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BaZhong - SiChuan

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Code: 0827

Zip code: 635500

position: Bazhong City of Micangshan Daba Mountains in the south, east Dazhou, Nanchong the south, arrived in the West Guangyuan, north Shaanxi Hanzhong.

Area: 12,325 square km

Population: 3560000

administrative divisions: exempted Bazhou Qu, Ping Changxian, Tongjiang County, Nanjiang Xian

City Tree: tree

#39;s floral emblem: the azaleas

Bazhong City of Sichuan in the north-east, in Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi#39;an Golden Triangle area. Nanju Chongqing municipal government seat of 450 kilometers, 400 kilometers west of Chengdu, Xi#39;an Beiju 650 kilometers, and the adjacent Dazhou, Nanchong, in Hanzhong and BAO-CHENG RAILWAY, Xiangyutielu distance are about 200 km. Exempted Bazhou, Tongjiang, South River, Pyeongchang four districts, 250 townships (towns), 2,354 villages with a total population of 3.591 million, the total number 917,000. Area of 12,301 square kilometers in size. The highest elevation 2,507 meters, the lowest elevation 208.3 meters.


?? Splendid history and culture
?? Pakistan has a long history, back in primitive society there is human activity. Eastern Han Yong-Han Chang County, home of the first year, Brazil is Jian#39;an six years to the county, the Northern Wei Dynasty home Bazhou. Pakistani tribal people-to brave Shanzhan, Nenggeshanwu known. Han Gao Zu Liu Bang in the South#39;s largest Pakistan and photos dam built Muyang City Commissioner of building the Palestinian valley, Xiao He, Hanshin to recover under the cut-off-Ling, Zhang night attack Bazhou Zhiqinyanyan. Founded in the territory of Liang Wei, Tang Sheng Juan in the southern shrine, West Shrine, the North niches, water-Temple, and other places, Cliff Figures up to more than 5,210 niches, more than 7,200 respect to the layout sophisticated, arts-wind is known, Reproduce the glorious Tang dynasty of religious art, domestic and foreign experts as "Pakistan-China Tang Choi birds first in the country" is one of the top 10 caves.

?? in this ancient and magical land, but also nurture the Song dynasty astronomer Zhang Xun, "the world#39;s top ten revolutionary great man" Yan Yangchu, and other celebrities; into the Western Jin Dynasty Wang Lee, the founding emperor Qian Shu Wang Jian, Tang Prince Edward Xian Li, the poet Li Bai, Du Fu and other celebrities have traveled Bachelor of Pakistan, left immortal Mingpian story. Agrarian Revolutionary War period, Pakistan and Comrade Mao Zedong was known as the "Soviet Republic of China#39;s second largest regional" - Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Area of the political, economic, military and cultural center. December 1932, the Fourth Front中国工农红军by E Yuwan Bashan across the southern Shaanxi, Sichuan-Shaanxi established in the liberation of the Palestinian revolutionary base, go days to the development of vertical and horizontal 500, with 23 counties and cities, 500 million people, 4 10,000 square kilometers of red, the Northwest Revolutionary Military Commission of the CPC Central Committee, the four Front-General Command, the Sichuan-Shaanxi provincial government and other heads of the Soviet authorities has in Tongjiang and Bazhou, are built the country#39;s largest Red Army martyrs cemetery, and Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin Party and state leaders personally wrote an inscription of "revolutionary base in Sichuan-Shaanxi Museum", "Forest of Steles Qiangshuai Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Area", "Liu Bo Jian Martyrs Monument", "Front-General Command site of the four" a number of patriotism education bases.

