat Mongolian Autonomous County, Zhaoyuan River across the county. The city#39;s 230 km long from north to south and 211 km wide things, 25 total area of 685 square kilometers. Baicheng

terrain from the northwest to the southeast followed by low mountains, hills, plains, slightly southwest of uplift. Dong Lu Da Hinggan Mountains to the north-west Fold Belt, the distribution of the hills and low mountains, elevation 300-662.6 meters northeast, southeast of plain, elevation 130-140 meters wide distribution southwest to the southeast toward the northwest the size of sand dunes, sand ridge, 150-180 meters above sea level, Is the potential of the desert area. Niushan highest peaks Ao, 662.6 meters above sea level the lowest for the region and Daan Shi Zhenlai County in Yueliang Hu, the general elevation of 130 meters around.  Baicheng photos

Baicheng run temperate continental monsoon climate. The average annual sunshine hours 2919.4 hours, with an average annual temperature of 4.9 ° c, frost-free period 157 days to meet the needs of the crop growth, light and heat conditions superior to other parts of the province. The average annual rainfall 407.9 mm, the uneven distribution of autumn and winter rain and snow Small, less rainfall in spring. Windy days, eight more than the annual average wind for 24 days. Hail in May to September. Baicheng picture

broad waters, nine major rivers. Nenjiang from Zhenlai County Dandai Jiazi Township 10 Tuen immigration, Daan Shi four trees in Tuen outflow, in Jiang#39;s 184 km long. Taoer River from the countryside Ban La-Ling Tao Beiqu entry, flows through the Tao Beiqu, Taonan City, Zhenlai County, Daan Shi, from the moon Nenjiang River into the lake, in the 285.83 km long river. Huolinhe there, Kau river, the river, called Jorda River, the Tao Long River, the amount of wood too River, the text of cattle grid-foot River. Spread the low-lying areas of the Lake Bubble more than 100, providing a breeding, irrigation benefits. Main Yueliang Hu, the new water shortage, cattle heart-bubble sets, Hal torsion bubble, bubble foreign sand, four foam, foam Laogua Waterloo, Moshi Hai bubble, Mr Kwok Ka-shop bubble, the Momoge bubble, bubble goose head, small Simi bubble, the new safe water, the West-lung bubble, he pull-bubble, bubble, and other small Heung Hoi. Waters of the total area of 3 029 square kilometers, accounting for 12.49 percent size , Accounting for 31.06 percent of the province waters, ranking the province municipalities (state) of the first.