?? beautiful human Xianjing
?? Pakistan and north-south travel in the dock with the best lap, Habitat Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian, the "Golden Triangle", the natural Guifushengong created this beautiful, unique Human Xianjing. Of the total area of the city#39;s tourism resources of 12 percent, five percentage points higher than the country. - Type resources, resources taste, good ecological environment, can travel wide area. A scenic 25, has two pending in the state#39;s key scenic area - Guangwu Mountain, Connaught River, the six key national heritage conservation units - South niches, niches West, North niches, water-Temple, the red 4 Front General Command, Wang Ping martyrs cemetery, four provincial-level forest park, geological parks - South glutinous rice Cangshan, Pakistan-China Picture Guangwu Mountain, Bazhou in Nanyang, Pyeongchang Buddha head Hill, two provincial-level nature reserves -- Connaught River, the Guangwu Mountain, such as Pakistan and constitute a major tourism resources.

?? unique natural resources
?? Pakistan and low-lying North High South, the lowest elevation 208.3 meters, 2,507 meters high. A humid subtropical climate, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, suitable for light, non-cream 260 - 280天. The highest average annual temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. The average annual rainfall 1100 mm. The average annual sunshine 1470 - 1570小时. Pakistan is the country#39;s grain reserve base, but also a marketable grain output base. Backbone of economic crops in sericulture, tobacco, tea, rapeseed, fruit, sugar cane, ginger, etc., have a size advantage, Tongjiang "days Kong Yin Ya" by the International Expo Gold Medal, South Jiang large leaf tea by the state as to promote high-quality varieties, " Genting green shoot "," Genting Ming-lan, "" Guangwu Ming-feng "ranks among the national tea, the country aa-green logo. Tongjiang Tremella well-known both at home and abroad, the countries named as "Tremella town," Jiang was named the South as "a land of walnut," Jiangkou Chunjiu plants, small Jiaolou wineries are more than 100 million yuan output value. Bazhou leading symbol of the national green food certification. Pigs, Pakistan beef, mutton output top 100 largest counties. Nanjiang Yellow Goat their physical tall, succulent and refine, genetic stable performance, board cortex as a key national priority was to promote scientific and technological projects, as "the current domestic meat goat performance of the best new varieties," Yin-hua, Chuanming Senate and fern Caideng good as the natural green food.

?? Bazhong City forest coverage rate reached 35.91 percent, known as the "green treasure house." South#39;s northern mountainous areas 3,000 hectares, "the Palestinian landscape Qinggang," identified by experts as "the world of rare species," Hao Hanlin nautical miles of habitat for black bear, Jin Qianbao, Su Ling, Lin musk deer, giant salamander, Yang fish, Charlotte, Zhu Shu, etc. More than 20 countries to protect wild animals, Chinese and foreign experts were called "mountain Sichuan Basin, the northern margin of important biological gene bank."

Pakistan and is rich in resources. Light and heat Pakistan adequate resources, ecological beautiful, rich products, biological engineering and broad prospects for development. Climate, is a hot-humid climate, a mild climate, four distinct seasons, adequate light, with plenty of rainfall, the annual average temperature 16.0-16.9 degrees, the sunshine hours 1227.3-1574.5 hours, annual rainfall 1120.7-1203.1 mm; water conservancy, in - Jiang, South River, the Palestinian River and other major rivers flow, fall, water resources reserves of 812,400 kilowatts, which can be developed amounted to 417,000 kilowatts; fresh water resources total area of 147,500 hectares, which can be breeding area of about 4.7 10,000 hectares; forestry, wood reserves have vitality 23.4 million cubic meters of forest area of 464,900 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 47.2 percent, known as the "green treasure house." South#39;s northern mountainous areas 3,000 hectares, "the Palestinian landscape Qinggang," identified by experts as "the world of rare species", the World Bank has been investing in the development of animal husbandry Lin. Gallant Hanlin nautical miles of black bear habitat, Jin Qianbao more than 20 countries such as the protection of wild animals, Chinese and foreign experts were called "mountain Sichuan Basin, the northern margin of important biological gene bank"; minerals, are available for mining in the mineral mainly coal, iron Ore, copper, gold, marble, granite, Xia quarry, lime mining, stone and ore, natural gas, 29, of which 61.9 million tons of coal reserves, magnetite 83.55 million tons, 110 billion cubic meters of natural gas, Xia 21 million tons of quarry, granite 1 billion cubic meters, the most development potential.